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862553 tn?1239060736 Of course i had the ct with my heart at rest before the stress test and then after the stress test... But am wondering what you would think is possibly going on. My maternal grandfather died because his heart actually exploded and my father himself has had bypass surgery... so there is a hitory in our family all my sibling's take meds for high blood pressure and one sister takes heart medication already ... Could you please let me knwo what your thgouhts are on this ...
Avatar f tn An echo looks at the structure and function of the heart, whereas the stress test was looking for blockages causing your symptoms. Having a leaky valve can predispose to certain abnormal heart rhythms which may have caused your palpitations, weak heart muscle (AKA heart failure) can cause leg swelling and shortness of breath -- neither of these things are detectable with a treadmill stress test unless there was an echo done at the same time.
Avatar n tn An Echo Stress Test or a Nuclear Stress Test, if the doctor is suspecting coronary artery disease. However, a regular stress may be sufficient in stable patients or those with a low suspicion of coronary artery disease who are being assessed for exercise tolerance (for example, prior to undergoing a structured exercise or rehab program). If you are/were experiencing chest pains an EKG Stress test is not reliable and probably should have had a Nuclear Stress Test.
Avatar n tn Doctor wants to follow up this coming week with echo and stress test to make sure there are no other issues to address. Started having what I believe to be panic attacks: strong heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, urgent need to have a bowel movement. These attacks last about 10 -15 minutes.
Avatar m tn I had asked this question before, but never really god an answer and I haven't done this yet so I wanted to see what the proper medical opinion was. I'm 35, have a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart palpitations (I'm on medicine for all three). I'm considering taking a scuba diving class and I've seen various recommendations stating a person with a history of heart disease MAY have to have a stress test before scuba diving.
Avatar f tn The stress test is, I belive, mostly to check for blood circulation to the heart muscles. I think it is very rare that a person your age would have any trouble there, of with your heart at all for that matter. Has the doctor(s) considered stress, anxiety or depression as a possible cause? Those thought some to my mind when reading your post. Wishing you well, and say try to be calm and positive and, yes, optimistic.
Avatar m tn If you want you could have a nuclear stress test that will check for blockages or a basic stress test. Those are nice to load up your heart and watch the EKG. If you wanted to really push it you could get a cardiac MRI to rule out any muscle wall abnormalities. If the PVCs were caught on an EKG the doc will know where they came from, what type they are, etc. That is key information that would point to a more worrisome type of PVCs and warrant more testing.
Avatar n tn I'm a 20 year old female, 115 lbs. 5'2". I've never been seriously ill and have a pretty clean family history when it comes to health (aside from my mother who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). The only problems I have are really bad anxiety and panic attacks that I take medication for (though I still get panic attacks pretty frequently).
Avatar n tn Hi Jennifer, I am a 35 year old woman who went through all the these test - EKG, echo, etc. last fall as I was having heart palpitations constantly. I wore a holter for 3 weeks and was diagnosed with SVT. They wanted to do an ablation on me but I held off. I started doing a lot of research and I was also having hand numbness and weird tingly feelings down my arm. First i went to a regular chiropractor and then discovered upper cervical chiropractors (check out www.upcspine.
Avatar m tn If you had the nuclear stress (which is like a super stress test), you are fine. Time to work on the anxiety - which is sometimes harder to do than the arrhythmia! I have had 17K per day for a top number, lately it has been about 7 - 8K per day. My heart checks out as normal. I try not to worry, you should too.
Avatar f tn "Normal" HR depends on a lot of factors, but for an adult, let's say over 30 years old, a rest HR between 60-70 would be very good, and one between 70-80 would be acceptable, to me. Standing in the 90-100+ doesn't sound too high to me. Given you have had the key tests by a board certified cardiologist (I assume), I'd next try to focus on the positive, not letting my mind take over and make the palpitations worse, that can happen.
Avatar f tn Last year when I noticed got worse I went to cardiologist for first time. She sent me for ultrasound, ECG, stress test , holter and blood work. My heart ultrasound I had to do two of them because it looks like one of my valves was not closing right buy just turned out to be "trial triscupid regurgitation and i think trival mitral regurgitation" but I was assured %90 of population has this it's fine. My ECG was normal but my Holter and stress test came back with PVC's.
Avatar n tn I think your best option is definitely the stress test. That way the doctor is able to see what your heart is doing during exercise.
Avatar f tn Try not to think about it and ignore the palpitations, keeping in mind that your stress test was ok, so there can not be anything seriously wrong with your heart.
Avatar f tn Blood antibody test, Urea breath test, Stool antigen test, Stomach biopsy.
Avatar n tn t seem to make any difference. I saw a heart specialist who did a stress test and determined my heart is just fine but when I finished the test my heart was palpitating so badly I could barely breath. My regular doc put me on blood pressure medicine to help the symptoms. It helps somewhat but they are still there. I wake up first thing with shortness of breath and palpitations until I take my heart meds.
Avatar f tn I have been having heart palpitations for about 10 months now. Within the last couple of months it has went from heart skipping or flip flopping to heart racing, getting real hot in the face and neck. I was then told I was having panic attacks. Dr put me on Sertraline 50 mg (which the side affects have been awful but getting better). It seems as though the panic attacks have went done to very small ones but I still have the heart skipping.
651681 tn?1384872629 I have had a stress test done 3 years ago, I was 45. I had my blood pressure checked at work and it was 133/100, I have never seen those numbers whenever my blood pressure was taken. I will be making an appointment with a Cardiologist but I am hoping someone or a medical doctor can tell me what they think it can be. I know its not a diagnosed but I am curious and perhaps can ease my mind. Until I see a doctor.
Avatar m tn So my advice to you is to try and do your best to manage your reaction to stress. When you notice your heart starting to beat faster stop and take deep breaths. As you do that feel the tension leave your body. Your heart should slow down after you have done a few of the breaths. If worse comes to worse and you just are having trouble managing your anxiety you may want to consider anti depressants. But talk to your GP and see if it would be something that is right for you.
673515 tn?1234320119 And know i feel like a burning sensation on my esophagus and my heart palpitations and i was wondering does stress really gets heart palpitations can they be related with heartburn as i said i've been going in and out of my doctors office had all the test done she even send me with a neurologist and he did not found nothing either.
Avatar m tn Usually this will permanately fix the problem with the conduction of the heart. If all other tests such as Echocardiogram and stress test are normal, then he should have full recovery. Also he should quit smoking and drinking, as this is hard on the heart, lungs and liver.
Avatar n tn Ive been having heart palpitations for 4 years now. Ive had every test done and they said it was stress related and not to worry.. Well two weeks ago I went to the doctors for a pain in my upper chest,, they did an EKG and it was low and geisinger told me to go to the ER right away.. Well I went to the hospital they admitted me and did every test and the heart specialist looked at me and did the tests and said my heart looked fine..
Avatar n tn t have serious stress and sometime doing exercise but before 2 week at night i feel palpitations at my cheats with panic attacks, i call emergency they did my ECG and blood Pressure both normal but still i was feeling same palpitations and pain i visited hospital they did same test and send me back to the home but once i reach home i start feeling more palpitations with panic attacks i visited to another hospital they did same workaround and said i am ok!
Avatar n tn i have had this feeling in my heart for at least 20 yrs. i have had every test there is to check. eve the one where they go up the groin. Nothing was found It is very scarey and i feel like i am going to die. my heart beats fast then starts skipping beat. please help me get over this feeling. can't sleep at night and can't afford to go to drs. not on medicae just yet.
Avatar m tn I am 32 years old, active male (excercise 5 days/week), and am generally healthy overall. However, about 6 weeks ago I was getting heart palpitations, then they went away - they were gone for about a month. Last week I started getting them again? I went to the the Doc and everything is normal; blood test (cholesterol/sugar), thyroid, EKG, blood pressure. Even cut caffeine back to 1 cup of coffee/day, but still getting them.
Avatar f tn Can someone please help me understand my recent Stress test findings: Images show mild intensity small-sized defect, located in the distal anterior and apical wall. Rest images show no change of the defect compared to the stress images. This defect suggests infarction vs. artifact in the wall. Gated SPECT imaging demonstates abnormal septal motion of the distal anterior and apical wall. The left ventricular ejection fraction was calculated to be 56%.
Avatar m tn Yes I also feel what you feel, I have had numerous test done and was told it was all stress related. I try not to stress but who wouldn't stress not knowing when you will have an episode of palpatations. its very scary. I was also told to not have caffeine. I am now on medicine but it does not really give me to much relief. but then there is days or weeks that I dont feel anything. then out of the blue there they are.
Avatar n tn Channel 1 was the primary channel during the analysis. well the question is what does this mean? Am I ok? They sent me to have a stress test and an ecocardiogram. just to make sure everything was ok. Can it be something else?