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Avatar m tn I donate blood thru blood banks very three months, do they have reliable test for HIV??
Avatar m tn around that same i lost my job and apt and was living with my grandmother. i was extremely stressed with constant calls from banks and constantly worried about my financial problems. i had trouble sleeping because of anxiety and ate very poorly for the past 4 months. but it seems like the more i read about hiv symptoms the more it feels like i may have it witch adds more stress. im going to get tested in 2 days. how long until the results come back?
Avatar m tn I understand that PCR - RNA HIV test or NAAT is still relatively new and blood banks use it for testing blood donors/organs. Surly that would imply that NAAT test 'much better' compared to antibody or p24 alone? which are 'supposedly' - gold standard in 2013 for routine testing, even so that BASHH guidelines recommend it as a 'first line' for diagnostic purposes. Of course I understand NAAT is expensive and very time consuming and NHS simply can't afford it.
Avatar n tn teak if I would had exposer my nat test would have show up there so much about hiv online and defferent everything as u know alot about these test cause you are Medic wow
Avatar f tn My husband just received his results from recent stress test. (He is 36 y/o. Father had first double bypass at 37 and died at 56, so there is a family history of heart issues.) Stress spect cardiolite images decreased cardiolite uptake in anterior and inferior walls. Spect cardiolite scan was positive for moderate amount of ischemia of anterior and inferior walls. Comments: 1. Anterior defect/possible soft tissue/breast attenuation artifact, 2.
Avatar n tn As follow up my doctor did a nuclear stress test, results showing normal, good blood flow and no blockages. Is the result correct? Where did the two blockages shown during the catherization go? I was just confused by the results, which were given to me via answering machine by a nurse. Should I call my doctor to question the results of the stress test?
Avatar m tn I understand that antibody/p24 are cheap and fast, but thats not the point as a patients perspective. I need to be 100% sure that the test I am taking is spot on. Just like the blood banks ensure safety. Regards Ed.
Avatar m tn Please why are blood banks combining antibody test and pcr test together while screening blood? I mean while cdc are saying antibody test are the standard.
212161 tn?1599427282 am so stressed about a nuclear/stress test friday i have thrown myself into anxiety over it . not sure why i have to come off my timilol pills for my pac thursday been on them for 15 years or more that scares me.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not HIV related. Yes blood banks must test for HIV and if they told you the results then you can be satisfied with that at 180 days. Most places will not tell you results but will get in touch with you if it is positive.
Avatar m tn PCR-RNA tests are a supplemental test that are used in conjunction with antibody test and by themselves are not approved to diagnose HIV.
Avatar m tn It means that the supply of blood (and thus oxygen) is not sufficient during the maximum stress test, but that during rest it is (so the effect is reversible). The position where the heart blood supply is sometimes not sufficient is part of the wall of the left ventricle. The left ventricle is the part of the heart that queezes out the blood from the heart to the whole body. The pumping efficiency of the left ventricle may suffer from the lack of blood supply.
Avatar f tn test with myocardial perfusion imaging revealed mild to moderate ischemia involving the basal anterior septum and mid anterior septal walls. He is status post recent (4/7/08) four-vessel bypass graft with a LIMA to the LAD. My husband has been labeled a walking piece of plaque by his cardiologist. With his open-heart surgery being so recent, with him being diabetic, and he has never had any symptoms of his illness - should this recent test be looked into further by your opinion?
Avatar f tn No significant EKG changes during vasodilator stress test. 2. Normal post stress resting left ventricular wall motion and ejection fraction of about 77%. 3. Mildly severe fixed defect involving the apical anterior wall, likely breast attenuation. 4. No reversible defects noted to indicate ischemia.