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Avatar n tn She is suffering from severe leg pain and also has a stress urinary incontinence. It is very hard to manage her. We had tried some medications, but nothing worked for her. One of our family friends had told us that physiotherapy is a good treatment method of a woman with stress urinary incontinence. So we are planning to contact Physiomobility, a physiotherapy clinic in Toronto for help. But I wonder whether this is applicable for an aged woman? What is this treatment all about?
Avatar n tn Is a good treatment method of a woman with stress urinary incontinence. Is it applicable for an aged woman? What is this treatment all about? Do I need to assist her during the treatment? How much will be the treatment duration? Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Incontinence in children and adolescents of the age 11 to 17 years comprise about 23% of the pediatric population who comes in for consult with incontinence as the chief complaint. Urinary incontinence in general may be due to an organic or functional cause.
Avatar n tn My view is that I have always had a psychological stress which I have held for years in my bladder. It is related to childhood trauma. The stress is putting my destrusor muscle into spasm and it doesn't empty properly. Since I have strong urine flow I don't believe that the bladder not emptying is due to the prostrate restriction of the urethra. Does this make any sense to you and what do you recommend I do from here?
Avatar f tn Anyone, at any age, who suffers urinary incontinence or leaks urine. While the exercise mainly helps those with stress urinary incontinence, it can also help those with another common type, urge incontinence from overactive bladder. With urge incontinence, you have a sudden urge to urinate and don't always make it to the bathroom. Men with urinary incontinence problems can do Kegel exercises, too.
739070 tn?1338603402 HI All, I received this update on one of the medical sites I use and thought there might be some interest. Botox has been used off-label for urinary incontinence but it is FDA approved which may help those whose insurance won't pay for off-label use of drugs. The article is shown below: FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: August 25, 2011 Media Inquiries: Jeffrey Ventura, 301-796-2807, jeffrey.
5509293 tn?1428531475 Does it make sense for a neurologist to order a whole set of mris with and w/o contrast after hearing a report of one episode of urinary incontinence and several days of frequency? I have only had a uti analysis to check for UTI but no exam by either primary doc or neurologist. Why go straight to mris? And could this be related to kidneys? Because the MRI dye can impact kidneys adversely. All of this is in the context of previous mris to check out parethesias which didn't lead to a dx.
641819 tn?1240325930 I suffer from periodic urge incontinence and it's back again. I'm leaning on the neuro side of causative factors because of the 'come and go' nature of it and also because I have a ton of other neuro things such as periodic gait problems, issues with nerves (buzzing/tingling/burning), trigeminal neuralgia and other things. I have been diagnosed with fibro (with all the assorted goodies that brings) and have been worked up for MS (negative).
Avatar m tn ll probably ask my doctor to give me a stress incontinence test next time I go in. Also, there are sometimes where it feels like I'm leaking, but then when I check it is dry and I don't see any drops in my underwear where other times I do see it and it is a drop or two. I just hope it doesn't get any worse.
4943237 tn?1428991095 // More informative but has research reference lincs Hope that helps.........
Avatar m tn Other conditions causing these symptoms are any problems with the prostate gland which can cause overflow or stress urinary incontinence in men. Enlarged prostate putting pressure on the urethra or prostatitis are few other possibilities. Excessive drinking of alcohol, taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs like diuretics, sedatives, narcotics, or non-prescription cold and diet medicines can also cause these symptoms. Seek the opinion of a physician.
Avatar n tn Citralka liquid or Sodium Acid Citrate, is indicated for acidosis, Pyelitis, Urinary retention, Chronic renal insufficiency and Urinary retention. Hope this information helps. Best.
Avatar m tn In a study of 226 spayed female dogs, a greater percentage of dogs treated with Incurin improved compared to dogs treated with placebo. Incurin was shown to be effective for the control of estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs 1 year and older." Hope this is helpful.
1040373 tn?1273687488 Did they test you for urinary retention during the test? When I had mine done, I came to the appointment with a full bladder, then went in this toilet thingy (measured how much I went) and then the tech inserted the cath and got out the rest of the urine. She determined I retained about 130 ccs of urine. It was weird because I could have sworn I was empty.
Avatar n tn stress, urge, overflow and mixed incontinence. This link may be helpful: It would be best to have this evaluated by your urologist to reach a diagnosis. Take care and regards.
664777 tn?1231981676 Chiari in a mild form can also produce symptoms that a larger herniation creates....sometimes the larger herniations do not produce symptoms for years! Chiari 0 is a relativly a newer term...there is no herniation...but if u have copies of ur MRI u can see the crowding....there r areas inside that should have spaces btwn...the crowding causes the CF not to flow as it should and causes headaches and other chiari symptoms.....
Avatar n tn Hi! To answer your question--yes, yes, and yes! It's also very weird when you only have half of the area down there with feeling and half without. Yes, it can and does happen in MS according to my neuro. He had another patient with the same symptom (numbness). As far as the stress incontinence goes . . . I have had babies before (and one was almost 9 pounds), so in the past I contributed the incontinance to stress incontinence because that is what my GYN said it was.
Avatar f tn I have a question regarding urinary and fecal incontinence as a consequence of MS. I was wondering if any of you had experienced this, if it is treated and how? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I am hoping to find a reason for my daughter's fecal/urinary incontinence. She wets/soils herself several times in a day, and through the night. She has had several medical tests to rule out a physical cause, including a spinal MRI. I know mentally she is capable of using the toilet, and as her mom, I feel there is cause, possibly dietary, that we can manage if only we could find it.
Avatar m tn is the bladder pacemaker only suitable for incontinence or does it also work for people with urine retention caused by antipsychtoic medication?
Avatar n tn Hello, Please mention the type of incontinence that you are having. Treatment for urinary incontinence depends on the type of incontinence, the severity of your problem and the underlying cause. It may include simple exercises, medicines, special devices or procedures prescribed by your doctor, or surgery. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn The urinary prolems that you are having is called urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control. Symptoms can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. It can happen to anyone, but it becomes more common with age. Most bladder control problems happen when muscles are too weak or too active. If the muscles that keep your bladder closed are weak, you may have accidents when you sneeze, laugh or lift a heavy object. This is stress incontinence.
Avatar n tn Hi to everyone! I started having the problem with urinary incontinence about 4 years ago when I was 30. At first it was not that bad and I did not really worry or think about it. The last 2 years it got worse. It is not that much the frequency as the urgency that is my problem. The urge comes suddenly and is very strong. I have few minutes to find a toilet or otherwise I just can not hold it.
Avatar m tn i know my one GF is pretty young as well she has 3 kids and im not even sure if she is 25 yet but she has troubles too, her physio told her that the way her bladder is damaged is more or less irreversable and to make sure to use products specified for urinary incontinence as they are meant to absorb better and cover the urine smell better than a pad for periods would be...