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212161 tn?1599427282 yeah i see that test and still have same prep, i hate being put to sleep thats the part i hate and i dont want to have one a wake lol so whats a girl to do. am not having any problems, i have IBS and spasm colon so all my life ive had bathroom problems but never anything real bad .. am so glad everything is going good for you i hope you never have to go throught it again. i will put you on my prayer list to safe gaurd you againest it . how did they find yours what test did they do?
Avatar f tn So my doc wasent very clear on the prep i have to do for this test. I just looked up a prep and it said i cant eat or drink for 8 hrs befor the test!!! Is that true??? If so i already screwd that up with a bagle n hour n a half ago n my test is in 2 n a half hours! Ek! Should i stop drinking my ine small dayly coffee now and no water ether?!?!
Avatar n tn Then why are those on PreP tested every 3 months if the test is most likely flawed each time?
Avatar m tn s important to do a good prep. Also make sure you drink plenty of water during the prep to stay hydrated because the prep can dehydrate you pretty quickly. Last tip: relax, trust your doctor and his team. It will be over before you know it. Good luck; I hope everything is good.
Avatar f tn Since I was really concerned about getting infected, I asked my doctor if I can start taking PrEP. Since an Ag/Ab test is considered conclusive at 28 days and 27 days was too close and was very unlikely to change in a day, I started PrEP the same day. Here's where the complication starts. I started getting symptoms after - from feverish feelings, mouth sores, etc. Everytime I experience "symptoms", I get tested.
Avatar f tn Only a test is conclusive and you can do a conclusive 4th gen test now since you are past 28 days. I can't comment on the Prep effectiveness but I don't think it is 100% guaranteed, but maybe someone else will comment.
Avatar f tn What I’m wondering is, do you think it’s a false positive on that test? The doctors asked me why I wasn’t on Prep, and I said the amount of sex I have and my general safety practices didn’t seem to warrant taking a daily drug. Is it possible the doctor lied to me to scare me into taking Prep? It seems crazy, but I don’t know how I could have gotten it, if, in the last three months, I’ve been with one guy on Prep, and another guy who was tested neg.
Avatar f tn Just to preface the craziness you're about to read, I have major HIV anxiety, so bear with me. I just got back from the OB/GYN because I found some white spots on my girl parts. I already have Lichens Sclerosis (LS) down there and thought it was that, as it causes tearing and scarring of the delicate tissues and I tear easily, even if I'm just wiping - NOPE, its genital warts and I'm freaking out.
Avatar m tn The website of the free clinic I plan to test at says they have the latest tests that are able to test up to 7 days after exposure. Will this be too soon to test for HIV and other STD’s since I’m currently on PReP?
Avatar f tn I don't think there's a whole lot we can do before tx to prevent sx of the meds. They vary for each of us. A basic healthy lifestyle is the way to go....plenty of rest, healthy diet, exercise, stress reducers. Losing wieght if you need is great, but with only a month left, it's best not to crash diet. Some more practical preps will help in the long run when you are too sick or tired to deal with much. Freeze some meals ahead of time, pack an emergency bag...
Avatar m tn We had sex with a condom, but at one point we did not because the condom slipped off/malfunctioned (not sure). But he told me not to worry because he takes Truvada as Prep for pre-cautionary measures in order not to get HIV. He also believes to be HIV – last time he got checked. He also said he’s been on the Truvda Prep for 2 months and takes it daily. Anyway, I’m still concerned and would like to know: 1. How effective is the Truvada Prep that he is currently taking in preventing getting HIV?
Avatar f tn For the prep the day before the test I was told to take two Dulcolax tabs at a certain time (I forget the times involved), then later on I had to drink a gallon of some kind of stuff - 6 oz every 20 minutes, then that night at about 8 pm I was to take two more Dulcolax tabs. Well, (on my own) I also took one Dulcolax the night before, to get a "head start". I think this regime made things go easier, although drinking that stuff was not easy.
Avatar f tn I know I took prep before not everyday and just took it everyday after because I was slightly worried. Just wanted thoughts on the initial risk itself.
3986919 tn?1352125983 Sorry - also meant to say that what sarah2491 was my experience-used the same prep. Had my first in June. The prep wasn't fun- but wasn't bad either. I had been advised to also get ginger ale to rinse the prep down with. I did - The whole thing was way better than I thought it would be. I set up a TV tray in the bathroom - magazines, my laptop, cellphone- no biggie. Didn't even have to spend the WHOLE time in there. Got a good night sleep the night before.
Avatar f tn I mean really I got the bathroom anywhere from 2 to 7 times a day, the prep is all I need to push me over the I am hoping that I will be able to tolerate the prep and the colonoscopy will go fine. A couple of other things, I do take things over the counter to attempt to slow down this condition..he suggested that I take fiber (which I already do) eat 2 cartons of Activia a day, take Beano (I don;t know why as gas is not a problem but I do have certain trigger foods...
110491 tn?1274481937 Well, this IS my new doctor. The first procedure 2003 went well with Fleet but doctor was really bad and I was urged to go to a better one. So the second doctor (2006) is great but he said my Fleet prep was bad and he couldn't see all of my colon. I thought I did have a thorough prep but I guess not. He said next time he wants me to fast 3 full days, and clean out per HIS regimen two days before the procedure. That seems extreme. Not eating, just laxatives, for three days?
212161 tn?1599427282 having lots stress over having this done tomorrow any support i can get will be great. the prep is about done just nerves about having it and being put out .