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Avatar n tn Coreg is medication that helps lower the heart rate and bp. The stress test will evaluate one's physical condition a peak heart rate unmedicated, and how quickly the heart rae returns to normal within 3 minutes or so. Other phases of the test considered as well.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
862553 tn?1239060736 Of course i had the ct with my heart at rest before the stress test and then after the stress test... But am wondering what you would think is possibly going on. My maternal grandfather died because his heart actually exploded and my father himself has had bypass surgery... so there is a hitory in our family all my sibling's take meds for high blood pressure and one sister takes heart medication already ... Could you please let me knwo what your thgouhts are on this ...
Avatar n tn The results of that medical study concluded there was no difference in life span regardless of procedure or medication. If medication relieves your pain, if any, then opting for meds may be the wise choice.
Avatar f tn It has been about 5 years, and with medication, there are no symptoms and my heart is normal size and functioning normally. The heart cells that appeared to have been damaged (hypokinesis) were hibernating, but mitral valve regurgitation remains. A few months ago I had CT scan 64-slice angiogram. As expected I have CAD. A scan would be beneficial for you as you have a family history of heart disorders.
Avatar m tn I have A Fib and I could not do the stress test with the treadmill so the doctor wants to give me an injection (dobuytamine hcl/250 and sestamibi(2) in order to race my heart to get it up to a certain speed and I am concerned since I have the A. Fib and take medication for it (Diltazam). Is it dangerous for me to have the test??
Avatar n tn They want to do a chemical stress test using lexiscan drug. I am terrified, should I be? I read so many bad experiences with this type of test.. I heard the drug stops your heart...
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what it indicates if a person could not get their heart rate up to the desirable number during an echo stress test during the treadmill portion. It is a male age 36 with insulin dependent diabetes since age 6. He has a tendency to have slow heart rate and could not exceed the mid 150's during the treadmill no matter how they kept making him work harder. He is 5'7" and weighs about 155 and is very active.
Avatar n tn can a stress test reveal something that the other tests did not?
Avatar m tn So if you had 100ml of blood in your heart and it pushes out say 60ml, then your EF is 60%. Normal is 55%-70% so your heart is still working fine. However, you can't really use EF as a guide to disease because you can have tons of plaque and still have a good EF. It just shows your heart is functioning well.
Avatar m tn The risk during a nuclear stress test is extremely small for a heart attack, etc. or any adverse effect. To ensure your full safety, this test will be performed in laboratories that are fully equipped and very carefully and professionally monitor of the patients during the test and this will assure the detection and treat any abnormal conditions that may develop during the course of testing.
Avatar n tn You do need to get back with the cardio and get an explanation of a one minute stress test terminated at heart rate of 144. You do not state how you felt at the time of the test termination.You are still not out very far from your heart attack; I'd go back and get some guidance.Let us know. Joan.
Avatar m tn I just completed a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test. Briefly, the results are: 1) attained 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) Moderate size infereior ischemia 4.) ECG is positive for ischemia at good workload (reached heart rate of 143). I've formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but I would appreciate professional feedback. I am scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Is your EF with or without medication? Chest pain been diagnosed? What is the medication? I had a heart condtion many years ago, hypokinesis, enlarged left ventricle, low EF...below 30%. Curently with treatment my heart is normal size and pumping normally. Take care and thanks for your sharing your medical condition.
Avatar n tn Never had any symptoms of heart problems. Just had a Thallium Stress Test as a precautionary measure due to family medical history. The stress test results showed an evidence of ischemia of basal septal wall. Cardiologist is recommending catheterization. Is it necessary? Some doctors say absolutely not. Use aggressive medical treatments to control cholesterol and blood pressure with 80 mg. aspirin daily.
Avatar f tn I have had a bubble test for the hole in heart which showed up something and the stress echo was a follow on. Here in England you do not get immediate responses, so I have no idea what this all meant. Three times this happened whilst trying to recover but the heart rate rapidly increased upon sitting on couch and the other symptoms. Another Dr was called in and they went for a discussion in the corner so I could not hear anything. Ity took 30 mins for my heart rate to stablise.
Avatar m tn I am 61, female, had a stress test & reported diagnosis is "moderate inferior ischemia". What is the explanation (definition) of this diagnosis and what are most common treatment options/choices?
Avatar m tn I had asked this question before, but never really god an answer and I haven't done this yet so I wanted to see what the proper medical opinion was. I'm 35, have a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart palpitations (I'm on medicine for all three). I'm considering taking a scuba diving class and I've seen various recommendations stating a person with a history of heart disease MAY have to have a stress test before scuba diving.
Avatar f tn The cause for an abnormal stress test is numerous and can be due to benign causes such as a faster than normal heart rate at the time of the test, diet, medication, etc. An abnormal stress test requires an assessment of other clinical evidence, symptoms, etc. to make a dx. Was the stress test completed, or stopped due to shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, irregular EKG findings, etc.
Avatar f tn I recently had an abnormal EKG that showed a LBBB. I was sent for a Lexiscan stress test and this was the conclusion: Calculated post stress LVEF 51%. There was a medium sized mild to moderate, fixed defect in the basal anteroseptal, mid anteroseptal, apical anterior, apical septal, apex segments.
Avatar m tn thank you for your response does medication improve the blood flow or open up blockage? if so do they do another test in 3 months or so to check? BTW, is this test very accurate?
Avatar n tn Usually a cath procedure is done after a stress test to open any blocked vessels discovered with a stress test as well as measure any gradient pressures and intra-chamber, vessel pressures, etc.!. Are you having chest pains that can not be relieved with medication? Pain with exertion and relief with rest?
Avatar m tn resently had a nuclear stress test done and have gotten a copy of my records but having difficult understanding results the left ventricular ejection fraction was 40% and regional wall motion pattern was mildly globally hypokinetic the left ventricular is also mildly dilated with end diastolic volume 134 ml and end systolic volume 80 ml also my health is i had a kidney removed for a tumor of 7cm but was contained in kidney have enlarged prostate taking medication for as well as thyroid meds beli
Avatar m tn I just had the Stress Echo Test and my doctor states I passed the test, however, he saw something with the EKG and recommended a Thallium Stress Test. I run 6 days a week and lift light weights daily. Sometimes, I run twice a day, once in the morning and a 15 minute hill burner on the treamill in the evening. I have always run since the age of 18 years. Nver shortness of breath, I am now 57 years old and 166 llbs.
Avatar n tn what does possible small focus of ischemia of the mid anterior wall mean Ejection fraction 59%. My Dr said not to worry and to take the stress test again next year, but I'm not sure what this means.
Avatar n tn s why they are doing the cath. I have no blockages yet have EF 17% and stress test images show severe damage and restricted perfusion. If it is a blockage, and they can stent it, you should be pretty much back to "normal" shortly after. Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. Do not rely on my opinion or advise. Consult a licensed professional. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. Oh, and just for fun, ask your cardiologist if his work comes with a lifetime warranty!
Avatar m tn I had an abnormal stress test last week, and I had a heart attack many years ago. My cardiologist said he thinks I should have a Heart Cath, but is leaving it up to me. He said something that was confusing to my husband and me. He said my heart performed good during the stress test but that was bad. Sounded contradictory to us.
Avatar m tn Did you have a stress test with imaging? If so these things are about 97% accurate in finding heart disease. The next test would be an angiogram which carries a very real risk of complication and I doubt anyone would do one without additional symptoms. You may be best served by getting a second opinion.