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Avatar n tn thankyou for responding, yes had the test reached my target heart rate , but didnt feel like i had exerted myself enough to give my heart a real test, thankfully nothing showed, but wish i had some answers to the chest pain that goes down my left arm, and cardioligist says its nothing, well its not nothing its very disturbing actually put me on lipitor as bad cholestrol is 7 oh well if i cark it least i know nothing was wrong..
Avatar f tn HI, Beta-blockers block the action of the sympathetic nervous system of the heart, thus reducing stress on the heart. Doctors may prescribe beta-blockers for patients with tachycardia (rapid heart rates). They help patients with angina by lowering the amount of oxygen the heart muscles require. They also help patients with high blood pressure and migraines. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations.
862553 tn?1239060736 Of course i had the ct with my heart at rest before the stress test and then after the stress test... But am wondering what you would think is possibly going on. My maternal grandfather died because his heart actually exploded and my father himself has had bypass surgery... so there is a hitory in our family all my sibling's take meds for high blood pressure and one sister takes heart medication already ... Could you please let me knwo what your thgouhts are on this ...
Avatar m tn The risk during a nuclear stress test is extremely small for a heart attack, etc. or any adverse effect. To ensure your full safety, this test will be performed in laboratories that are fully equipped and very carefully and professionally monitor of the patients during the test and this will assure the detection and treat any abnormal conditions that may develop during the course of testing.
512736 tn?1211343352 I have had these tests before and it will be fine and 2 weeks later I am being rushed to emergency for stents. Why did this not show on stress test? They are expensive. Thank You for your help!
Avatar n tn For example the inferior wall can commonly be affected by an artifact that appears on the scan from the stomach. For this reason, patients with abnormal stress tests will often be scheduled for further testing with something like a heart catheterization in order to provide a definitive answer.
Avatar n tn Adenosine is the radioactive tracer that they inject into your artery for the nuclear stress test. This link explains the test very well: Good luck!
1425157 tn?1311651679 To do only 3 METs on a treadmill is a good indication the patient cannot withstand the stress of a surgical operation. Also .good information for physiological rehabilation for heart patients as well as respiratory patients, etc. The MET numerical values are for an example only.
Avatar m tn the dubotomine stress test prior to the stenting said it showed positive for ischemia affecting heart wall in three places. EF was 70.19%. What was notable about this test was that I am perfectly normal at low and medium dose of the dubotamine. Maybe I should lust live like that - low and medium pulse? All the grim looking stats came at high dose with pulse at 120. That's high for an 81-year-old? It would take me a fair sprint along the road to get it up to that level.
Avatar n tn Usually a cath procedure is done after a stress test to open any blocked vessels discovered with a stress test as well as measure any gradient pressures and intra-chamber, vessel pressures, etc.!. Are you having chest pains that can not be relieved with medication? Pain with exertion and relief with rest?
Avatar n tn I can produce a numbert of different opinions what is the appropriate heart rate and so on with exercising. The best method for someone with a heart issue is to have a stress test. A stress test is oftened done for the purpose of learning the degree of tolerance/risk one can safely do. The rule of thumb stated is not recommended for someone who has heart issues. You will be safe to engage in exercising according to METs.
1822306 tn?1330522629 I have had all bloodwork, sonogram, and biopsy. The nurse forgot to make an apt last month for a stress test the Hepa ordered so now it will be another month before the Cardiologist can see me. My question is: Does everyone have a stress test before starting treatment? I am 56 and in good health, weight, and somewhat athletic. Is a stress test necessary? I am Genotype 2b; I only have to do six months SOC and was hoping to finish treatment before summer.
Avatar m tn The stress test was stopped while monitoring your system and that almost always indicates there is evidence of ischemia (lack of adequate blood flow) and may be the result of vessel occlusion, and sometime it is evidence of an old heart attack The test is not very reliable for the conditions named, however, it is considered unsafe to continue without the possibility of injury. If you felt a little pressure in the chest that would be additional evidence for some blockage.
Avatar n tn His doctor of internal medicine wants to do a nuclear stress test to make sure his heart is strong enough to be subjected to general anesthesia. He has leaky valves. We are concerned that this may be a procedure that should be done by a specialist.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled for a thallium stress test, and would like to know how the use of viagra or nitro prior to the test would influance the results.
974371 tn?1424653129 From what you describe, it sounds as if you had a positive echo treadmill stress test, based on some changes on your EKG, as well as some changes in the motion of your heart as seen by exercise echocardiogram. Generally, the stress test is a screening test for coronary artery disease. The next step is a coronary angiogram, where they will be able to visualize the arteries that supply blood to your heart (coronary arteries), and determine if there are any blockages or narrowing.
Avatar m tn The heart enlarges to compensate for the hbp and treatment for hbp would place less stress on the heart and may improve funcionality. The problem could be structual heart or vascular anomaly, heart muscle disease ie bacterial, virus, alcohol, medicine, etc. Hope this helps and thanks for your question and if you have any follow-uo questions you are welcome to ask. Take care.
151462 tn?1359172276 I'm a 40 year old female who had a stress test three weeks ago. The cardiologist said the results showed that they were abnormal. He said that he showed a possible blockage. However, he is going to take the "wait and see approach".
Avatar n tn Never had any symptoms of heart problems. Just had a Thallium Stress Test as a precautionary measure due to family medical history. The stress test results showed an evidence of ischemia of basal septal wall. Cardiologist is recommending catheterization. Is it necessary? Some doctors say absolutely not. Use aggressive medical treatments to control cholesterol and blood pressure with 80 mg. aspirin daily.
Avatar m tn The study is reliable with patients body habitus and heart rhythm. The overall quality of the study is acceptable. Wall motion study using gated SPECT, observed in the short VL and HL axis views showed normal left ventricular contractility in all myocardial segments calculated at 65%. No LV dilation or TID noted No LV hypertrophy noted. Quantitative gated SPECT shows normal LV volumes. Conclusions: Normal perfusion study, no ischemia or infarction noted No ischemia by ECG criteria.
Avatar n tn Why would someone that has never had a heart attack need a cardiac stress test every 6 months?
Avatar n tn Generally, blockages less than 50% are left alone but need to be monitored, up to 75%-80% usually can be stented, 100% blockages generally require bypass. As for the damage to the heart, it may not be a blockage, it could be scare tissue damage or an electrical impulse issue, that's why they are doing the cath. I have no blockages yet have EF 17% and stress test images show severe damage and restricted perfusion.
291885 tn?1404893207 m better am dying to get back into it and would hate to think I will end up with permanent heart damage all because not 1, not 2, but 5 doctors refused to test for mono when I kept telling each one of them I felt EXACTLY the way I did back in 2001 when I got mono the first time. I'm only 27 and I just want my life back.