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Avatar f tn I had a stress EKG done that indicates shows the following results: the patient was exercised according to the Bruce Protocol, for 12 minutes (stage 4) with an estimated workload of 13.4 Mets. The test was terminated because of satisfactory cardiac workload. patient did not experience chest pain with stress. The heart rate was 96 bpm at rest and reached 196 with exercise which is 108.3% of predicted maximum.
Avatar n tn suggested that the bottom of his heart looked like he might have had a small heart attack could there be damage enough for surgery or could medicine take care of this. He is trying to get a job and they won't let him start unless he gets a good stress test.
212161 tn?1476095111 and can you run on a treadmill for 15 mins and not have any pain or short of breath and have a blockage. i have no systhems of a blockage but they want to do a stress/nuclear test because i said i felt out of breath with my asthma and some chest pains but when i started the inhaleers it went away. but now anxiety has put lots air in chest so i feel it again i belch a lot, and under stress now of them wanting me to do that test. when i feel its not my heart can you plz help me out .
Avatar n tn She needs to ask her doctor what the next steps should be if next steps should be necessary.
Avatar n tn Was told that the ekg changed some from last year, but not to worry. Since I saw her last year she has put me on blood pressure medicine. now I have to have a stress test and an echocardiogram. Should I be freaking out. Because she has really scared me. I am only 42 and am in good health.
212161 tn?1476095111 yes mine does dip on 111 but she says always has so not to worry no changes so i happy about that. going to have another nuclear stress test done been 10 years so am due. thanks for the help and your input. have you know of anyone who has this like me. guess we all have our own beat .
Avatar m tn If your symptoms are as I described, then I would go to your GP and tell him/her you want a stress test. I had a heart attack at 46 and they had misdiagnosed my angina for stomach issues for 2 years prior. So my disease was affecting me at 44. Age no longer seems to be an issue especially if you smoke. In Africa, heart disease is hitting people less than 30 years old.
Avatar m tn I have been through every medical test imaginable and they just relate it to stress. I also have taken over a business, which of course is stressful but can't imagine it ever causing me to have core tremors and hand tremors. Like i said the shakiness is almost like an internal tremor, nobody can see my hands shaking but I can feel it. It's making me crazy! Any information on how to help this problem that I'm having would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Two weeks after the cardiologist performed another EkG and that showed normal. To be sure my heart was fine I had a Stress echo cardio gram. that showed my heart was funtioning normally and no blockages. My question: Is there a possiblilty that the first Ekg was incorrect or could I have had a heart attack. What is the likely hood of it happening again. Are there any other test that should be run?
Avatar m tn A blood test is positive for recent heart attacks, older and possible silent heart attacks would not show with a blood test. If the ST interval on the EKG is elevated that could indicate a prior heart attack, and if the ST interval is downward that could indicate aschemia (lack of blood/oxygen usually due to blockage). Requires further evidence as there could be many other causes for abnormal ST segments. A stress perfusion test can determine if there are any vessel blockages.
Avatar n tn My doctor is sending me for a stress test next week. I'm scared that if these EKG results mean I've actually had a heart attack, how much damage has already been done to my heart. By the way I'm a 45 year old female. I don't smoke, never have.
Avatar m tn Definately echo.. Frankly gicen your elevated liver enzymes, hormone issues and your high cholesterol you are considered to be a "high risk" patient for a myocardial infarction (heart attack) in the future. You need to do everything you can to mitigate that. Basically i wouldnt even say its a matter of 'if' you have a heart attack but 'when'. You need to be aware of all the symptoms.. Ive written alot of good replies about this in the 'angina' forum..
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar n tn I had an ekg done and then a nuc stress test and was told that the stress test showed 2 places with on activity at all. and since it was the same spots of ekg abnormalcy I am going to see a cart doc next week. I have shortness of breath like I have never had before right now andhave fatigue. Is it something to be concerned about or is it just maybe the test were a fluke. I guess saying that my brother at 40 has had a heart attack and my grand father died of one as well would be helpful too.
Avatar n tn restenosis of stent), another cardiologist insists it is not necessary says abnormal ekg because of previous MI and stress test could be false positive. I realize angio is the only definitive way to find out if stent is blocked, but I do not want to have angio again unless their is strong evidence pointing to this. What is your take on this information? Would stress test be abnormal anyway because I had an MI 2 months ago.
Avatar n tn If you have risk factors for heart disease, it is reasonable to consider a stress test because of an abnormal EKG. I can't really comment on the EKG without seeing it. If you had muscle aches with vytorin, it might be worth trying a lower dose of symvastatin like 20 mg under your doctors guidance. Higher doses are associated with more muscle aches and you were on the max doses. A lower dose will probably help, you will just have to keep an eye on your muscle aches.
Avatar n tn If you aren't having any cardiac symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, normal EKG, etc), I don't see a good reason for a stress test. Unfortunately life insurance companies sometimes see that differently. You had excellent exercise capacity and you are young. If there is any question, having a cardiologist look at the stress test results may be helpful (if not already done).
Avatar n tn NBCT, Typically horizontal ST depression greater then 1mm in several leads constitues a positive stress test in men or women. There are also other causes of these findings including hyperventilation and spasm. There is no standard protocol. You have to interpret the results in the context of the patient undergoing the test.
Avatar f tn THe cardiologist recomended a stress echo. The nurse monitoring the ekg kept saying throughout the test that my "EKG is sooo normal, exactly what we expect" then during the echo, he kept talking about how my ekg is soo normal, but the echo tech said nothing.
Avatar n tn 5 post atherectomy yearly thallium stress test-ct scan results stable including the last one. EKG during last stress test at 5 minutes began to show swings continuing to the end of treadmill exercise @ 8+min. What possibly is or possibly is the likely cause?
Avatar n tn After talking a stress test EKG,with the radio active dye, I had a "post stress ejection fraction of 66%". I am 69 years old and never had a heart problem but on my regular physical, I had an "adnormal ekg" and my doctor wanted this test done.My Doc said all is OK but did not tell me what this % was or what it means. Can you help? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/254268'>what is a normal ejection fraction/LVH</a>.
Avatar n tn My ekg has been abnormal for 15 years - just had a nuclear stress test the other day - no word from doc yet.... but I do know I lasted almost 9 minutes/ got to 85% of my maximum heart rate, and attained 10.2 METS. So here are a couple of questions: 1. Would I always have this abnormal EKG, even without obvious symptoms? 2. What would be my chances of significant heart disease if I achieved 10.2 Mets - have never had any kind of chest pain or short of breath - thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn In Norway, 1mm or more is considered a positive test, however, there are A LOT false positives as well as false negative results. Stress EKG is not a very reliable test. It also depends when during the test you had the ST segment depression. Anxiety and nervousness can cause ST segment changes at lower heart rates which disappear at higher heart rates. I remember my EKG during a panic attack showing 1,3 mm ST depression, heart rate 130.
Avatar n tn I have taken the stress test and Failed. I have taken the CT heart scan, EKG, heart monitor and MRI scan and passed. I asked if I was out of shape if that was reason why I failed the stress test they said no.
Avatar n tn I have a few questions about a stress test I went through. I did the holter monitor and had an EKG. The EKG picked up somehing I guess, and so did the holter monitor (fast heart rate?). My question is why a stress test? The dr prescribed atenolol which I take every morning. Seems to work, no more racing is going on. I am just curious, why the stress test? I also have another question. I was told at 12 that I have MVP. When my new dr listened he said he couldn't hear anything.