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Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??
Avatar m tn Each test is progressivly more accurate. An EKG is about 50% accurate, a normal stress test is about 65% accurate and a nuclear stress test is about 85% accurate overall but if you back out the false positives, it will find significant heart disease 97% of the time. Having said that, are you working with your doctor to find a cause other than heart disease?
Avatar f tn and in Sept I had an exercise stress test. When I went to have the stress test preformed, the doctor did not place the cuff on correctly. It get slipping and they kept having a problem getting it to work. During the test I felt fine. But the test kept taking the incorrect blood pressure measurements and over halfway through it , they stopped the test.. That was in Sept.
3079363 tn?1363273715 m ranked in the 1st percentile in the Rey Complex Figure Test, the 16th percentile in a portion the Stroop Test, and in the 99th percentile in WASI Vocabulary. Can any of this turn around or will continue to worsen? The "Impressions" paragraph says things like, "...decreased efficiency and proficiency, ...significant challenges, and "will likely have greater challenges". Truthfully, I'm a little frightened! Thanks for your thoughts!
Avatar m tn Maybe I should have not asked for the Stress Test and listened to my Doctor. He suggested we either redo the test or refer to a Cardiologist at teaching hospital As soon as I eft the office I went for a a nice 40 minute run no chest pain or shortnes of breath was noted. Should I increase my dosage of baby aspirin? do you think they will recommend another cardiolite test or angiogram? I think I might have to wait a while for the appoinment. What's your impression or guess?
Avatar m tn Sorry Teak, I thank you for reading my post, let me explain what has occurred. As stated in my previous post, my partner was tested several weeks ago for HIV. Last week, she again met with her mid-wife and asked about the HIV results - it turns out the blood test had not been signed-off and they had not tested it.
Avatar f tn After 48 weeks treatment with peg-If and ribavirin, the HCV RNA test was negative. We should repeat the test in 5 mo, is it correct? what if the result were the viral detected again? what should we do?
1491262 tn?1288413065 my husband just had a nuclear stress test he has to go back to the dr. Wednesday , they said he had some blockage and they saw a place on his heart they want to check out he has had triple bypass and had a heart attack last year . they want to do some kind of dye test now what could this mean ? and what might the dr. do im trying to understand all of this .
Avatar m tn I'd also like to add that when I removed the condom, I touched my penis with the same hand that removed the condom. Is that a risk for herpes?
Avatar m tn Had the condom failed you would have known without a doubt.
Avatar f tn Hi guys,i have been here before but I'm back here to ask what does it mean for sexual active people to test for HIV once a year especially those who sleep with prostitutes(I've had sex with around ten in sub-saharan Africa) even if one uses condoms and they don't break wide open?Does it mean there is HIV risk even if one uses condoms correctly(i understand this is as from start to finish) and there is no overt condom breakage??
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test in a couple of weeks as a general evaluation for getting on the kidney transplant list. Will the dye that is injected have any negative affect on my kidneys? I would like to keep whatever is left of my kidney function (about 20%) for as long as possible.
Avatar n tn Went to family physician who was concerned and suggested nuclear stress test or CAT angiogram and gave me a choice. He ruled out blood work to look for enzymes. He told me the CAT would require prior insurance approval and recommended nuclear stress test. Like the EKG's I am sure that nothing will show up on the stress test. Should I save the insurance co pays etc and go straight to CAT angiogram? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
244602 tn?1215975628 The addition of the pain sets warning flags, and a Nuclear Stress or Echo Stress would likely be warranted. I would have assumed that the Nuclear Stress was more conclusive, but have since read otherwise, both techniques yield similar results in most people and the Stress Echo has an added advantage of imaging blood flow and valves. Either test would be aborted upon EKG indications of undue stress on the heart or the occurrence of certain rhythm disturbances.
Avatar n tn My friendly cardiologist had be to get a nuclear stress test and then mailed me the written report, somehow expecting me to figure out what it means. Hopefully a heart doctor.or cardiologist can help. What is right ventricle grossly normal? Is that a concern? What is resting ECG revealed non specific ST-T wave changes? Is that a concern? What is rare PVC's noted during recovery? Is that a concern? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn the dubotomine stress test prior to the stenting said it showed positive for ischemia affecting heart wall in three places. EF was 70.19%. What was notable about this test was that I am perfectly normal at low and medium dose of the dubotamine. Maybe I should lust live like that - low and medium pulse? All the grim looking stats came at high dose with pulse at 120. That's high for an 81-year-old? It would take me a fair sprint along the road to get it up to that level.
Avatar f tn I am so frustrated. I took my son to the family doctor to begin evaluation for what I believed could be Aspergers Syndrome.
Avatar f tn My DS is highly functioning, extremely intelligent, beautiful, and to meet him you would never know at this age...except that he gets frustrated easily and his tantrums may be worse than normal...and wwe need a lot of work on social skills. I am learning that there are so many signs and symptoms that no two children with spectrum disorders are the same...if you observed ten children they would all be so different that you may not even associate them as having alot of the same issues.
Avatar m tn I went the very next day (May 14) to the health clinic and got tested for HIV/Syphilis for past relationships. Those came back negative. I then decided to take a RNA detection test for HIV on June 02 (Three weeks later). That came back negative. From the time of exposure up until June 02, I've had what the doctor ruled out as sinus problems. Flem cough, nausea (maybe from stress), vision strain, ect. I had also taken some over the counter medicine for my cough.
Avatar m tn 6 weeks later after this exposure I got a complete blood test, including HIV test, and all the results came back good. I was HIV negative. About a month ago (5 months post exposure) I began developing a brownish rash on my left armpit. The brown spots are 2-3 cm wide, they are not soar and do not itch. At the same armpit I discovered a minuscule lump (the size of a needle head). It appears to be only at the lever of the skin. I am not sure if it is a swollen lymph node or a pimple.
2030686 tn?1351688548 I'm sorry if I am posting too much today, I finally got my pos test results and am trying to figure things out b4 I go to the gastro. I know things are gonna go fast and I wanna be prepared since I have bad reactions to alot of things. I'm afraid they're gonna decide I'm not a good candidate for tx, and I don't know what info is important. I had chicken pox twice.
Avatar m tn Anyways, I decided, to run some rapid hiv test. The one I used had a wrong notice in the box, it said to add 2 drops of buffer solution when the producer claims one should add 4 drops. Brand is sd bioline poct. Rapidly the C line appeared but far at the left of the enclosure, not aligned with the C written on the box. Does it mean it is invalid? Imagine the stess of such stupid situation! I should have read directly on the web site!