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Avatar f tn So I'm 22weeks along and I use to smoke marijuana And cigarette while pregnant in my first trimester and I stop smoking around 7weeks and I've been having really bad problems and stressing so much, thanks to my family.. Cuz we have never been lucky, when something happens there's always more to come, and I've been stressing so much were I broke down today and smoked a very small bowl or weed.. And I feel guilty to even do it but it calmed me down and relaxed me so much..
Avatar f tn Just went for a stress test and It came back positive for slow blood flow thru heart. They scheduled me for a nuclear stree test next week is this really necessary? The only sympton I have is some chest pain once in a while. complete exhaustion, headaches,feeling like I have no energy. Could this be all tied in.
Avatar f tn Has anybody else been diagnosed with arrhythmia while being pregnant?? Im currently sick with a minor cold/sore throat,went to urgent care for a regular check up and to get a step test done and ended up having to get an EKG done bcuz we found my heart is skipping a beat every 10 seconds. They say it can b just bcuz I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy (29 weeks) just a little concerned.
Avatar f tn Do every pregnant person do a stress test? How many weeks you have to be when you get it ? And what do they do?
Avatar n tn What reason would a doctor have to request a stress test on a pregnant woman on her due date, when she has no other pregnancy related (or any other) problems? She was just in for a scheduled appointment, and the doctor requested a stress test.
3122654 tn?1375761858 I haven't had the blood test yet. If the test on Wednesday is negative, then I will ask for the blood test. Again, I will ask for experiences and outcomes. Thanks all!
Avatar n tn If the tests are coming up negative, I would say you are not pregnant. It should show positive by now. If you are still unsure, you can always have a blood test done to confirm. Are you still taking the BC or did you completely stop? You can be irregular if you are just coming off of it. It may take you body sometime to regulate itself.
Avatar f tn What are some opinions on smoking while pregnant? Risk of quitting while pregnant? Types of complications the baby can have?
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
Avatar n tn Had a nuclear treadmill stress test done while taking the test the whole time the nurse held me up from behind 2 hands on back because i stated i had back problems and as soon as test started she began this procere is this comman practice?
Avatar f tn Hi, Well on June 30th, I was showering with boyfriend and some of his semen might have entered me, though I highly doubt it. The only other way would be for it to drip down and land on my vaginia. It's bascially a stress mess and I intend to take a home pregnancy test which should show pretty accurate results (I'm hoping) since it's been more then a month since then. I'm hoping. Anyways, on July 20th I had my period.
Avatar n tn Actually it is common to get diarrhea while pregnant. Most women get consipated, but others don't. The only thing you don't have is a period. The problems you described could be anything. Stress can definitely cause quite a few of them. You need to figure out what's causing it, and either cut it out of your life or simplify it. At 16 you shouldn't be having a ton of stress issues or many problems with that.
Avatar f tn soo all i can do is wait but its sooo hard. i never knew u can pass a few clots while pregnant, i just had my son aug 18 2010 a year ago n i just got off the depo shot 3/4 months ago so my mom n law said thats probably why i was bleeding or maybe i have a tear and uterus or something??
Avatar f tn I also ate hotdogs and lunch meat often at this time. I just read that if you have had listeria while pregnant that the baby can contract it during birth and die within a 1-2 weeks. I am worried that I may have had it and now my baby is going to be effected. What should I do?
Avatar f tn Yes, it's bad. I know. But before I knew I was pregnant I drank. I was maybe about 14 wks before I knew I was because all the four pregnency tests that I took came out negative. It wasn't until I went to the doctors and got a test, was I positive I was pregnant. I told my doctor and let her know and she says everything seems to be fine, the heart rate is normal, I'm 24 wks and she says everything is still normal.
8464451 tn?1409883976 My second paragraph there was an autochange. I was trying to write 'de stress' which I guess isn't a real word. It came out distress. different. LOL DE stress is important at this time!
212161 tn?1599427282 I assume you had an Echo Stress Test and not a Nuclear one. I am sure the "wiggle lines" you are referring to had nothing to do with you walking barefoot (I had them too up to the point were the ECG became unreadable and I have as yet found nobody that could/would explain this to me) and they stopped the test because you had reached your prescribed heart rate of 140 BPM - so nothing wrong with that.
Avatar f tn 55 into the test when I passed out. In that 4:55, I had frequent pvc's; 2 PVC couplets and 1 PVC triplet and my QRS segment of PVC's narrowed substantially with exercise, widening again in recovery (180 ms to 80 ms) which I was told was a problem.
Avatar f tn Well I lost my grandfather this week and will be going to a funeral this weekend. I've never gone to one while pregnant and I'm scared I am going to stress the baby out. When I found out he passed I cried and got some bad cramps and actually felt so sick and exhausted later that night I fell asleep at 8. Just wondering if anyone else has gone thru this..what is some good advice on how to keep myself from overstressing?
Avatar f tn But if it is emotionally too hard, I would quit because stress really does affect the baby. People say stress can affect babies all the time and no one takes it seriously. From my own experience with my first two children I was very stressed out, and they were cry babies lol. Recently I had my third child, and had no stress at all , and my baby is the most perfect little angel and never ever crys. When youI feel it's time to stop, stop.