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Avatar n tn The numbers you found may be typical, but if they are too hard for your the person managing your test will not ask you to do'll do something less. It is a stress test, not a stressed-out test.
Avatar n tn nl you can got a test kit by mail for around 20 pounds. However, I still insist you do not need to go for the test, what you did is totally HIV free. But if you can not let it go, maybe a negative test result will peace your mind. Don't worry, no matter you test or not, you are negative.
Avatar n tn The best method for someone with a heart issue is to have a stress test. A stress test is oftened done for the purpose of learning the degree of tolerance/risk one can safely do. The rule of thumb stated is not recommended for someone who has heart issues. You will be safe to engage in exercising according to METs. Also, the rule-of-thumb does not apply to someone that is on a beta blocker as a beta blocker decreases heart rate, etc.
Avatar n tn I started cramping early on with that pregnancy, and they started doing the numbers game again. Luckilly the numbers were rising as they were supposed to. I went on to give birth and my daughter is now a month old. When you are in the situation many of us have been in, it makes the numbers very important. Many of the women on here have had several miscarriages. For us the HCG's become just as important -- if not more so -- to us as a regular pregnancy test is to most women.
Avatar f tn At high heart rates, Bazett's formula will really often give high results results (close to 500 msec (at stress tests, etc.). When my mom had a stress test done, I asked her cardiologist about this specificly. At heart rate 180 her QTc (Bazett) was close to 500 msec, the QT was 280 msec. If the Frederica formula is used (which it often is) the QTcF would be 404 msec.
Avatar n tn The FT4 - or free T4 is the hormone you find that is more consistant in many cases but the lab has very small bullet points of change so on an average on the reference could be .8-1.5 and you may test at a 1.2 one time - then a while later test as a 1.3. It doesn't look big - but is certainly is a big change in that conversion hormone. on the FT3 test that has more room and increases are quite noticable on lab work. again the hormones dip and rise often.
535882 tn?1396580285 i know they ddin't test it this time but numbers are almost same as last so i think its the same.
Avatar n tn I had a stress test back in 2004 and it appeared normal for my condition? I just had another Thalium stress test and I was told that it was a 45 before and now it's 15. What am I being told? When I asked a question, I was told that I had had a major heart attack and I could expect problems. I want straight answers about things. To settle my mind, what do the 45 and 15 numbers refer to? Could the results be misleading because I also had an echo and haven't heard about the results.
152159 tn?1200086054 Based on that info should I request a scan and skip the stress test...I run 12 miles a I don't know what the stress test would be telling me. How much concern is there for plaque build up at my age with my previous numbers...I realize that my numbers may be completely different now. Thank you again.
Avatar n tn However a calculated EF of 47% is not normal for a thalium stress test, but once again this is partly subjective on the part of the interpreter. Remember that any test is not perfect and this test is very far from it. Dependog on your pre test probability of having CAD you may then want to proceed to a cath or PET scan to better view any fixed deffects or viable tissue.
Avatar n tn I am a 61 year old male and have had PAT since age 21. I had never had a stress test until recently. Done to evaluate increase in irregular beats. The report said I reached 98% of predicted maximal heart rate as the rate changed from 68 to 157 BPM. BP changed from 152/80 to 189/66. I was stressed to 8 METS. I stopped due to fatigue but had no excess shortness of breath and no chest pain. There were no EKG changes over baseline.
Avatar n tn Its controlled, but you dont quote numbers? There are no BP numbers in stress results? This is an important starting point. Its not all bad. The right side is normal plus there are no wall abnormalities. Valves seem not too bad either! The R wave issue can be caused by 3 or 4 different things. One of them is LVH. Thats why I asked about BP numbers to start. Its critically important that the BP is strictly controlled, particularly given the added complication of your Diabetes.
Avatar f tn As far as I know the other arteries were OK as I was not told there was any problem with any of them. This past week I had a nuclear stress test done, but I was on the treadmill for less than 3 or 4 minutes. I did not even get a little out of breath. I don't think my scans after the exercise portion gave a true picture.
315318 tn?1353255400 Here are my cardio's concluding notes from my nuclear stress test. 1. Normal exercise EKG 2. Moderate sized fixed defect involving the inferior / inferoseptal area suggestive of a scar with very minimal peri-infarct ischemia. 3. Moderate to severe LV dysfunction with inferoseptal wall abnormality. The LVEF is calculated at 34%. A separate echo cardiogram study gave 33%. As a background, I am a 51 year old man. I had a two vessel bypass surgery 8 years ago. The grafts are still patent.
Avatar f tn When i exercise I get the burping and buring bad, but tehn that goes with GERD which I have so who knows. Myabve I will ahve another stress test. My last ekg he said was abnormal cause it should low voltage but I read that can be from large breast and thyroid issues, which he just took me off my thryoid that I was on for over two years cause it was raising my blood presssure, who knows. I am confused for sure!
Avatar n tn ) In light of the cath results 5 years ago, my doctor ordered a thallium (actually cardiolite) stress test. I was able to reach 88% of my target heart rate in the test (85% required for accuracy I believe) before I started running out of breath. If I hadn't quit smoking 2 years ago I probably wouldn't have made it through the last minute! Anyway, the tests results showed a 15% decrease in blood flow to my heart during stress exercise and no restrictions at rest.
Avatar f tn I recently had a cardiopulmonary stress test done, and I'm having a hard time interpreting the chart/summary. Is it ever okay to have a drop in blood pressure with an increase in speed/grade?
Avatar m tn I had an abnormal stress test last week, and I had a heart attack many years ago. My cardiologist said he thinks I should have a Heart Cath, but is leaving it up to me. He said something that was confusing to my husband and me. He said my heart performed good during the stress test but that was bad. Sounded contradictory to us.
Avatar n tn I also saw that if not for the pre-employment physical (I was applying for a reserve police offficer position), I would not have been referred to a stress test. This stress test result was a complete shock to me. Should I be unduly concerned? Is it likely that I have CAD and am a heart attack candidate? Any insight is appreciated.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist put me on a 24 hour portable EKG machine to monitor the palpitations and prescribed a Echocardiogram and Nuclear Stress Test to be done the same week. I got both of them done last week. He said the echo looked fine, but the EKG under stress was abnormal. The pictures taken after the treadmill walk apparently also showed that some part (about 10%) of my heart was not receiving enough blood.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist put me on a 24 hour portable EKG machine to monitor the palpitations and prescribed a Echocardiogram and Nuclear Stress Test to be done the same week. I got both of them done last week. He said the echo looked fine, but the EKG under stress was abnormal. The pictures taken after the treadmill walk apparently also showed that some part (about 10%) of my heart was not receiving enough blood.
503607 tn?1275675179 I had my stress test today and true to form I had an anxiety attack as soon as I walked into my cardiologists office, My heart rate was at 136 without doing anything, I got it down to 117 and they started test, I did the 9 minutes without a problem got my heartrate up to 175. My blood pressure went to 208/100 too high, my cardio is going to put me on bp meds, I am so upset with myself that I allow these heart issue to upset me like this.
Avatar n tn If there are a very small percentage of false negatives, as I understand, with stress tests (and this was one case) is it appropriate to then follow-up the placement of a stent with a stress test? Would catheterization be in order here? It would seem to me that if the stress test was normal to begin with, it would be "normal" again even if there was a problem. Thank you.
11849443 tn?1441306441 I have never had a treadmill stress test done, here they do the test on a stationary bike. But it's more or less the same. However, I have no idea why they seem to stop you at a calculated target heart rate (85% of calculated max). For the test to be somewhat reliable regarding ruling out CAD and arrhythmias, the test must (according to my EP who I definitely trust) go on until max heart rate is achieved.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I just did FET on Dec. 6th. I did a beta test on Tuesday with a result of 2. We did another beta test today with a result of 4.8. My doctor reassures me that beta numbers are usually lower after FET. He said they are doubling so that is what is important, but everywhere I read it says these numbers are way too low. Can anyone help? They tested 8dpt, which is kind of early. I have to have another beta test in a day or so. I will let you know.
Avatar f tn I am on Crestor and my numbers are good. Just had them checked. I also just had a nuclear stress test done back in the fall. It appeared to be fine. Lately I have been having chest pains (left sided) and pain in my back under the shoulder blade. I am not short of breathe. Just this pain that comes and goes. I thought it may be gi related, but just had an endoscopy come back ok. Just minor damage from years of reflux. I am 37 yrs old and trying not to overreact to this pain.
1287128 tn?1331138138 I would not stress! Which is easier said than done! Put positive thoughts in your head and relax. Your probably super early. I hate those blood test.
Avatar f tn Several years ago I had a high fasting blood insulin but not glucose test. I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes but have recently been checking my fasting blood glucose myself pre-breakfast. Can fasting blood glucose vary each day from normal to high in pre-diabetes? Eg one day day 5.1 mmol (91mg/dl), several around 6.1 mmol (110mg/dl) then 7.