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Avatar f tn Thanks ladies I had been in the hospital since Monday. I was released today they did the test cause baby heart rate was dropping every time I had an occasional contraction but she passed the test and I came home other wise they were going to deliver her.
Avatar n tn I had a thalium stress test yesterday...I have a ten month old child at long before the radiation leaves my body so I know it is safe to handle my child...I work in a hospital and radiation silent alarm went off today so Im assuming its still pretty high. I had the test at 1pm it s still very strong and should I be worried about exposing it to my family?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/251941'>Thalium</a>.
Avatar n tn First of all, i was extremely nervous and having high anxiety before, during and after the test. I made it through the test just fine and when I called the Dr. back about my results he said everything looked normal. There were no blockages as far as he could see. I haven't seen my GP yet, so I don't know the in depth diagnosis, if there is one. My problem is that ever since I had the test I have been feeling sharp pains like somebody sticking a pin in me, in my chest.
Avatar m tn My long-term partner and I were broken up for several months this summer and when we reconciled, he'd admitted to sleeping with 2 people during our time apart (I had been with one other partner as well) and so we agreed that we would both get retested before going back to having unprotected sex (birth control was not an issue and we'd been tested before going there the first time).
Avatar f tn test with myocardial perfusion imaging revealed mild to moderate ischemia involving the basal anterior septum and mid anterior septal walls. He is status post recent (4/7/08) four-vessel bypass graft with a LIMA to the LAD. My husband has been labeled a walking piece of plaque by his cardiologist. With his open-heart surgery being so recent, with him being diabetic, and he has never had any symptoms of his illness - should this recent test be looked into further by your opinion?
Avatar f tn No significant EKG changes during vasodilator stress test. 2. Normal post stress resting left ventricular wall motion and ejection fraction of about 77%. 3. Mildly severe fixed defect involving the apical anterior wall, likely breast attenuation. 4. No reversible defects noted to indicate ischemia.
Avatar n tn t agree on why I did so well on the stress test. Q. Can some one do this well on a stress test, ie 13.5 minutes and still have major heart problems? What's next?
Avatar n tn As follow up my doctor did a nuclear stress test, results showing normal, good blood flow and no blockages. Is the result correct? Where did the two blockages shown during the catherization go? I was just confused by the results, which were given to me via answering machine by a nurse. Should I call my doctor to question the results of the stress test?
Avatar m tn I recently took a treadmill stress test and nuclear stress test. Basically, the conclusions are that I have: 1) moderate size inferior ischemia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload. No chest pains, no arrhythmia. I've research the Internet and have reached a tentative first impression, but would appreciate any professional feedback on the above three conclusions. I am being scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I had a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test. Briefly, the results were: 1) reached 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) moderate size inferior ischemia 4) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload (143 heart rate). I have formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but would appreciate feedback on the above 4 items. I havel scheduled a heart catherterization. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I just completed a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test. Briefly, the results are: 1) attained 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) Moderate size infereior ischemia 4.) ECG is positive for ischemia at good workload (reached heart rate of 143). I've formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but I would appreciate professional feedback. I am scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.
907729 tn?1244174363 I have been having chest pains and shortness of breath and the feeling that I am full. I am on many meds. I had another stress test and I am just not real sure of what the results all mean. Tried talking to my doctor, but he didn't explain it real well. he just said he wants to do another catherization. I was wondering if you can explain my results for the nuclear Spect Imaging Study? Findings: 1. Left ventricle appears at least borderline enlarged.