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Avatar m tn Clinics and blood banks are usually just trying to find out if someone has hepatitis or not, and then that person is referred to a specialist. Test for HBV DNA, and “e” Ag/Ab are more expensive and only used to determine status of a “CHRONIC” HBV infection and for monitoring the progression of the disease. So a clinic wouldn’t want to run an expensive test while someone may still be in the “ACUTE” stage of the infection and have a 90 to 95% chance of clearing the virus on their own.
Avatar m tn A friend told me they use these tests mainly at blood banks like the red cross, that did not sound accurate to me since I thought these tests provide a lot of false positivies.
Avatar m tn but it seems like the more i read about hiv symptoms the more it feels like i may have it witch adds more stress. im going to get tested in 2 days. how long until the results come back?
Avatar f tn 1) When we last spoke you said my 28 day PCR( costly in the outer banks, I could rent a house for 2 more weeks for what I paid) and neg hiv 1/2 antibody test is definitive. Do I need to retest? 2) I did a 35,42 and 45 day hiv 1/2 antibody test as well and they are all neg. Are my results conclusive? Do I need to test out. Is the combo pcr and hiv 1/2 at 28 days a conclusive test.
Avatar m tn I donate blood thru blood banks very three months, do they have reliable test for HIV??
Avatar f tn Take a test but unless you have had intercourse I highly doubt it dry *** on your bf hand is not going to get you pregnant at all
Avatar m tn s indefensible that Susan Rice has millions of dollars invested in oil companies and banks that will make huge profits if the State Department gives approval to the XL pipeline," the group says in a statement online. The website,, published a story Wednesday on Rice's reported investments in more than a dozen Canadian oil companies and banks that would stand to benefit from the pipeline.
Avatar f tn I had an HSG test done a week ago today, my doctor originally said both of my tubes are blocked, but while looking at the picture(x-rays) the very first picture shows the dye clearly going through the right Fallopian tube and exiting out and the left blocked. Then after more pressure and more dye injected the second picture shows both as being blocked. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what did your doctor say?
Avatar m tn t the GUM clinics just follow the same algorithm as the blood banks use for testing blood donor? It makes sense. There has never been a reported case of disease transmitted to a patient through transfusion since 90's? This is largely because NAAT is part of their testing protocol, right? What does all this mean to me? Should I go and donate blood just to make sure that my blood is rigorously screened with one of the best testing methods available today? Bizarre isnt it?
Avatar m tn Yet im not sure if this is something serious or just stress. I have seen the doctor and they told me its stress. what do you think I should do?
163305 tn?1333668571 Employees of the New York Fed are going to continue to want to get hired by the big banks, and the big banks are going to continue to hire them. So the incestuous relationship between the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs is probably not going to change in any meaningful way despite this bad publicity. What this means is that Goldman Sachs is going to continue to do pretty much whatever it wants to do, and nobody is going to stop them. But someone should be doing something.
Avatar m tn I need some honest and up-to-date advice please. I am 28 yr old straight male. I don't have sex much because I fear HIV to death. I have had lots of 4th gen HIV tests across 10 years both private at your clinic and NHS. All negative. I would like to ask few questions about the latests HIV tests available at the end of 2013! I understand that PCR - RNA HIV test or NAAT is still relatively new and blood banks use it for testing of blood donors/organs.
Avatar m tn If its not routinely offered, why is it used by the blood banks for testing ? I am sure its the same in US. In the UK it is offered by the private clinics for diagnostic purposes to patients at an earlier window period. So the fact is, it is used for diagnostic purposes as well. Also IF I was infected 10 years ago, would my viral load be high? and would it be appropriate to use RNA test? Incase if antibody/p24 failed to pick it up after all those years.
Avatar f tn It was a very lucrative income for the banks. The new Federal regulations have stopped this practice. The banks passed their loss of income onto their customers.
Avatar n tn You never use the blood banks for personal testing. Good way to get thrown in jail.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not HIV related. Yes blood banks must test for HIV and if they told you the results then you can be satisfied with that at 180 days. Most places will not tell you results but will get in touch with you if it is positive.
Avatar n tn Blood banks policy. You can't give blood if you've paid for sex for a year. You can't give blood if you are gay. Had a tattoo within the year. The blood banks have hard core policies to protected the blood supply.
Avatar m tn That is a screening test not a diagnostic test for blood banks, and to monitor those that are already infected with HIV
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Avatar f tn My wife had a pacemaker installed last April to control Atrail Fibrillation. She also had an abration process to make her pacemaker dependent. She has progressively had extreme fatigue to the point that she is not able to walk very far without resting, nor exercise at all. She has had banks of tests including blood, adrenal, nuclear stress test, etc., and all were in the "normal" range.