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Avatar n tn // .... I hope this helps someone. When I first was diagnosed and asked about meal planning software on various forums and newsgroups - no one said anything. These programs would have made my earlier days a lot less stressful.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar m tn Basically, in my mind now I want to do something about lumbar modeling. The treatment from low back pain, I want to simulate it using the software and make it comparison. The method / treatment is good or not or it have another further effect.
148588 tn?1465778809 Later that afternoon, two dozen or so of the most advanced software builders gathered around whiteboards, sketching out tools they’ll need. They worked out filters to separate mundane updates from major shake-ups, and explored blockchain-like systems to build auditable ledgers of alterations. Basically it’s an issue of what engineers call version control—how do you know if something has changed? How do you know if you have the latest? How do you keep track of the old stuff?
1348086 tn?1370783185 You don't have to defend keeping a journal. It's a great idea for everybody who deals with anxiety/panic. We have trackers here that you may find of help.........check them out under "Health Tools" at the top of the page. I think it's great that you've gone two months with zero anxiety! That's a vacation many here would kill for! You probably know this, but anxiety can come and go in cycles throughout our lives.
Avatar f tn Tracing showed T wave inversion and ST wave inversion in lead 3. Have then had normal Echo, stress ECG and 24 hour Holter monitor. What could be the reasons for these ECG findings if my heart appears otherwise normal? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/253353'>ECG analysis</a>.
1396846 tn?1332459510 I think the one I use most is to sing along with a "Song Sung Blue". Yes just like the song. My three favorite ones are Song Sung Blue, When Will I Be Loved, and lady. For some reason singing a blue song does seem to lift my spirits. The other thing I did was compose songs. If someone was watching while I compose my music you would think I was watching one of those tear jerker movies. I'll be constantly wiping the tear away so that I can see in order to compose more.
144586 tn?1284666164 Similarly a test in a sensior citizens center found the computer software will not permit downloading of the program. A third test in an internet cafe demonstrated the survey cannot be downloaded. A fourth test in a deli pay computer also blocked the survey. This suggests that many people are not going to be able to answer the survey, who would desire to do so, and the outcome will be biased. This should suggest that a new survey be devised without the .exe file.
Avatar m tn I have never heard of standing in the dark for a mintue but if you are concerned I would google mini-mental test and have someone administer it. It is pretty easy to do and your wife could probably do it for you. Again, forgetfullness can increase during times of stress or anxiety. You may be having a cath 22 by worrrying about this. As for who to see, at your age I would see a neurologist. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Segments are scored for calcium (soft plaque between inner and outer lining) as well as the lumen (vessel cavity) that is evaluated with the stress test. Images at different angles of the vessel are taken and with the equipment software the images are compiled into a 3-D format. The degree of soft plaque is quantified within the 4 major ateries and given a nurmerical score that the medical profession evaluates.
599170 tn?1300973893 It is true. Check out Platelet girl's post. If you have a good anti-virus installed and firewall I think you should be ok.
572651 tn?1530999357 s go looking at the records and go through all the test results to see if the dx-ing dr was correct, I actually seriously doubt the dx-ing dr even did that. lol Then again i look at the things that have happened to my mum, and wonder if someone had had to run through her medical file, then maybe some of the stuff ups wouldn't of happened. maybe?
Avatar f tn Good point. Yes, the subject of reliability should differentiate arrhythmia from heart dimensions, structure, and diseases, and that may not have been done here. Better evaluation with other testing procedures for heart disorders exclusive of rhythm maladies. "Healthy people who take the test are at very little risk. It's about the same as if they walk fast or jog up a big hill. Medical professionals should be present in case something unusual happens during the test.
Avatar n tn st month,and now have been spotting for the past four days,had sexual intercourse around easter.just recently took a home pregnancy test but it came out negative,don't know what else to do,been under a lot of stress lately,could this mean I hvnt missed my period,or my period Is irregular because of stress?
Avatar f tn Stress can hurt the baby but it takes a lot to. Me and my boyfriend fight so bad all the time now bc I'm so hormonal! I get cramps afterwards sometimes but other then that everything is okay with the baby. Its normal to get crazy every now and then especially being pregnant now!
Avatar f tn 5T machines are gaining on the 3T by virtue of better software. If the center is keeping up with the new technology, you may be losing little or nothing at all by get imaged on a 1.5T. Don't lose any sleep over it. I'm trying to decrease the emphasis (that I created) over worrying whether we get MRIs on a 3T machine.
Avatar n tn Abnormal nuclear stress test results indicating 6% area of heart ischemic. Should I expect more testing?
Avatar n tn I have been advised to periodically get my blockage checked. My question is whether for such check-up stress echocardiography (either dobutamine or exercise) would be more accurate and more informative than echo colour doppler screening followed by the usual TMT.
Avatar m tn I am typing this using Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition software. In other words I'm not using the keyboard I'm simply dictating into a microphone. Hopefully this will help my tendinitis ( tennis elbow) heal faster. Not much of the test but it does seem to be working pretty well and hopefully will make both my physical therapist and myself and the tendons in my forearms very happy.
Avatar n tn Or do they follow some computer software for same? Can you tell me what type of tasks they asked to perform to test memory? Do you have short term memory problem? I world like to know more about ur problem. As you tested your memory after 9 years, isn't ur problem get cured?