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Avatar f tn links for good information about the board, what it has to offer and its policy....there is even a forum for malfunctioning computer hardware and software that may help you if you have a computer problem!
Avatar f tn Hi, everyone. Just want to say that my computer is very sick with a hardware problem, and now is in the hands of Best Buy and possibly HP. Still under warranty, luckily. Since I don't have a spare, I won't be here much if at all till it's fixed, which could be up to 3 weeks. :o( With luck it will be sooner. I may be able to beg, borrow or steal here and there, not sure. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Avatar n tn Hi I am mani, i have some problems, when working or anything doing with tension my hand and legs are shivering, this is my biggest weakness, if i go to any new place or meet new person i feel shivering, i am working in computer hardware field, so i faced lot of problem and insulting by other persons, so i want solution for this problem, thanks in advance
Avatar n tn I had a gated stress test and the report states: myoview stress test: stress and resting spec views of heart were obtained in vertical long axis, horizontal long axis and in short axis projection. There is uniform distribution of isotope throughout the myocardium following stress. Resting scan reveals similar findings. No reversible changes are noted. Ejection fraction measures 69%. All of that sounds ok then primary diagnostic code is minor abnormality! What is abnormal?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a nuclear stress test and within a couple hours I felt a hot itchy spot about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide from my shoulder down. The place where the Adenesine was injected did not get red. About 4 hours later I called my drs service and one of them returned my call and we discussed whether I needed to go to the ER. I chose to take a couple benedryl instead. Today the red long blotch is still there. I went to my cardio dr.
Avatar n tn i have a 20 year lumbar and cervical surgery history. Once for cervical with hardware and 8 times for surgery in the lumbar area with hardware. I also have a history of breast cancer, 7 year survivor...
Avatar f tn There can be a false positive but modern nuclear stress tests include computer programs that correct for some of this blurring and muffling.
1491262 tn?1288413065 my husband just had a nuclear stress test he has to go back to the dr. Wednesday , they said he had some blockage and they saw a place on his heart they want to check out he has had triple bypass and had a heart attack last year . they want to do some kind of dye test now what could this mean ? and what might the dr. do im trying to understand all of this .
Avatar m tn I spend most of my time looking at screens and the inner workings of computer hardware at the 5 foot to 6 inch range all day and have 20/15 vision as of my last checkup 2 months ago. I also get about 6 hours of sleep every night. I was working on a system and talking to a coworker when my eyes just sort of wandered off center and out of focus and I couldn't control them, this lasted for about a minute and then went away.
Avatar f tn I couls also have a stress fracture or hardware failure as I have pelvic and sacrum hardware from a traumatic motorcycle accident. I think my lymph nodes are sore. I might have auto immune problems.I have had trouble with my vision latley. pressure and pelvic pain.I am in need of help. I cant seem to get any diagnostic testing. I also have hypertension. I was admitted to a hospital last week for chest pain and well as my legs going paralized and back pain.MRI was ordered.
739988 tn?1386672969 i just lose interest in anything i do despite the fact that i become really inspired at first ,even inspire others and they go on but i just stop (for example when i was a teenager i starting taking computer courses and was extremely interested in hardware and thought am gonna specialize in that field in college and every body in my family thought so and one night all stopped for no reason but my younger brother took over and pursue it.......
Avatar f tn I have been having on and off headaches all day that last seconds when looking at light. When I was born my doctor said I had big pupils and would be sensitive to light, but it's so bad the headaches aren't horrible I did have a headache as soon as I got home I sat at my computer monitor and it was horrible is this stress? I have anxiety and it's pretty severe. Should I worry? I'm 14 and never had head promblem etc.
Avatar f tn Initially for scoliosis where there was a hardware problem after the first spinal fusion resulting in 2nd surgery. During the 2nd surgery he contracted a hosptial acquired deep wound mrsa infection which he battled for 9 months. Eventually, they removed the hardware and did two debridement surgeries. The infection was battled and as all looked well they put the hardware back resulting in very lengthy surgery.
Avatar f tn I had a Stress Test done because of chest pain and shortness of breath and the report stated that I have a right axis deviation and early transition. I'm wondering what that means.
Avatar f tn thank you for your advice, maybe I was to blunt in what I said. Not so good on the computer,I thinkk maybe I'll change what I wrote and slim it down. I check this everyday about this time if you want to chat.
Avatar f tn I had a fusion with hardware in me and my husband claims I can never get another MRI. Is this true?
Avatar f tn Well its jan and i am still in pain i am on over 200 mg pain killers. At L5 S1 its like the hardware is digging in. Has anyone had the problems. Also how about mental problems with it???????????????
Avatar m tn After a fusion surgery, the discs located higher and/or lower than the site of the fusion take on more stress and are at risk for further degeneration and potential herniation of those discs. Have you had a recent MRI to determine if there has been any interval changes since your fusion? It might be that the source of your pain is not the fusion site itself, but adjacent discs.
Avatar f tn 2) Any opinion on has my condition resulted from strenuous computer usage? 3) Does excessive computer usage have the capability of causing such damage? 4) Can your eyes get severely strained to the point where it becomes mandatory to take a LONG break from the computer (few weeks or maybe months)? 5) Should I look forward to the floaters possibly reducing in number or just continue to adapt. 6) What are ways to relax and relieve the stress of worrying about the floaters?