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Avatar m tn resently had a nuclear stress test done and have gotten a copy of my records but having difficult understanding results the left ventricular ejection fraction was 40% and regional wall motion pattern was mildly globally hypokinetic the left ventricular is also mildly dilated with end diastolic volume 134 ml and end systolic volume 80 ml also my health is i had a kidney removed for a tumor of 7cm but was contained in kidney have enlarged prostate taking medication for as well as thyroid meds beli
Avatar n tn I received my results today and I need help understanding my results. On the prolactin, 5 speciments results read No1 was 7.7, No2 was 63.4, No3 was 62.2, No4 was 42.8 and No5 was 41.1mg/mL. Are these in normal range or what do they indicate? On the TSH, 34d generation the 5 specimens read No.1 was 1.88, No2 was 14.31, No3 was 16.60, No4 was 14.55 and No5 was 12.70 miU/L. Can you explain these results to me, please?
Avatar m tn MY TEST RESULTS ARE AS FOLLOWS ; hsv 1 igg 5.oo H igm = less than 1:20 hsv 2 igg 4.44 H HER TEST RESULTS ; hsv 1 igg .06 hsv 2 igg .71 igm = 1:160 In a fairly new relationship. she had an outbreak inside her labia's and was seen by a doctor. doctor told her that she had herpes by the look of it.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
Avatar n tn Should a nuclear stress test be performed by a cardiologist? My father, who is 82, is scheduled to have basal thumb arthritis surgery on the 15th of Feb. His doctor of internal medicine wants to do a nuclear stress test to make sure his heart is strong enough to be subjected to general anesthesia. He has leaky valves. We are concerned that this may be a procedure that should be done by a specialist.