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Avatar f tn ve seen other messages where folks did well on their stress test but posted all their results so someone could explain some of the terminology. I wonder if you have to ask for the results.
Avatar f tn My husband just received his results from recent stress test. (He is 36 y/o. Father had first double bypass at 37 and died at 56, so there is a family history of heart issues.) Stress spect cardiolite images decreased cardiolite uptake in anterior and inferior walls. Spect cardiolite scan was positive for moderate amount of ischemia of anterior and inferior walls. Comments: 1. Anterior defect/possible soft tissue/breast attenuation artifact, 2.
Avatar m tn ve had three over the last 6 years, and one a few years before that when the test was called a thallium stress is nuclear too, but it seems thallium is no longer used. I have no known side-effects and I have gotten two false positives. The latest one that gave this was about 2 years ago, and so I underwent a catheter study and there were no blocks. I think the bottom line is, if the nuclear stress test says you do not have blockage, you most likely don't.
Avatar f tn 55 into the test when I passed out. In that 4:55, I had frequent pvc's; 2 PVC couplets and 1 PVC triplet and my QRS segment of PVC's narrowed substantially with exercise, widening again in recovery (180 ms to 80 ms) which I was told was a problem.
Avatar n tn Had anyone had a bad non stress test. I got news today that my baby girl is not moving like she should. Her heart rate us low and the Dr said I need to keep and eye on her movements. Said if they don't pick up I have to call them and see what they want to do. I'm scared for my baby girl now I want her to be happy and healthy.
Avatar n tn Congratulations on your wonderful test results. My PAC's are hormone driven. The lower my estrogen level the more PAC's I have. I am 44 years old and am currently in a menopausal state due to an injection of Lupron which halts the ovaries production of estrogen. I'm was taking Lupron for endometriosis. My cardiologist warned me that the Lupron could increase my PVC's but instead the PVC's stopped and PAC's started. And boy did they start....
Avatar n tn They want to do a chemical stress test using lexiscan drug. I am terrified, should I be? I read so many bad experiences with this type of test.. I heard the drug stops your heart...
378273 tn?1262097621 Awwww, what good news for you:) I'm so happy you were able to get this news heading into the holidays...Now you can have a rested mind and enjoy yourself! There is truth to what the Dr mentioned about the possibility of more frequent Afib episodes. Electrically the AFIB attacks tend to become longer and more frequent: “AFIB begets AFIB.” I wouldn't worry about this right now...
407029 tn?1253992623 good news congrats.
Avatar m tn Hi, new to MedHelp. I just got my results on a patient portal from a stress test that I just had done a few days ago. I don't see my doctor for 2 weeks, but my anxiety just makes me want to know what is going on. Does anyone know how to interpret these results? Thank you for any input you can give. Findings: Patient was pharmacologically stressed with adenosine at a dose of 48 milligrams. No chest pain occurred during stress.
212161 tn?1599427282 Of the thousands and thousands of normal stress tests everyday, none of them will make the news or hit the forums. Take your good test results and be happy, live your life going forward like you have no coronary heart disease and make lifestyle changes to keep it that way. I hope this helps, congrats again now RELAX and enjoy life!
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Avatar m tn m not a needle guy and I actually passed out and hit my head on the wall when they were putting the IV in - prior to the stress test. I freaked the nurses out. I insisted on getting the stress test done after that and the cardiologist agreed that it would be a good "worst case" scenario. So I still got up and ran on the treadmill for them. I want to say that I ran for 15 minutes. But they're monitoring you BP/HR etc so don't worry. They're not going to kill you!
219241 tn?1413537765 Ok here are my latest pathology results. I have been feeling crud for weeks now, let's see if you can figure out why. Dropped from 11.4.3mcgs thyroxine to 107.1mcgs thyroxine in late December 2009. Started feeling cruddy late January 2010. Due to circumstances I was not able to be tested till early March 2010. TSH 0.23 Ref range ( 0.35 - 5.50 mIU/L) Free T3 3.2 " " ( 3.5 - 6.5 pmol/L) Free T4 18.2 " " ( 9.0 - 25.
Avatar m tn Congrats, very glad to hear it!
1831849 tn?1383228392 The latest results are in and my CD19 level is 1! The goal is less than 20. I'm told that this means the Rituxan is still working 9 months out. I have an approval for Round 2, but it expires on 7/11, not hugely convenient since I don't seem to need it yet. The billing department at my MS practice is on the case however.
1671473 tn?1450592437 Is stress can't affect hypothyroidism? Any suggestion?