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662085 tn?1331345560 Linux is pretty much for experienced computer users. But a distro called Ubuntu is reducing the difficulty of simple PC users using Linux. I used Linux exclusively for 3 or 4 months at a certain point on my laptop, and it was probably the best months I ever had on my laptop.
Avatar f tn But that may take some additional help from a techy unless you know how to partition a hard drive. I can help you with it, but that'll cost you... hee hee.. just kidding. I'd be more than happy to help out anyone who would like to take the plunge with Linux. The neat thing is, you can run Linux off of a CD or a flash drive and keep your current computer just the way it is... more on that later if you are interested. Just send me an email or take a gander at the Linux.
Avatar f tn Ok, so where's the other vote? I am currently using win XP and switching over to Linux Unbuntu - Hardy Heron dist. It's so easy and simple and no viruses or extra **** to deal with like window$. Plus it's free!!! Bummer about PuppyLove989... Vi$ta has been such a bunch of crapware that M$ is coming out with a brand new OS in win7 instead of doing upgrades for it... ha ha... going backwards actually to the winXP base system and just making it look like vi$ta really... ha ha...
Avatar f tn Something kind of original, not the usual ones. I'm having a hard time thinking of one, I had one picked out then a girl I know used it and now I wanna change it lol I'm 38 weeks so definitely need to find one!
Avatar f tn this is hidden behind search bar in firefox on this particular linux. have not tested on firefox win or mac.
Avatar m tn I'm 24, I don't think I'm under stress- that I know of. I have been getting hard nocturnal erections but during sex it goes away. I've been taking two test boosters- Diesel Test Hardcore and Mega Test. I'm getting blood work, especially my free test levels, next week so maybe that'll tell me if my levels are okay.
212161 tn?1599427282 Ok so I went to my cardio dr yesterday , because I had chest dull ache for days, burning upper part of chest, backache, no jaw or arm pain or sob She had me do a stress test, I did not have the right shoes.
Avatar f tn I need advice on how to not let others stress me out so much and get me upset! Cus I'm just trynna stay healthy.
Avatar f tn What kind of negative effect can stress have on the baby im 15w and extremely stressed. I had gotten a dui before i found out i was preg. I will be losing my license which is my everything. I.don't have much family around i have a 6 yr old that has to be taken and picked up everyday from school I'm also bipolar so all my doc appts.
Avatar f tn Luca, Bentley, gage, chase. Here is a couple.
Avatar f tn So I am 37 yrs old and had to do stress test on my last appt which I was 37 weeks and failed and was hooked up to machine for almost an hour so sent me to have ultrasound and baby seemed fine but I feel as if she isnt moving as much and I know towards the end they run out of room but im nervous any ideas this is my 3rd child
Avatar f tn Yes, it's absolutely possible to "test drive" monovision using disposable contact lenses. (Since IOLs must be implanted, they wouldn't work for this purpose.) Actually, it would be very wise for anyone considering monovision to try out the correction with contacts first, if possible. The only thing to keep in mind is that making IOL power predictions is not an exact science. On the "expert" forum, I think that Dr.
647754 tn?1270036911 Open office is and excellent suite of programs! I only have experience with the linux version, which is totally awesome for everything I need a word processor for. But thre are lots of free work processing programs for linux, you could try any of those as well, most have been compiled to run on a microsoft or apple OS. you need to configure your printer properly, then printing from OO is no different than printing from any other program!
221122 tn?1323011265 Hurry back! Be sure to keep your operating system, firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware up to day and active....but that's another forum. There are lots of "freeware" available to handle all the above, except the OS, unless you want to try Linux, which is itself virus resistant.
Avatar f tn I'm in the same boat... 19, ftm, and about 5 wks along and my family don't approve either...
Avatar m tn I find going for a drive, taking a nice warm bath, playing guitar, swimming all help me to de-stress. I totally understand about the talking to friends making you feel depressed..I feel like none of my friends have been there for me lately, so i find more comfort on here or talking to a few people I know who are pregnant/have kids. Hopefully you find that thing/activity that works for you!
Avatar f tn Depends on the task at hand. At work I use a Linux desktop, at home, a windows laptop. I'd prefer a MacBook for home us, but was on a budget and got an inexpensive Dell.
Avatar m tn m not a needle guy and I actually passed out and hit my head on the wall when they were putting the IV in - prior to the stress test. I freaked the nurses out. I insisted on getting the stress test done after that and the cardiologist agreed that it would be a good "worst case" scenario. So I still got up and ran on the treadmill for them. I want to say that I ran for 15 minutes. But they're monitoring you BP/HR etc so don't worry. They're not going to kill you!
Avatar f tn The reason for the jail time is because my bac was higher than a .2. My options are to lose my lisence for 9 months and then have the interlock in my car for 2 years. Or not drive for a month and request the interlock. It is 100 dollars a month for maintainence.
1822306 tn?1330522629 I had a lexascan or a medically induced stress test. It was the weirdest feeling test I have ever had. It felt like a 100 lbs on your chest and caused the breathing to be labored for just a few seconds. Thankfully every thing came back normal.
Avatar m tn t gotten swollen lmyph nodes, nor night sweats, fever nothing like that I been pretty good, the only thing around early last years I started to notice my face to become irritated quicklywhen facial hair grows, and sometimes becomes flaky, should I really be concern about HIV, I do stress and have stress my mind and body alot thinking of HIV and am scared now! I just need some input on this it will help ease my mind to get some expert input!
Avatar f tn Micah Linux Lozano ♡