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212161 tn?1599427282 I assume you had an Echo Stress Test and not a Nuclear one. I am sure the "wiggle lines" you are referring to had nothing to do with you walking barefoot (I had them too up to the point were the ECG became unreadable and I have as yet found nobody that could/would explain this to me) and they stopped the test because you had reached your prescribed heart rate of 140 BPM - so nothing wrong with that.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
Avatar f tn Has anyone had 2 do this and if so what exactly do they do. Someone said it was stress test done on the baby but even if that is not really sure what that means.
Avatar f tn So I am 37 yrs old and had to do stress test on my last appt which I was 37 weeks and failed and was hooked up to machine for almost an hour so sent me to have ultrasound and baby seemed fine but I feel as if she isnt moving as much and I know towards the end they run out of room but im nervous any ideas this is my 3rd child
Avatar f tn I am 40 + 2 as of today. I have a non stress test in the morning and was wondering what exactly do they do and how long does it usually take?
Avatar f tn Im 36 weeks & 1 day today . I have to go for the stress test Friday at 8:30 am , what should I expect?
Avatar f tn 55 into the test when I passed out. In that 4:55, I had frequent pvc's; 2 PVC couplets and 1 PVC triplet and my QRS segment of PVC's narrowed substantially with exercise, widening again in recovery (180 ms to 80 ms) which I was told was a problem.
3156712 tn?1354121665 For me it was because we have a wood stove to heat our house and it was really dry in our bedroom, it just happens because there is extra blood flow during pregnancy And for the stress test I had one on Sunday , no ultrasound though, they just hooked me up on the machine for 30 mins and every time I felt baby kick I had to press a button and they got a paper record of the babys heart beat and kicks, I went in because I was having extreme pain all around my stomach and back and then I threw u
4983320 tn?1378402268 t any protein in my urine, but they want to watch for it. My doctor is having me do the non stress test Sunday. What should I expect?
Avatar f tn What does it mean when, during a exercise stress test (treadmill), they tell you to stop early? Is it most likely a good thing or a bad one? Details: Given a stress test for heart rate irregularities. Resting rate was around 80, and bp around 110/70. Between 3-6 min on the treadmill my bp was 170/80 and heartrate was over 140. At 7-8 minutes they told me I could stop because "they had all the information they needed." They said I would have the results in a couple of days.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar f tn Had a non -stress test today. Ultrasound part was ok but the heart rate was not increasing as much as it shd when baby moved. Baby seemed to have been sleeping for the grand total of almost 3 hrs I spend at the l & d. They palpitated belly, got juice to drink trying to coax baby to move. We finally barely made it so we are going back tomorrow again to be checked - at least the placenta is not aged as yet.
1076228 tn?1256348980 However, comparing the trace elements injected at rest at during the high heart rate period of the stress test may show that there is a blockage of an artery and during exercise, your heart is not getting enough blood in parts of it. The cath will give the doctor specific answers. I'd try to stress about it, but the period of time after a stress test and before a cath is always a worrisome time, I've gone through that a number of times.
Avatar f tn Ok so since 31+4 weeks I have to see my ob/gyn once a week and have a non stress test done each time im 32+4 weeks now it is very stressful to me because I have my 4 year old and it has taken l&d like 5 hours both times to get it done, and I have to do this every week till baby gets here.. The reason I have to have it done is bc I lost my last baby at 34 weeks... does anyone else have to do this test and it take so long?
Avatar n tn You do need to get back with the cardio and get an explanation of a one minute stress test terminated at heart rate of 144. You do not state how you felt at the time of the test termination.You are still not out very far from your heart attack; I'd go back and get some guidance.Let us know. Joan.
Avatar f tn During a stress test your blood pressure and EKG is constantly monitored. If you feel any discomfort at any time, you tell them to stop the machine and you will not have any damage. It is no different to going for a walk. Discomforts quickly stop when you relax. Ace inhibitors will not affect your performance and they are not going to cause harm. The stress test will give an accurate reading of your general fitness which includes the fitness of your heart.
Avatar f tn My Dr. states he i not worried about that but wants to go ahead and do the nuclear stress test just to be sure all is well. My PVC's I feel in the bottom on the left side of my heart, and my BP is always around 60-70 on the bottom side. Is this weird to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I am getting a nuclear stress test done on Monday. I wish that they could have done more testing at the time however the cardiologist seemed frustrated and angry, maybe not with me. I am really unsure why, actually. I'm very concerned and it will be good to get to that bottom of it. I have increased my fluid intake.Thanks for your response.
Avatar f tn Stress test, eco and other tests came out negative...Is there another possible cause for this kind of EKG result????? Thanks...
Avatar n tn Can anybody explain the differences between ejection fraction results form an echo and a stress tess? I had an echo in October that was 35% and a nuclear stress test in November that was 16%? I have a defib/pacer if that helps.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist put me on a 24 hour portable EKG machine to monitor the palpitations and prescribed a Echocardiogram and Nuclear Stress Test to be done the same week. I got both of them done last week. He said the echo looked fine, but the EKG under stress was abnormal. The pictures taken after the treadmill walk apparently also showed that some part (about 10%) of my heart was not receiving enough blood.
Avatar m tn I went for my EKG stress test and a nuclear stress test. The tests indicated a blockage. I am now waiting for an angiogram. They put me on drugs after the test. I am on 1.25mg Monocor, 5mg Norvasc, 10mg Crestor as well as ASA 81mg - one per day. Now I wait for Angiogram. I am quite freaked out. So I am scheduled for an angiogram on Feb 5th. They tell me there are risks in this test. The risk is 1 in 1000 people die, stroke or have a heart attack during this proceedure.