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Avatar f tn Ok, so where's the other vote? I am currently using win XP and switching over to Linux Unbuntu - Hardy Heron dist. It's so easy and simple and no viruses or extra **** to deal with like window$. Plus it's free!!! Bummer about PuppyLove989... Vi$ta has been such a bunch of crapware that M$ is coming out with a brand new OS in win7 instead of doing upgrades for it... ha ha... going backwards actually to the winXP base system and just making it look like vi$ta really... ha ha...
662085 tn?1331345560 But a distro called Ubuntu is reducing the difficulty of simple PC users using Linux. I used Linux exclusively for 3 or 4 months at a certain point on my laptop, and it was probably the best months I ever had on my laptop. But then I had to go back to Windows because everyone just wants to support the corporate devil known as Microsoft, and the programs I needed to use didn't have Linux support or the ability to emulate under Linux user the WINE windows capability layer.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar f tn this is hidden behind search bar in firefox on this particular linux. have not tested on firefox win or mac.
Avatar f tn d be more than happy to help out anyone who would like to take the plunge with Linux. The neat thing is, you can run Linux off of a CD or a flash drive and keep your current computer just the way it is... more on that later if you are interested. Just send me an email or take a gander at the site and search for Ubuntu. It's the latest greatest desk top environment for home users. It's simple and uncomplicated and that's not just me saying so from a techy point of view.
Avatar f tn Luca, Bentley, gage, chase. Here is a couple.
Avatar f tn Tracing showed T wave inversion and ST wave inversion in lead 3. Have then had normal Echo, stress ECG and 24 hour Holter monitor. What could be the reasons for these ECG findings if my heart appears otherwise normal? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/253353'>ECG analysis</a>.
647754 tn?1270036911 Open office is and excellent suite of programs! I only have experience with the linux version, which is totally awesome for everything I need a word processor for. But thre are lots of free work processing programs for linux, you could try any of those as well, most have been compiled to run on a microsoft or apple OS. you need to configure your printer properly, then printing from OO is no different than printing from any other program!
221122 tn?1323011265 Hurry back! Be sure to keep your operating system, firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware up to day and active....but that's another forum. There are lots of "freeware" available to handle all the above, except the OS, unless you want to try Linux, which is itself virus resistant.
144586 tn?1284666164 Similarly a test in a sensior citizens center found the computer software will not permit downloading of the program. A third test in an internet cafe demonstrated the survey cannot be downloaded. A fourth test in a deli pay computer also blocked the survey. This suggests that many people are not going to be able to answer the survey, who would desire to do so, and the outcome will be biased. This should suggest that a new survey be devised without the .exe file.
Avatar f tn Depends on the task at hand. At work I use a Linux desktop, at home, a windows laptop. I'd prefer a MacBook for home us, but was on a budget and got an inexpensive Dell.
Avatar f tn Segments are scored for calcium (soft plaque between inner and outer lining) as well as the lumen (vessel cavity) that is evaluated with the stress test. Images at different angles of the vessel are taken and with the equipment software the images are compiled into a 3-D format. The degree of soft plaque is quantified within the 4 major ateries and given a nurmerical score that the medical profession evaluates.
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Avatar f tn Good point. Yes, the subject of reliability should differentiate arrhythmia from heart dimensions, structure, and diseases, and that may not have been done here. Better evaluation with other testing procedures for heart disorders exclusive of rhythm maladies. "Healthy people who take the test are at very little risk. It's about the same as if they walk fast or jog up a big hill. Medical professionals should be present in case something unusual happens during the test.
Avatar f tn 5T machines are gaining on the 3T by virtue of better software. If the center is keeping up with the new technology, you may be losing little or nothing at all by get imaged on a 1.5T. Don't lose any sleep over it. I'm trying to decrease the emphasis (that I created) over worrying whether we get MRIs on a 3T machine.
Avatar n tn Abnormal nuclear stress test results indicating 6% area of heart ischemic. Should I expect more testing?
405614 tn?1329144114 s half of the solution. The other half depends on your virus/spyware software. Norton and McAfee are the main ones, but there is also freeware available on the web. If you can get to the Norton, McAfee and Microsoft sites, your system is not infected. The ones that are get blocked from accessing solutions to the infection. It's always a good idea to check periodically to make sure your computer is getting updates regularly.
Avatar n tn I have been advised to periodically get my blockage checked. My question is whether for such check-up stress echocardiography (either dobutamine or exercise) would be more accurate and more informative than echo colour doppler screening followed by the usual TMT.