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Avatar f tn ve seen other messages where folks did well on their stress test but posted all their results so someone could explain some of the terminology. I wonder if you have to ask for the results.
Avatar f tn No significant EKG changes during vasodilator stress test. 2. Normal post stress resting left ventricular wall motion and ejection fraction of about 77%. 3. Mildly severe fixed defect involving the apical anterior wall, likely breast attenuation. 4. No reversible defects noted to indicate ischemia.
Avatar m tn I recently took a treadmill stress test and nuclear stress test. Basically, the conclusions are that I have: 1) moderate size inferior ischemia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload. No chest pains, no arrhythmia. I've research the Internet and have reached a tentative first impression, but would appreciate any professional feedback on the above three conclusions. I am being scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I just completed a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test. Briefly, the results are: 1) attained 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) Moderate size infereior ischemia 4.) ECG is positive for ischemia at good workload (reached heart rate of 143). I've formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but I would appreciate professional feedback. I am scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.
Avatar n tn This was the findings from a stress test and mycocardial perfusion test that were done. Please explain to me in laymen terms, am I okay? I just wanna make sure. Postress SPECT images demonstrate a small zone of mildly diminished activity in the distal anteroseptal wall. A mild defect persists in the distal anterior wall on the rest examination.
Avatar m tn At REst Pulse was 63 and BP was 118/90. Resting ECG Normal. The patient exercsied for 13 minutes and 31 seconds on treadmill according to Bruce protocol and achieved 16 METS with peak pulse of 176 which is 101% of maximum and BP of 210/85. During exercise there were PAC's but no Ischemic ECG changes or chest symptoms. TOMOGRAPHIC MYOCADIAL PERFUSION REPORT: The stress myocardial perfusion tomograms show mild decrease in the proximal two-thirds of the inferior wall which improves at rest.
Avatar n tn I had a gated stress test and the report states: myoview stress test: stress and resting spec views of heart were obtained in vertical long axis, horizontal long axis and in short axis projection. There is uniform distribution of isotope throughout the myocardium following stress. Resting scan reveals similar findings. No reversible changes are noted. Ejection fraction measures 69%. All of that sounds ok then primary diagnostic code is minor abnormality! What is abnormal?
Avatar n tn I am a 60 year old male who just had a ECG and have no idea if the report I just received is good or bad. I belong to a HMO so the cardiologist says my primary Dr. must review the results with me, unfortunately she will not be available for 2 weeks. First I would like to say that I am in excellent physical condition (I hope) and have ran 20+ miles/wk for the last 30 years, at a quick pace.
Avatar f tn Hi Ken, I did see a pulmonologist last Tues and he did a pulmonary function test and I also had a chest xray, passed both these with flying colors. He asked me a lot of questions and then told me he would have me take a echocardiogram in a year to rule out PH.
Avatar f tn You are entitled to a procedure report regarding your test. I'd ask for the test results, read them, and then contact your doctor with your experience. Keep us informed.
Avatar m tn I am 62 years old. During Stress Test I was stopped at 136 bpm as the Dr. said Target HR is achieved. The MET was 7.7. Is it a reason to worry? What should be ideal MET for a person of my age?
212161 tn?1599427282 am so stressed about a nuclear/stress test friday i have thrown myself into anxiety over it . not sure why i have to come off my timilol pills for my pac thursday been on them for 15 years or more that scares me.
Avatar f tn Thanks everyone for answering my question on nuclear stress test. I will go forward with it but report did have the word ischemia in it. Will keep everyone informed. Also going thru thryroid condition also right now So I have that going on also.
Avatar m tn 1) 1mm horizontal ST depression at Bruce Stage 3. METS 10.2 (Slight chest discomfort) 2) Moderate to severe reversible defect in the distal to basal inferior & inferolateral walls of left ventricle 3) Stress defect represents 18% of the Left Ventricle by polar map quantitation. 4) Post stress Gated SPECT showed normal LV size & function with hypokinesia of Septum. 5) Post stress LVEF 58% EDV 103ml. Rest LVEF 56%EDV 95ml Scheduled for an Angiogram in 2 weeks. Is the test results bad?
Avatar m tn thallium stress test Report.. Please Tell me the conclusion of Report ? do I need angiography ? Dipyridamole myoview spect myocardial perfusion study Age / Sex : 65/M Indication: HTN, DM, ? IHD Isotope : 7mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at peak stress 21mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at rest Persantin Infusion Stress: Pharmacological Intervention was performed with injection persantin (Dipyridamole) at a rate of 0.142 mg/kg/min, 07 Mci of Tc-99m Myoview was given I/V. His resting ECG showed 0.