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Avatar f tn " Treatment for uninsured Hepatitis C" in web search will also produce directions to numerous sites for you friend to get assistance to test, treat and find a path to the help needed. Please tell your friend and nieghbor to connect with these organizations that help. It may only take an application.
Avatar m tn They took an x-ray, then did a blood test to check for something else. They found no injuries or problems, so I left, that was that. I had an international health plan because I had been living abroad for 3 years. I thought I was covered, but it had expired; therefore technically I was uninsured. I braced for the worst. Couple months later I got a bill for $423. Not too bad, but I couldn't afford it and appealed. They wanted bank account details and tax records.
Avatar f tn If you can afford it, see a doctor. I don't know what the cost of a stress test is in the US, but in my country it costs about $250-300 if you pay for it yourself (with reference from a GP it costs $50) but we don't have health insurances here... Luckily, most chest pain is NOT cardiac related. But I would definitely try to get a professional opinion on this.
Avatar m tn Ive had every heart test done (ekg, echocardiogram, event monitor, stress test) and everything came back normal except for pvc's. I get nervous when I get them and they make my anxiety level rise. Im at the gym working out, standing up lifting weights then when I lay down on the bench I feel like my heart is beating hard like it should then my heart beats slow for like 2-3 beats then back to normal and I can feel it....Its hard to explain unless you experienced it.
Avatar n tn its been 3 years of my marriage &more than two years ,i am trying to get pregnent. I am 29 years old .i have got my basic test clear that was overy test in ultrasound &also blood test i have normal period cycle however,due to stress,my cycle gets irregular some times . and now i am in United states & have no insurence &i cant go to Dr .I also tested ovulation through saliva test and i noticed that i am not ovulating so i started taking clomid 50 mg myself on the CD 3rd ...
Avatar f tn (3) The endo told us on the initial visit that his thyroid was slightly off, but not a lot. She wants to re-test. (4) His job for the past 3 years exposed him to toxic chemicals every day. It has been one week since his med changes -- to 5 mg Prednisone in morning and fludrocortisone in late afternoon (I think -- I don't know dosage off top of my head). He is feeling better. No symptoms of POTS this week.
1936411 tn?1333835449 My only advice for you, is to live life day by day, if you over analyze or continually stress yourself, you're only going to be miserable (been there, done that! lol). I hope and pray that you get the feeling back in your feet, and hope that you can finally get some answers!
Avatar f tn If he can get into a trial, the sponsor of the trial pays for all medications, blood test and sometimes extras. There is alot of information on this forum, if I were you I would just read every question even if you think it has nothing to do with your situation. I suggest you read and ask more questions. These links may help you... Good luck
Avatar m tn What could be causing this high pulse rate? And what can I do? Thanks so much for your help and kind service.
Avatar f tn it's frustrating when you read posts and never know what happened to the person. anyhow, i went for my follow-up test yesterday. my original mammogram was done in digital 2D. the spot compression was done in 3D. after a short wait in the waiting room (seemed a lot longer i was so upset) the nurse came out and said the radiologist just reviewed it and it was a normal lymph node. she told me to go home and come back in one year.
Avatar m tn She diagnosed it as Sinusitis with no evidence of bacterial infection. And prescribed me Albuterol for my asthma, an antihestimine for my allergies and nasonex for my sinuses and sed that that the combination should clear up my sinus problems and hopefully alleviate my headaches. But as a precautionary step She ran blood test for HIV/AIDS HEP A/B/C and syphillis a liver panal kidney panal and a thyroid panal and white blood cell count she also checked my blood suger.
Avatar m tn Anyway doctor, if you know any guy who's done the monofocal set for distance, please ask them to take a look at my topic. 26th of May I have to go for IOL master test to determine the power of the lens just for my right eye then 21 of June Dr. Stein implants in my right eye first to see the results. After 3 weeks, if anything goes well, he'll do the left eye. So I really don't have time to make the decision.
Avatar f tn I am now 53 years old, and am experiencing tachy that starts with a bang, and ends within a minute or so. Although I am under a tremendous amount of stress, I find new symptoms troubling as I am uninsured and can not afford another ecg ($700 last time). I am experiencing extreme tightness in my left chest area while walking in to work (over 600 feet).
Avatar f tn The results came back that I was negative for everything. (they don't test for herpes, and I didn't have any lesions at the time. But I am almost positive I acquired genital herpes from this man) They also tested for unrinary tract infection and I tested negative for that. Here's the questions --- Since then, I have CHRONIC lower back pains and the abdominal cramps still exist.
Avatar m tn Symptoms persisted so I went to my doc yesterday. He ordered a stress test and put me on BP meds. This morning I almost passed out while driving down the highway. Went to the ER and told them of my symptoms from the past week. Performed Chest X-Ray, EKG, CBC/auto diff, CBC hemogram, CK Iso, CK total, Hold Blue, MIP, Magnisium, Metabolic Basic, and Tropinin 1. Doc said all tests game back in "great shape". They sent me home with a holter device and I have a stress test tomorrow.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to have tests done. Many areas have clinics and/or programs for uninsured may want to check in your area for resources. If there is a nearby medical school with a teaching hospital, you may be able to get treatment there...
867787 tn?1318939830 finally gives me something for nausea. He said he wanted to do a LP to which I asked if he could test for MS so that I didn't eventually have to go through that twice & he says he would have to consult my neuro since I was uninsured to which I told him that I had only saw that neuro the 1st time the day before. He comes bach another hr. later & says the neuro had only seen me 1 time (duh!!!
Avatar f tn My main problem is that since I am uninsured, i haven't had any test done since early 2004 except for irregular EKG's on my yearly visits to my cardiologist. My cardiologist told me that I was at high risk for "a cardiac event" when I saw him in March, but I canceled the stress echo and blood test he had scheduled (against medical advice), because we are already so far in medical debt to collection agencies.I do take nitro as needed though.
Avatar f tn About 15 years ago asked my primary care doctor what is my exercise heart rate limit, I was a runner and in my early 50s, running at a HR in the 150 bpm range. He said: "I'll order a stress test"... I failed the stress test and that resulted in a nuclear stress test, which I also failed. The next step was a catheter hear exam (angiogram) which I declined based on the recommendation of the attending cardiologist...
661621 tn?1224901632 5 yrs ago I started to notice swelling in my feet, I had an episode where I was on my feet all night and legs were swollen above my boots, when I got home I took them off and was very itchy, I had all the red splotches all over my legs, most went away, some remained on my ankles and one in my scar. I went to my PMD and she did tests for CHF, stress test was ok, and so was echo. She gave me water pills that seemed to work.
Avatar m tn there is always a chance you could have had something else, serious that caused the dizziness and it should not be ignored. A stress test would be great for you...they can tell if your dizziness if from a dangerous arythmia or if you just panicked after teh sensation of a pac or pvc.
Avatar n tn They have told me dont come back unless you are having chest pains or a heart attack or whatever, I still cant get a stress test, They told me to call DUKE which is about 60 miles from me.
Avatar f tn He says he does not have difficulty breathing nor does he experience pain in any other areas. Two years ago he had a stress test and EKG which showed a small blockage in his artery and I believe he had an angioplasty and the works, and everything turned out alright. The only medication he is on is for high blood pressure but it is managed now. Over 15 years ago he did have a stomach ulcer that required him to go into surgery for the amount of blood that was lost.
Avatar n tn But when I check my pulse it is doing fine,not like before when the skipped beats would last for hours on end. My dr. told me back in the fall that stress could be a factor, and that these things are usually benign. But he has yet to do an ekg, or stress test. Said he would wait since I am uninsured,which means I would need to make payments if a test was expensive. Dr.
Avatar f tn and he put me on an antibiotic- didn't help, he then put me on prednizone for a few days, again didn't help. I am now going to have some blood work down to test for mono and for some immune antibioties or something then going to an ENT so I will see what they say. I am a little scared too, there are so many things it could be.
Avatar n tn Not having insurance just adds to the stress. I don't know where you live but in many states all uninsured pregnant women are covered. Maybe you ovulated late due to stress. And that can cause delayed menstration. BCPs do a lot of weird things to your body. Especially when you take them on and off. Good Luck to you and your DH. I hope the best for you.
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Avatar f tn I have had one swollen tonsil for 9 days now. I did go to the doctor & he did a strep test that came back neg. He said it was a viral infection & that my body was fighting off something. He said I had to just let it run its course. After researching the internet my plan included; salt mixed with hydrogen peroxide gargle 2 to 3xs a day. I also gargled with apple cider vinegar from the health food store. Echinacia 5 to 10 pills a day.