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Avatar f tn " Treatment for uninsured Hepatitis C" in web search will also produce directions to numerous sites for you friend to get assistance to test, treat and find a path to the help needed. Please tell your friend and nieghbor to connect with these organizations that help. It may only take an application.
Avatar f tn My mom went to see a Heart Specialist and he recommended the Adenosine Stress Test. She is not having any chest pains, but this he said would make sure there are no blockages. I would like more information about this procedure and is it dangerous? Another doctor had recommended a stress test that involved putting something in her veins and it would make her heart speed up. This Heart Specialist said no, and that this Adenosine Stress Test is not the same thing.
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms of heart problems, but I have a family history of heart disease. Is a nuclear stress test advisable or is there another test that would be more appropriate given the fact that I'm asymptomatic. I understand that the radiation exposure in a nuclear stress test is 250 times that of a chest xray. I'm concerned about the risk of exposure to that level of radiation given the fact that I have no signs of heart problems at this point.
Avatar f tn Liquid paraffin for application, Zinc supplement, sun exposure.
Avatar m tn Per the AASLD (American Asociation for the Study of Liver Diseases) the current recommendations for GT 4 are EPCLUSA for 12 weeks, Viekira Pak with ribavirin for 12 weeks, and ZEPATIER for 12 weeks are the preferred treatments for GT 4. Is she under the care of a doctor? Has she tried to obtain medicine through insurance? That really is the first way she should go instead of getting the incorrect treatment from India.
Avatar f tn how many of you have actually gotten pregnant through this application? Based on it i am officially 2 days late on my period!! Should i take a test already?
Avatar n tn m looking into joining the French Foreign Legion next year but have bad eyesight. -0.6 in left eye and -.07 in right. My eyesight was acceptable enough for the U.S. Army (time served), but I'm not sure if it's good enough for the Foreign Legion. I wrote them and this is what they told me...
Avatar n tn I'm going to go in and have a cortisol stress test done in the morning. They test my levels and then inject me with something then test it again. Has anyone done this test and does it show accurately for AF? Thanks.
1901003 tn?1322953897 They want an application fee in order to process my application. Im broke..
Avatar m tn If it grows back often a grafting procedure is done. The medication is 5-FU and its not that toxic, its taken internally for cancer treatments. It inhibits cell regrowth.
1974758 tn?1330821166 Go to the following web page for complete information for Merck's Patient Assistance Program: Here is some excepts... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If you have no prescription drug coverage and cannot afford your medicines, you may be eligible for free Merck medicines through the Merck Patient Asistance Program.
Avatar n tn i'm currently on week 10 waiting for a 12 week hiv test after a risk involving a broken condom with a CSW. only symptom i'm getting is ongoing mouth ulcers. the thing that is worring me is the gum health clinic say 12 weeks is conclusive. but if you look on the web they say it can take up to 6 months? please help i'm so close to 12 weeks now i'm starting to worry about the out come?
Avatar f tn When i scroll down the newsfeed some of the posts are blurry at first then it becomes clear nd also i have to wait for some posts to pop up
Avatar f tn Is this application calculate our weeks right ?according to it im in week 8 and 6 days but no heartbeats are showed.the doc told me u may be mc .come back after 10 days we'll see what is happening..
4801019 tn?1359345412 I have a question about these bumps on my wrist, thete also on some of my fingers as well, they itch every now & then. I need help. This discussion is related to Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes.... This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Itchy-rash--genitals--behind-ear--web-fingers--around-eyes/show/674719">Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes...</a>.
1306155 tn?1324004540 Hi, do you know where I can find a list for the countries POEA consider "unfit to work" if one is Hep B positive? Because Im currently applying for a job in Cayman Islands, and I am afraid that they will deny me again. Actually, HBV test is not included in Cayman Isalnds medical exam, but for POEA I'm pretty sure they will test me for that.. Thanks for you responses.
4705307 tn?1447970322 Agenda: The committee will discuss new drug application (NDA) 204671, sofosbuvir (an NS5B polymerase inhibitor), manufactured by Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD), with a proposed indication for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection, in combination with other agents in adult patients with genotypes 1 to 6 and/or adult patients awaiting liver transplantation. FDA intends to make background material available to the public no later than 2 business days before the meeting.
Avatar n tn com This is the mfg web site for the patient prescription program. They will send you an application which you and your physician fill out and return. They send you a four month supply each shipment. Then you just give a refill paper to your doc to sign and they fax in your refills. A new application is done once a year. I know this because I have been doing this for years.
Avatar n tn He started Junior High this year and his Facial Tics seem to be out of control very much making his transition very hard for him to concentrate on anything. His facial movements are every few seconds not any breaks in between. I am not sure how to handle this do I take him back to the Dr or just wait it out and give it sometime for him to adjust. He take Tenex but I think it is not helping him anymore. What does a parent do?
675347 tn?1365460645 Anyone interested can either PM me, and will pass on the message, or try to contact the web application address on the other post about her.
Avatar f tn Here is the link for the abuse forum. Hope things are OK. Please don't hesitate to get help. Irregular heart beats can be worsened by stress. However, it is best to have any new or changing symptoms checked out.
Avatar f tn Based on surfin the web. Stress can cause white hairy tongue. so i believe that thing to reduce my HIV anxiety. and also hiv cases in japan is relatively low that the chance is non existent. but it doesnt mean i dont need to test. my doctor tested me on gonorrhea and chlamydia and it came negative.