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Avatar f tn If that fails they will do a Ross procedure and take his pulmonry valve and put it in place of the aortic and give him a donor pulmonry valve. He has had surgery before at 9 months but that was just a cath procedure. I have 4 children and have been through multiple procedure with the others for other things but this is the biggest most serious of them all and I'm just overwhelmed.
Avatar f tn I had the stress test done before my surgery. I could not cross the street without getting out of breath and having chest pain. I was unable to complete the test on the treadmill so they gave me drugs to increase my heart rate so that I could complete the test. You can ask them about it before you have the test.
862553 tn?1239060736 Of course i had the ct with my heart at rest before the stress test and then after the stress test... But am wondering what you would think is possibly going on. My maternal grandfather died because his heart actually exploded and my father himself has had bypass surgery... so there is a hitory in our family all my sibling's take meds for high blood pressure and one sister takes heart medication already ... Could you please let me knwo what your thgouhts are on this ...
Avatar n tn This was the findings from a stress test and mycocardial perfusion test that were done. Please explain to me in laymen terms, am I okay? I just wanna make sure. Postress SPECT images demonstrate a small zone of mildly diminished activity in the distal anteroseptal wall. A mild defect persists in the distal anterior wall on the rest examination.
Avatar m tn The stress test was stopped while monitoring your system and that almost always indicates there is evidence of ischemia (lack of adequate blood flow) and may be the result of vessel occlusion, and sometime it is evidence of an old heart attack The test is not very reliable for the conditions named, however, it is considered unsafe to continue without the possibility of injury. If you felt a little pressure in the chest that would be additional evidence for some blockage.
212161 tn?1599427282 I didn't have the stress test because of a back problem. Instead they were looking mostly for structural problems. They just did a regular non stress echocardiogram and that was good enough. The doctor wrote on the prescript for that type of test. If they have to have the stress test then I don't know.
1491262 tn?1288413065 my husband just had a nuclear stress test he has to go back to the dr. Wednesday , they said he had some blockage and they saw a place on his heart they want to check out he has had triple bypass and had a heart attack last year . they want to do some kind of dye test now what could this mean ? and what might the dr. do im trying to understand all of this .
Avatar n tn I'm going to go in and have a cortisol stress test done in the morning. They test my levels and then inject me with something then test it again. Has anyone done this test and does it show accurately for AF? Thanks.
Avatar n tn t agree on why I did so well on the stress test. Q. Can some one do this well on a stress test, ie 13.5 minutes and still have major heart problems? What's next?
1822306 tn?1330522629 Does everyone have a stress test before starting treatment? I am 56 and in good health, weight, and somewhat athletic. Is a stress test necessary? I am Genotype 2b; I only have to do six months SOC and was hoping to finish treatment before summer.
Avatar f tn My non stress test was basically getting hooked up to the same monitors the hospital has. There's a Monitor to watch frequency, duration, and intensity of contractions, and one to watch baby's heart. My baby wasn't stressed but I'm sure they'd probably induce immediately if baby is showing signs of distress, especially since your due date has passed.
Avatar f tn test with myocardial perfusion imaging revealed mild to moderate ischemia involving the basal anterior septum and mid anterior septal walls. He is status post recent (4/7/08) four-vessel bypass graft with a LIMA to the LAD. My husband has been labeled a walking piece of plaque by his cardiologist. With his open-heart surgery being so recent, with him being diabetic, and he has never had any symptoms of his illness - should this recent test be looked into further by your opinion?
212161 tn?1599427282 I have had a nuclear stress test before; nothing to worry about:)...quick and painless. Getting checked out is always a good idea in my book, as long as you believe the results of your test. Many times anxiety can take over and that 'what if?' thinking can take root...being proactive and getting screened is not a bad is a good thing:)...let us know how it goes!
Avatar m tn The doctor referred to it as an extra heartbeat, which apparently is a PVC. He ordered a stress test on me (I had one done a year ago and it was fine). He said this time the stress test came back somewhere in the middle. Not bad, not great so he wants to do an Angiogram to find out why I am experiencing this arrhythmia. He scared me because he spoke of blockages and surgery and all that. Of course he also said that it may come up clean and the arrhythmia is not related to a blockage.
1348086 tn?1370783185 That all depends. Wearing a holter monitor on a lazy sunday may mean it wouldn't see anything wrong. A stress test sees your heart at rest before the test begins, and then when working hard. There is a possibility of course that an event could be missed by both.
Avatar n tn added Norvasc to the regament, he is schedule for a stress test and was told to hold his coreg the day before, and can take the next days dose after the test. Why is this?
Avatar n tn I've had this test twice. They inject you with a radioactive tracer that lets them image your heart and take pictures using a special camera before and after the stress test. The "stress" part of it lasts only a few minutes. It's painless, if somewhat time-consuming.
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
Avatar f tn ughhhh im so ready to have my baby girl :) has anyone had to take the stress test to make sure baby was ok before they went into labor or got induced... I go on monday to get test done to make sure my baby is ok... just wanted to know what they do, and how long it takes.......
Avatar f tn I have a stress test tomorrow. Has anyone had one before?? What should I expect??
Avatar f tn My husband is 66 and recently had a SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Study (stress test). It was essentially normal, with the exception of the following: "there is a moderate sized reversible defect of the inferior and apical walls". The left ventricle was normal in size and the ejection fractions were 57% at rest and 63% post stress. The internet resources suggest that such a defect could be indicative of a prior silent heart attack. Is this true?
Avatar m tn I will feel the same way, because I am also a high-stress and nervous person. Someone will probably have to physically carry me into the eye center when my turn comes in the not too distant future! Those calming anti-anxiety IV drugs will surely help you. I'll bet everyone is scared before any surgery. Maybe your doctor can prescribe a bit of calming meds to get you through the next week. I'll probably need to ask for that myself.