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Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has had a young child, my son is 6 years old, had anyone who has a child this age ever had a stress test done? we were told this is impossible for him, or anyone of this age. they have recorded his HR of 261( fast ventricular tachy) bpm 2 times and as low as 56 and brady tachy.
Avatar m tn You never had a risk in the first place and therefore you wasted time and money testing for nothing,not to mention the stress you put yourself through which was not justified.
Avatar m tn Ouch on the charges for the monitor. That seems to be the device best for catching a record (strip) of you problem. I know the long term monitor can be expensive, I wore a Cardionet (Registered Trade Mark, I think) and it was covered by my insurance. Still it cost me over $250 out-of-pocket. Clearly you need to be sure the device supplier/service is in-network - I think it can be done. To your question, I think I have seen some discussion on DIY EKG...
Avatar m tn After researching pc for the past three years,I believe there are just way to many gray areas in the medical world regarding this problem.I believe you should leave it alone,change your diet,and take your chances.Surgery,radiation,etc actually can make things worse.There seems to be no benefit to all these procedures,and it does not really extend your life span.It is a big money maker.Let me hear some opinions.
675718 tn?1530033033 If everything works fine until you try to access your homepage, it sounds to me like it might be a problem on Medhelp's end. I would try contacting them to see if they would be able to fix it for you. I have been told by a couple other members that they were having problems with other things related to their Medhelp home page and it was a problem on Medhelp's end. I hope that helps. Good Luck!
1452593 tn?1285187324 Two hour PC (Postprandial glucose test) where they make you fast for 8 hours, take a blood sample to get your glucose reading, and then you eat a meal and then they test your blood-sugar again (another blood sample). You have to do insulin or your sugar goes through the roof. Beats me....
Avatar f tn It also showed that instead of being at rest one of the ventricals would quiver instead of stopping between beats. Is this a serious issue? He was scheduled for a nuclear stress test, but his insurance refused to pay, he had a regular stress test. Other tests show the heart muscle to be strong and healthy. Should he insist on the nuclear stress test? Any answers or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
680767 tn?1254830575 m going to my PC on Tue do I just as her if she will run everything , A Free T3, TSH, Free T4, T3, T4 and The test for the Anti- bodies because I have not had that done in 3 years. And I was so new to this at that time I did not even ask to see any of that. Have I forgot any thing important?
Avatar n tn My eye doctor prescribed photochromic lens as an eyeglass for me to use on the pc to protect my eyes from the pc. I was thinking if it is a good idea.
Avatar f tn Due to being sick for over a year (nausea, breathlessness, chest pain, fatigue, congestion whenever lying down, etc) my new PC doctor did a treadmill stress test... which all I know was "abnormal" (low activity level, ST changes, chest pain with dyspnea and bilateral hand/arm numbness). A Cardiologist did an angiogram. Results are: 1) left ventricular end-diastolic pressure= 20 mmHg. Left ventricular systolic pressure = 125 mmHg. No gradient across aortic valve.
Avatar f tn I see my Primary Care (PC) MD for all of my prescriptions including pain meds. I have a pain management doc that I see every 3-6 months tho, and the Pm doc makes the recommendations that my PC follows. I am in a pain comtract with my PC. Because I use Med Cannabis we agreed that I could continue without being kicked out. We just lined that item out of the contract and both initialed it. She has me do urine tests randomly. She follows some sort of protocol on this.
Avatar f tn My arm starts to feel heavy too and I have to slow down and stop to get my breath and the pain / tightness slowly eases. Because of this I was sent for a stress test while hooked up to an ecg. This was in a warm room and I managed to complete it without any pains. Im confused now as it doesnt happen all the time but it is worse in cold weather. Could this be angina even though my ecg didnt show any problems with my heart? They said there was slight changes but nothing to be concerned about.
1469227 tn?1293110880 Hi, I had unprotected sex six months ago. Next day after that, I got really worried about HIV. Two weeks after that, I began to experience symptoms. First, enlarged lymph nodes under my jaw. Two weeks more, and began to feel pain in my legs (later my Dr said they were neuropathies). A month later, enlarged lymph node in the left side of my neck under my ear. Some weeks later, night sweats (for a week or so), and then an herpes-like infection on one side of my tongue (painful for a few days).
Avatar f tn ,Perhaps you have to get tough on him and set firm bounderies, if he acts out he should have repercussions and do without a favorite Game or TV or the PC games,the school shoul;d have bounderies for him aswell, Talk to him and tell him you will not permit it anymore and tell him what you will be taking away as reprisals, give him the choivce, and be consistant and mean what you say.
Avatar m tn s fine and no way related are this syptoms possiably just from stress and axiety.
Avatar f tn My 39 yr old Fiance had chest pain in July that had his Dr so concerned he rushed him by ambulance. Hospital said stomach upset. Primary PC sent him for a stress test to rule out the heart. Stress revealed ejection Fraction 48%. L and R ventricle enlarged and contract. Severe Hypokinesis of the septum and apical wall.Mild hypokinesis of the inferior lateral wall. Heart cath and holter tests done. Holter showed 6 pauses over 2 seconds, with the longest pause 5.5 seconds.Rare PVC and PAC's.
Avatar f tn My GYN suggested getting tested for Lymes. I did, and the test was positive (IGg P 30 and IGm P39 and P41). I was given 21days supply of Doxy by my PC. This has not help, the pain seem to have spread to other joints and has become worst. I have also had half of my thyroid removed and take thyroid meds. Please help me! I don't know where to begin. Especially with the joint pain.
Avatar n tn, and this is what the site has to say about PIN:
Avatar f tn hi,I did the test for my pc muscle and felt contraction on my finger so I guess that isn't the problem. I took OAM meds. Vesicare 10 didn't help!
Avatar m tn I thank you for your answer, but I'm under no stress or anxiety and i'm not experiencing any sort of premature ejaculation......its like my PC muscle is contracting, but barely anything comes out and w/ no force......