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1016145 tn?1253498064 There are many names for this same thing. Nuclear perfusion test, nuclear stress test, thallium stress test, thallium scan etc etc. Maybe they should standardise on the name to make it less confusing.
512736 tn?1211343352 d CAD is greatly increased by performing a nuclear perfusion study in conjunction with the stress test. A radioactive substance called thallium (or a similar substance called sestamibi or Cardiolite) is injected into a vein during exercise. The thallium collects in the parts of the heart that have good blood flow. Pictures of the heart are taken with a special camera that can image the radioactivity of the thallium.
Avatar n tn What can cause an artificial or a false low ejection rate on a nuclear stress test 33%?
Avatar f tn I had a thallium stress test a week ago. Now I'm setting off radioactive alarms at the facility where I work which is a heavily secure building. How long will the thallium remain in my body?
Avatar m tn since 2 years he has been experiencing BREATHLESSSNESS,at certain times.His THALLIUM STRESS TEST was done to rule out any heart problems,like blocks etc.The test results were good,with EF at 65 or so.but he still has the problem.We are confused what is causing the breathlessness.Some doctors say,thallium stress test is good enough,and we need not go for angiograpjy.We are confused what we should do.pls advise.
Avatar m tn ve had three over the last 6 years, and one a few years before that when the test was called a thallium stress is nuclear too, but it seems thallium is no longer used. I have no known side-effects and I have gotten two false positives. The latest one that gave this was about 2 years ago, and so I underwent a catheter study and there were no blocks. I think the bottom line is, if the nuclear stress test says you do not have blockage, you most likely don't.
212161 tn?1599427282 Overall, a nuclear stress test is about 85 - 90% accurate.Your chance of a cardiac event after a normal nuclear stress test is about 1.62% per year for the next 10 years, better than a sampling of the general public. Normally, a blockage will show up once it hits approx 70% occluded. I know you read about people that have a stress test that is normal and drop dead the next day, don't get too worked up about that.
116881 tn?1189755823 A nuclear stress test is another name for a nuclear perfusion scan. Same test. Im trying to make sure Im not allergic to the injection.
Avatar m tn I have done some reading up of nuclear scans (thallium). Radioactive Thallium bonds to red corpuscles and travels around the body in the blood stream and will obviously end up in all areas. A nuclear perfusion scan (thallium) is not just about seeing blood supply through arteries, it reveals cell condition in the heart too, or anywhere in the body. All cells which are alive, will require oxygen to live.
Avatar n tn s me again after finding out that i infact received thallium and not just technetium in one of my nuclear stress tests. My son thank God is fine and no I have not voiced my concern to his doctor at all. My worries all started when my mom mentioned to me how my dad was just told to go through a nuclear stress test and his doctor had told him to stay away from kids after the test.
Avatar m tn thallium stress test Report.. Please Tell me the conclusion of Report ? do I need angiography ? Dipyridamole myoview spect myocardial perfusion study Age / Sex : 65/M Indication: HTN, DM, ? IHD Isotope : 7mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at peak stress 21mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at rest Persantin Infusion Stress: Pharmacological Intervention was performed with injection persantin (Dipyridamole) at a rate of 0.142 mg/kg/min, 07 Mci of Tc-99m Myoview was given I/V. His resting ECG showed 0.
Avatar m tn If the doctor is looking for it I would imagine it is due to these symptoms. The thallium stress test will show areas of reduced blood flow while the stress echo will show areas of wall motion abnormailities which could indicate CAD.
900662 tn?1469390305 Reverse redistribution (RR) abnormality is a phenomenon unique to thallium stress test. It is seen occasionally during re-injection phase of thallium-201 It has a complex and somewhat controversial explanation, but essentially there is an imbalance between thallium entering the heart tissue (dependent on blood flow) and leaving it (dependent on muscle cell health). What RR actually represents depends on why the patient got the test (fresh heart attack? old heart attack?
Avatar m tn Every medical test has false negatives because neither humans nor machines operate with 100% accuracy. However you are in very serious jeopardy whenever you receive a false negative result on a Cardiolite stress tests. That's because of an astonishing fact about cardiologists in the U.
Avatar n tn Got my stress thallium test results today. Please help me in understanding. How is my test result as compared to same test one year back? The values of last year's results are within brackets. Medicines: No medicines before test (betablocker three hours before test) Date: 16NOV2009 (14NOV2008) Workload METS: 6.4 (6.4) HR Exercise, bpm: 146 (148); BP: 140/80 (130/70) HR Recovery, bpm: 88 (89); BP: 120/84 (140/70) SPECT Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy reveals: 1.
Avatar n tn My 57 year old husband had an EKG for pre op for surgery of the knee. He failed the EKG and had "T abnormalities". The cardiologist wanted him to have an echo and a Thallium stress test, with adenosine since he can't run with his knee. The echo turned out fine and the stress test had good contractility but showed a "small fixed defect". I did not get to speak to the doctor and I don't know what this means.
Avatar m tn I hope someone on here who knows what that test is will answer you soon. I think I had that test once years ago, but not sure which one is which---I had a thallium stress test which I THINK was to just watch your heart immediately after you exercise, but there was another test they gave me some kind of dye or something to get pictures of my heart and lungs---its all confusing. Hang on, I am sure someone will respond. Good luck with it all!
Avatar m tn Hi, I can give you some insight into the thallium stress test from my own experience, and from what I have been told by various Cardiologists here in the UK. In 2007 I had a heart attack followed by emergency stenting. When they were inside my coronary arteries looking around, they were shocked at the state of them and the Cardiologist actually said "I'm shocked that you have survived so long". He found the blockage causing the heart attack and stented it.
Avatar f tn Which diagnostic test would be best to test for artery blockage the thallium or the MIBI? or should I start with a stress echo? I have had some minor chest pain, a dull pain down my left arm, and some upper central back pain. I don't want to wait until I have a heart attack. My 75 year old dad just had triple bypass surgery last week after an MI. Thank you!
1348686 tn?1310654243 A stress test is accurate 65% of the time. If you have a exercise stress test along with nuclear profusion testing the accuracy goes up to 85%. More important, the specificity is 97% meaning that 97% of the individuals that have a normal test result have no CAD.
Avatar m tn Hearts that have uniformly diseased arteries will not perform well under the stress portion of a nuclear stress test, which was the case with my father. The pics looked OK but he failed the exercise portion. Also, if you are still having symptoms after a normal Thallium stress test, normal protocol would be to proceed to an angiogram.
Avatar f tn I recently had a Thallium stress test which came back positive. The sets of images were taken by two different techs while I sat upright in a chair. Not wanting to believe the worst, I went to another Cardiologist. There I had the Cardiolite test, images taken by the same tech while I lay on a table. Those results came back negative. So who is right? Would having a calcium-score CT and perhaps a carotid ultrasound be the tie-breaker? I am 55 years old, post menopausal.
Avatar m tn I just had the Stress Echo Test and my doctor states I passed the test, however, he saw something with the EKG and recommended a Thallium Stress Test. I run 6 days a week and lift light weights daily. Sometimes, I run twice a day, once in the morning and a 15 minute hill burner on the treamill in the evening. I have always run since the age of 18 years. Nver shortness of breath, I am now 57 years old and 166 llbs.
Avatar n tn A nuclear or Thallium stress test will show the distribution of blood to the heat muscle. If there is uptake with stress, you most likely have collaterals forming.
Avatar f tn The AAC/AHA guidelines if blockage is less than 70% and not causing any problem does not require intervention (stent or bypass). As one ages there tends to be a buildup of plague and 10 to 20% seems reasonable. An echo will not dx any blockage. There is evidence of vessels blockage diagnosed by an autopsy in returning casualities of the war.
Avatar n tn so as a precaution my doctor has scheduled me for a Thallium stress test. I will admit that I am not too terribly familiar with the test but I do understand it to be some type of stress /imaging test that shows how well blood flows to the heart. I am told that I am not to take Toprol (beta blockers) 48 hours prior to the test and I'm more than a little worried about this.