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Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar n tn You do need to get back with the cardio and get an explanation of a one minute stress test terminated at heart rate of 144. You do not state how you felt at the time of the test termination.You are still not out very far from your heart attack; I'd go back and get some guidance.Let us know. Joan.
212161 tn?1599427282 Hi, we'll I had my stress test done, just the exercise one with no dye or pictures, I ran it about 7 mins got my heart to 104 percent, could of keep going if I needed to, had no chest pains, or sob. They said you passed sent me on my way. Good news My question is , without pics how much can they tell about the heart, if I had a blockage would it had shown up? Should I feel good about my heart? Thank you so much for all your time.
Avatar f tn Given a stress test for heart rate irregularities. Resting rate was around 80, and bp around 110/70. Between 3-6 min on the treadmill my bp was 170/80 and heartrate was over 140. At 7-8 minutes they told me I could stop because "they had all the information they needed." They said I would have the results in a couple of days.
Avatar n tn I can produce a numbert of different opinions what is the appropriate heart rate and so on with exercising. The best method for someone with a heart issue is to have a stress test. A stress test is oftened done for the purpose of learning the degree of tolerance/risk one can safely do. The rule of thumb stated is not recommended for someone who has heart issues. You will be safe to engage in exercising according to METs.
Avatar n tn EKG results indicate a possiblility of some vessel blackage causing ischemia (lack of blood flow to the heart cells). An EKG test results almost always requires further evidence to substantiate, and there is no further evidence to support that assertion. Cardiolite Perfussion Imaging tracks and monitors the infusion of adenosire during rest and exertion for conclusion.
Avatar n tn I have had two sets of chest xrays done and they show nothing as well. I went in for a stress test and it appeared to be "abnormal". I went in for an angiogram and the doctor assures me that my heart is in excellent shape except for a very small blockage. I continue to have the tightness in my chest and the feeling of being flush. I have a blood pressure of 100 over 60 and a pulse of 72. I have had no other problems in the past. I am at a loss as to where to go next.
Avatar n tn I've just had a SPECT stress test. The cardiologist report stated that I have apical ischemia. The size is small, the severity is mild and the reversibility is partical. I'm a 51 year old female ~ on the tread mill for 8+ miniutes, at 172 HR (100%). I'll be speaking to my cardiologist. How serious is this? It doesn't sound so bad?? The only other peice is that I've got a heavy feeling on my chest - not always and not painful.
Avatar n tn Reqarding a prior heart attack and any heart cell damage requires an echo, stress test, etc.
Avatar m tn Each test is progressivly more accurate. An EKG is about 50% accurate, a normal stress test is about 65% accurate and a nuclear stress test is about 85% accurate overall but if you back out the false positives, it will find significant heart disease 97% of the time. Having said that, are you working with your doctor to find a cause other than heart disease?
Avatar f tn I had an EKG and an echocardiograph. Cardiac enzyme test for evidence of heart attack was normal. Chest Xray normal as well. Yes it was a busy night at work and I am on my feet, running around and do a certain amount of lifting up to 30 lbs or so.
212161 tn?1599427282 and can you run on a treadmill for 15 mins and not have any pain or short of breath and have a blockage. i have no systhems of a blockage but they want to do a stress/nuclear test because i said i felt out of breath with my asthma and some chest pains but when i started the inhaleers it went away. but now anxiety has put lots air in chest so i feel it again i belch a lot, and under stress now of them wanting me to do that test. when i feel its not my heart can you plz help me out .
Avatar f tn A Thallium Stress test looks at the blood flow to your heart muscle at rest and during stress. During a stress test, a radioactive material called Thallium is injected into a vein. A gamma camera takes pictures of the Thallium in your heart. the EKG and Echo were at rest and they are Fine ! now A Thallium Stress test just to see how your heart Managing the blood during stress.
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently was admitted into the ER for shortness of breath, swelling and heart palps. The ran blood work, did a chest x-ray, did an EKG and a Stress test with the treadmill. All came out normal however all symptoms are still there. My doctor spoke with a friend/cardiologist who wants to see me and do a Echo. My question is, wasn't all that enough checking for the heart? Would would an Echo tell that all the other testing didn't? and...
Avatar m tn Questioning why the doctor wants you to have a nuclear stress test verses a regular stress test. People can have an reaction to the nuclear stress test. The test is not perfect. The only true test, which is a procedure, is the angiogram. My mom had the nuclear stress test and was told that it was not bad and a few months later she was totally plugged in two main arteries and about 99 percent plugged in the other. Have you had an echocardiogram yet?
212161 tn?1599427282 So I ran barefoot, so without shoes it hits hard and lots of wiggle lines on the EKG reading, so they took the very begging and when I reached my 85 percent heart rate dr wanted they sudden stoped the treadmill I stood very still and they used that, Is that test good enought, little confused, I was on there 10:34 with no chest pains , or anything like that, but just unsure it was a good test and should I ask for a do over, what ya think, Heart dr said it looked good no problems
Avatar n tn Under normal cirsumstances the heart recieves enough oxygen, but under stress (exercise) the oxygen demands increase and the plumbing is not up to the job.
873804 tn?1242602708 i had a stress test today... chemical. It made me feel like someone dropped a truck on my chest and i was so short of breath that i could not speak. she gave me the antidote shot.... is this normal?
Avatar m tn If your symptoms are as I described, then I would go to your GP and tell him/her you want a stress test. I had a heart attack at 46 and they had misdiagnosed my angina for stomach issues for 2 years prior. So my disease was affecting me at 44. Age no longer seems to be an issue especially if you smoke. In Africa, heart disease is hitting people less than 30 years old.
Avatar f tn Was the stress test completed, or stopped due to shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, irregular EKG findings, etc.
Avatar n tn s degree and tolerance for exertion (stress phase) as the stress level (usually a treadmil) is elevated until the target heart rate is obtained or there are issues monitored by test equipment or your husband can't continue due to fatigue and/'or shortness of breath, etc. There will be a doctor present to supervise and overlook the procedure to avoid any medical problems arising from the test.
Avatar m tn I recently took a treadmill stress test and nuclear stress test. Basically, the conclusions are that I have: 1) moderate size inferior ischemia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload. No chest pains, no arrhythmia. I've research the Internet and have reached a tentative first impression, but would appreciate any professional feedback on the above three conclusions. I am being scheduled for a heart catheterization. Thank you.