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Avatar f tn but four months ago I lost my sons father and my aunt with in a week and half between each other and has been under a lot of stress. Could this be pregnancy or something else.
254689 tn?1251183640 Only one embryo was transferred and I don't think I feel any real pregnancy symptoms. Should I already be feeling any of these? The only ones I really have are sore breasts and some fatigue.
Avatar n tn There's actually not a great deal of difference in early pregnancy except that the symptoms of pms usually go away when AF arrives or just before/after. Whereas pregnancy symptoms not only continue but increase in intensity. Hope this helps and good luck with finding out!
Avatar n tn period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same. it is not unusual to be a few days late. i just got my period this morning and i was expecting it 3 days ago. i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
Avatar n tn Because i was having symptoms of pregnancy and took 3 pregnancy test and they were all positive, and days later i started to spot but it is a very light period and not normal.
Avatar n tn Trauma or injury to the wrist that cause swelling, such as sprain or fracture Overactivity of the pituitary gland Hypothyroidism Rheumatoid arthritis Mechanical problems in the wrist joint Work stress Repeated use of vibrating hand tools Fluid retention during pregnancy or menopause Development of a cyst or tumor in the canal. In some cases no cause can be identified.
Avatar n tn My symptoms and my wife's symptoms could be other things, stress, anxiety, colds, pregnacy, unrelated to HIV. I will try to focus my energy on other things, and stear away on irrational fear. I thank you for all your support.
4939681 tn?1361302899 After a 3 day period of gastrointestinal upset, I began getting intense flu-like symptoms. My skin hurts and every nerve ending seems to be over exaggerated. I am shaky, weak and still a bit nauseous, but my lymph nodes seem to be draining two-fold. I feel as if the pressure in them broke and the drainage is unrelenting. I decided to postpone plaquenil to my daily med/ supplement intake until biopsy results were in and my Hopkins intern approves.
Avatar f tn If it could be fixed with ablation, I would really try to get that done prior to starting a family. I've read that pregnancy tends to make SVT symptoms more frequent. Pregnancy made my arrhythmia issues much worse, but I don't have SVT. Your body will be under a lot of physical stress during pregnancy, so if something is wrong prior to that could be fixed, I'd do it. If it can't be fixed, definitely figure out which beta blocker would be the best for pregnancy.
Avatar n tn You were not specific on the symptoms you experience, but my guess is that when you exercise you don't drink water, or you sweat to excess. This will dehydrate you and you will lose salt and other minerals. You can experience shaking of the hands, visual disturbances, headaches, stomach aches, stitches in the sides, exhaustion, low grade temps and other unpleasant symptoms. If this is the case, try drinking a fluid that has minerals in it like Cytomax.
Avatar f tn So why don't you tell us more about how your symptoms began and have progressed? In terms of RRMS vs PPMS that could not be determined at this time, especially for PPMS which needs to show progression over 6 months minimum - and usually a year or more - to be diagnosed. From the list of symptoms you gave us PPMS sounds unlikely, though. What do you mean by "random numbness and tingling"?
Avatar m tn I might add that i fell pregnant after being raped whilst unconscious and had a termination just prior to Nov 2012 , I understand some of these things can be triggered by pregnancy. Not quite sure what to do next really! Symptoms haven't improved after being on thyroxine for 4 weeks. I don't feel that autoimmune thyroid is the root of my problem at all and that taking thyroxine for the rest of my life is a bandaid solution so typical of modern medicine. Any advice?
Avatar f tn On a side note all through this pregnancy and my first pregnancy my BP stayed at 100/60. Anyones experiences with either Preeclamsia or just gestational hypertention I'd love to hear. This is new for me as I didn't experience this with my first DD. A little scary.... I've never been on bedrest or anything.... I'm kinda at a loss here. I should also mention I've been having some other symptoms of preeclamsia, but i dont know if they are related to that or something else.
Avatar m tn When the inflammation goes away so do symptoms. Inflammation can last weeks or months. If symptoms do not go away that is nerve damage. Nerve damage can happen with or with out symptoms. Disease modifying drugs slow progression. They do not fix nerve damage. So if you wait until you have nerve damage to go on a DMD you may not go back to where you were originally. It is everyone's choice whether to go on a DMD. You can still have nerve damage with a DMD but is is usaully less.
Avatar n tn it is now the end of the second week and i have a lot of the signs of PMS and early pregnancy. My nipples are REALLY tender (more than usual) by breasts seem to have grown or feel fuller (never happened before) i have cramps off and on and i am tired all the time. but on the other hand i usually get crazy emotional but i havent yet and no cravings or feeling sick. My boyfriend got a girl pregnant once before and he is really paranoid that the same thing will happen to us.
Avatar f tn how long does it take for symptoms to appear if Lyme disease is present? I need to stop stressing over this.I live in Alabama and this happened last week of April. Thanks.
Avatar f tn By different, I mean I didnt have thyroid symptoms except for coldness...I had different symptoms. Usually if my TSH goes up..I ache like he//, cold all the time, lethargic, bowel issues. None of this happened this time round. Sometimes people have to learn to 'recognise' symptoms. As I said....Ive never gone by my TSH.......mine is always good between 2.3 and 2.5 whereas others are good at 1.0 And its usually my FT3 and FT4 that tells me if I have hyper or hypo symptoms.
403399 tn?1201836695 Overdose symptoms of a tramadol overdose may include drowsiness, shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, extreme weakness, cold or clammy skin, feeling light-headed, fainting, or coma. Tramadol may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. Tramadol should never be given to another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep the medication in a secure place where others cannot get to it.
Avatar n tn Our blood cells will break down under situations of extreme stress... yet doctors still continue to tell me that Thalassemia Minor should have no symptoms.... I am always tired god help me if I should run.. I get so out of breath so easily. I get heart palpatations off and on out of the blue, My hands and feet (mostly feet) are always cold!! I used to get bad headaches but not as much anymore... I inherited this lovely trait from my mothers side of the family (Italian)...
Avatar n tn I was told that the only safe drug to take during pregnancy is Seroquel. I happen to be allergic to it, so I have elected to adopt. I am also a mixed state, rapid cycler so I do not want the stress on my body. Anyhow, Lamictal usually helps migrainers and it a great med for it. The reason it caused me migraines is because of how it affected my birthcontrol pills metabolizing in my system. I thought it was odd that I had two in a row.
Avatar n tn I wish there were early pregnancy symptoms that would be different from period symptoms. Still hoping that it worked but not holding my breathe. If anyone can give me hope I NEED IT! Have a Merry Christmas!
Avatar n tn The best thing that you can do is to get a benzodiazepine prescribed like clonazepam, but if the doctor absolutely refuses to prescribe a benzodiazepine to you then there is something that is available over the counter that actually works, it is called Kava, make sure to only use the recommended amount of Kava other wise it can put stress on the liver, it is the only thing that is available over the counter that works, I'm speaking from experience, not just from what I read Take Care
Avatar f tn ok so this waiting ***** and on top of it now I'm confused about my symptoms. I was starting to convince myself that they were pregnancy symptoms but now I'm not sure. I noticed I was becoming very sensitive to odors on sunday morning when my hubby made me breakfast due to my bed rest and he gave me soy sausage (which i usually love) but I could not stand the smell. I did not pay much attention but after that all tthe odors bothered me even roses that my friend got me...
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
246577 tn?1202741376 Resting heart rate is now 60 and I am having minor palpitations frequently. My EP says this will settle down and he will consider the procedure successful if original symptoms don't return in 6 months. I think the bottom line is, everyone is different. If I had a choice, I would try medication first.
Avatar n tn Most of those symptoms are of pregnancy. I would definitly get a test or go to your doctor. Some of it could just be from stress so take a hot bath and clear your head. Take some stool softeners to ease pain but do not take laxatives. If you are those are not good to use. But if you have had these for a long time it probably is more just stress. I hope some of this helped. Good luck.
Avatar n tn hi my name is debbie, i suffer from i believe both symptoms, due to stress and emotional and mental abuse. when i feel like a attack is coming on i walk away from a situation or think of something totally different. it is very hard cause you just dont know. im on xanax and that works good for me. i also go down to the water cause it helps me i call that theraputic for the brain , mind , body and soul. mine started when i remarried my husband and all the stuff he has done to me ..
Avatar f tn in fact lots of people say they have fewer pregnancy symptoms when they are actually pregnant than they do when they think they were and weren't!!!! I know its hard but try not to worry!! Sounds like things looked great and you have a great chance!!!! GOOD LUCK and can't wait to see your BFP post! keep us updated! lots and lots of SSBD!
Avatar n tn hCG interacts with the LHCG receptor and promotes the maintenance of the corpus luteum during the beginning of pregnancy causing it to secrete the hormone progesterone. Progesterone enriches the uterus with a thick lining of blood vessels and capillaries so that it can sustain the growing fetus. Due to its highly negative charge hCG may repel the immune cells of the mother, protecting the fetus during the first trimester.