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Avatar f tn I just got back from the Hospital, my husband who has heart disease, 6 stents in the past 5 Years, Father passed away at the age of 39 Years old, had a Stress Test 2 weeks ago, today the heart cath shows 2 new blockages, and one of the previous stent had cracked, according to the cardiologist who came to talk to me after the procedure, so he repaired the cracked one by inserting a new stent inside the bad one, and 2 more stents in all 9 now, back on Plavix for a Year, they kept him overnight.
Avatar m tn After a nuclear stress test ordered by my GP, I was referred to a Cardiologist who advised that I needed to have a heart catherization done. He explained that the procedure would uncover and pinpoint any existing coronary artery problems. He also explained that, when problems/blockages are diagnosed, 25% of his patients needed bypass surgery, another 25% needed angioplasty, stents, or both, and the remaining 50% could be treated with medications.
Avatar m tn Usually, a stress test is given prior to angioplasty, and a decision may be made at that time for the appropriate treatment. Only your doctor can answer why the angioplasty was terminated prior to implanting a stent! Are you taking medication for your chest pain? What are your symptoms other than chest pain? Why is medical therapy not included as an option. I have a totally blocked LAD and circumflex is 72% blocked and I do well with medication for the past 6 years.
Avatar n tn How long after angioplasty will my 64 year old husband be able to fly from U.K. to South Africa (a 12 hour flight)? He had his first angioplasty a week ago. Thankyou. Maretha.
Avatar m tn s mentioned that visual LVEF is 10 %. I asked them and they said they can confirm all the result only after echo test(3 weeks after) his blood pressure has been 110/70 for last 3 days. In report in front of stent below things are mentioned - Proximal LAD, Mid LAD, Distal LAD. I will meet him tomorrow so i will ask about if any blockages are left. Appreciate your help very much.
Avatar m tn last week my dad has done angioplasty, and discharged from hospital, from last 2 yrs he was hypetension and taking one tablet of LOSARTAN 25mg at night, but after the angioplasty doc has same madicine 3 times a day , is it cos of angioplasty or mistaken,
Avatar f tn They found no problem with EKG and Blood work, but I was admitted for investigation. Next day Stress Test was done. I got jaw pain after 5 mins, but my pulse rate did not rise. So the test was inconclusive. There was another angiography the next day. There was some thing left behind the earlier stent that was diificult to see. So more stents have been placed now. There has been addition of Felodipine and Ranytidine. My Total cholesterol has come down to 3.6 mmol/L, and LDL 2.0. But the dr.
Avatar f tn It is very unlikely to cause further damage to your heart. Have you had a stress test to see if it is abnormal--and if it is then the cath for sure should be done.
Avatar n tn no enzymes...stopped statins after just 2 weeks of use. Had another nuclear stress test...ok. Any ideas? He is 50, not overweight, no high cholesterol, no high bp, is a diet controlled diabetes.
Avatar n tn He asked about fatigue, I admitted to some on occasion, and he ordered a stress test to check for restenosis. The result of the stress test indicated anterior wall ischemia. My stents, however, were performing just fine. Now he wants me to have another cath to see if I need another blockage cleared. Here's the thing.
907729 tn?1244174363 I have been having chest pains and shortness of breath and the feeling that I am full. I am on many meds. I had another stress test and I am just not real sure of what the results all mean. Tried talking to my doctor, but he didn't explain it real well. he just said he wants to do another catherization. I was wondering if you can explain my results for the nuclear Spect Imaging Study? Findings: 1. Left ventricle appears at least borderline enlarged.
Avatar f tn term). Otherwise did great on stress test, no high bp, colesterol tests good, age 67. He wants to do angioplasty. Is it really necessary? He called the episode on the stress test an artifact(?).
1139941 tn?1260913035 Normlly my health has been v good and my weight is in the ideal range - however I recently had some emotional and indecision probloems since I retired just under 2 years ago - I am 66 years and did suffer some depression recently (never previously) for which the doctor has proscribed Citalopram 10 mg per day now Citalopram 20 mg per day. Assuming I agree to this, what is my likely lifespan after angioplasty - no related problems or ever stroke etc.
Avatar n tn Went to family physician who was concerned and suggested nuclear stress test or CAT angiogram and gave me a choice. He ruled out blood work to look for enzymes. He told me the CAT would require prior insurance approval and recommended nuclear stress test. Like the EKG's I am sure that nothing will show up on the stress test. Should I save the insurance co pays etc and go straight to CAT angiogram? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn If you did not have a cathterization or an angioplasty done at that time of your heart attack you should have a stress test to assess your risk. I am assuming that you are not having any chest pain or shortness of breath at rest or with exertion.
Avatar m tn has been done in 2005 after he is having chest pain so that we did angiography test after test doctor said his svg to pda is 100% blocked and rest three LIMA to LAD SVG to OM and SVG to Diagonal is normal. due to 100% blockage doctor refused the angioplasty operation for SVG to PDA and still he is having pain after taken so much medicine. now he is using sorbitrate during high pain after taken the sorbitrate he felt relaxed. please suggest me what to do for this problem.
Avatar n tn I am taking part in a hospital programme that monitors patients. This programme required me to undergo further angioplasty. After the angioplasy was performed, I was informed the stent had "clogged" but was not given any advice on further treatment. I was advised If pain becomes apparent or breathing deteriates I am to report back to the hospital immediately. What could cause this clogging and what, if any, is the corrective treatment?
Avatar n tn Your LAD and Obtuse marginal 1 have been re-opened. Your RCA is blocked in the distal section but has faint retrograde filling. This is through adaptations, collaterals. I would leave as is. The left side sounds fine after stenting, and the right side is not really suffering, so I would just see if more collaterals open up should the demand rise.
Avatar n tn I am still in shock as I actually did not anticipate any significant blockage and was doing angiogram for diagnosis after failing stress test but no severe angina. Test showed two short segments with 75% and 85% blockage and longer stretch with 50%. They put in 2 short stents and first two and longer stent in the longer area overlapping with stent for 85% blockage. Sent home with Plavix, Altace (Ramiprimil) and Lipitor (Ran-Atorvastatin). plus ASA.
Avatar m tn Stress echo: during static test the technician said my heart looked better than it did 2 years ago. During the treadmill looked good but heart started acting up when I got back on the table. Bilateral Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex: distal abdominal aortic aneurysm 6cm x 3.5 cm AP. ABI's right 0.9 left 1.2. Moderate plaque in aorta. Apparently nothing serious per family GP.
Avatar n tn Last Thallium stress test was 2 years ago before hysterectomy; normal all the way. On May 7 saw cardiologist to be cleared for other surgery and was sent for Thallium stress test and a sonogram. I was fine during it, beginning BP was 128 something and right after the test it was 144 something and I am feeling wonderful, no chest pain, no symptoms, I sleep, I eat, I exercise, I have stress like everyone else - I feel great, actually!