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225237 tn?1333142599 I struggle from anxiety, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and obesity! I never feel right anymore, I'm always worrying about my health!!! I have constant back aches, tense through my neck & shoulder and on an on.... can anyone tell me symptoms of stress and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms??!! Are there vitamins or any other herbal remedies??!!
Avatar m tn Ok, now for when you are in an actual panic attack. Cold water on the face, forehead, neck, and wrists can help calm the anxiety or panic down. If it's cold enough, it's kind of like shocking you out of the attack. To add to the cold water technique, if you are in full blown panic attack, find ice as soon as you can, put it into some kind of rag or cloth, wet it, and rub it all over your head, face, neck, and behind your ears. Again, the cold shocks the mind out of the anxiety.
Avatar f tn ( 1/13 received unprotected oral sex from a man 1/19 got bad neck pain (muscle strain maybe) lasted 2 weeks, neck pain started while driving on a road trip 2/2 drenching night sweat (maybe from stress, alcohol the day before and spicy food) also added a sheet on my bed and weather might have gotten slightly warmer 2/7 woke up with mild sore throat mostly hurt when swallowed (got a filling the day before) also noticed jaw pain probably from dentist 2/10 noticed a small flat red spot on ba
Avatar n tn Also I have seen that the muscle twitching can be caused by stress and if we're both stressing about what's wrong all the time then it's not a surprise we are geeting them symptoms. The back pain you get could also be stress, that said my mate suffers from migraines and she too gets back pain.
Avatar m tn Stress can play havoc on the body and cause any underlying problems to be more pronounced. As you have been an athlete all your life, albeit you are only 25, you may have arthritic changes going on, tendon problems and so on. I would suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor. Pains in the feet can be from bones, tendons or ligaments or can be referred pain from problems in the lower spine.
Avatar m tn Just like we get headaches when we stress because of tensions in the neck, our respiratory muscles can "run tensed". It is called a "passing chestpain" and it is totally harmless and you can help the pain away much more effective with motion instead of painkillers. If you should need it, ask someone who knows how to do breathing exercises if they could show you how you can keep your thorax flexible. Try to ask your doctor about this next time you should visit the med office!
1811056 tn?1316646764 head pressure, muscle tension in neck and head, heavy head, numbness, feels like fluid in the back of head, all worse when sitting up or if anything touch the head or scalp (hat or pillow etc),dizziness, extreme fatigue, unrestful sleep, muscle weakness, blurry vision, unable to nap at all, no emotions, some anxiety...Im mostly worried about the head pressure and tension in the back of my head as it keeps me from living my life, im currently housebound.
Avatar n tn sounds like the disk in his neck. Have a update MRI. I have alot of neck junk going on and have these symptoms plus much more. They have been watching my neck with MRI's for 5 years... will have surgery this summer. I was told 5 years ago they dont rush into neck surgery until they have to. I'm at the "have to" point now. So you may need an update MRI. GOOS LUCK!
Avatar n tn The next day 2 lymph nodes on the right side of my neck flared up. Since then I have been having tingling all on the right side of my face and neck, along with one time in my left foot. I have seen 3 doctors who tell me I am at no risk. Then one said I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp (same size as the nodes). Ive been under stress for the past 2 weeks worrying im infected (alot of the symptoms apply from what i've read online).
Avatar n tn ER did EKG which was normal and passed two stress tests as normal. However, I feel pressure in my chest on left side and some stiffness in neck and jaw. Very tired and anxious. Could any of my previous conditions (parathyroid or high calcium level) be contributing to my pressure in my chest? Should I press my Drs to examine my heart further? Does stress test show whether there is blockage? Please help.
Avatar m tn It is worse when I walk. The headaches come on when ever my neck starts hurting. I also get the tingling sensation in both my arms and my right index finger goes numb and gets very cold. Is this something I should worry about and is it the DDD and stenosis making these things happen.
Avatar m tn Thanks Grace,,,she pecked me on the neck....could this have transmitted anything? I would assume not.... Thanks again for you reply and time. All the Best.
Avatar n tn Finally, it's important to keep in mind that anxiety and stress can cause similar symptoms. Good luck.
Avatar m tn For many GP's though, these can look like any number of illnesses and even stress, so the thyroid testing is not often done till the patient practically falls in a heap on the ground in front of them Without any blood test results from you, and at face value you might have hyperthyroidism. Do you have any blood tests for thyroid? You would need TSH, Free T3, Free T4, and all the thryoid antibodies, namely, TPO, Tg and TSI antibodies. INSIST on getting all of them.
Avatar m tn Can stress/anxiety cause headaches and ear aches? I have incredible anxiety, and have these symptoms. I notice them most when I'm having anxiety episodes.
Avatar f tn I think in view of the recent normal stress test and Holter monitor, and how atypical the symptoms are for coronary artery disease, that this is more likely suggestive of a digestive disorder. It may be related to an esophageal hernia or to severe GERD. Aspirin can certainly aggravate these symptoms. I suggest that you speak to your GP and that he perhaps orders either a Barium swallow or a CT scan of the chest.
Avatar m tn but its rather strange all these symptoms...i am carrying a swollen neck for 13 days....swollen armpit for 5-6 days....anyway the pys gave me some meds yesterday..xanax to reduce blood pressure and interal for the mental well being...i have one more week to go for my 6 week..since it coincides with my bday..i am still thinking if i will wait one more week...cheeers mate..
5190090 tn?1364915251 Chronic Fatigue Numbness weakness/ heaviness in limbs Thought process is compromised Trouble with speech Bladder dysfunction Confusion Tremors ( although only happened twice) Mood swings Anxiety Back pain Partial Paralysis in the beginning Can not stand on one leg Can not do the heel to toe walk Not reflexes in my left leg Skin sensitivity Sweating issues Forgetfulness Short term memory loss
Avatar m tn So, continuous intermittent headaches, achy throat, and stiff/achy neck. Any ideas? I know they say symptoms mean nothing, but that is hard to believe when you hear of so many people experiencing different things. Appreciate any feedback, thanks!!
Avatar f tn I've had this for weeks now. If I don't touch my neck .. I'm fine! I know .. so don't touch your neck but that's not going to happen. Any idea of what this is?
Avatar f tn lower back, back of neck, under my rib cage- all on the right side, which are also pretty consistent. They only other problems that seem like they could be a problem are fatigue, new thickening spot in breast, and stopped period (which I think is from stress). I have a request in for an appt. for a breast exam and an appt.
Avatar n tn I know anxiety and stress can cause rashes and night sweats but i didnt become really really worried before i got this folluculitis on my neck. Do you know if this is a common symptom. I have rang HIV hotlines and they say to stay off the net but nobody has really answered my questions about folluculitis with HIV!
1187243 tn?1268400611 Hello, The main symptoms of Fibromyalgia are widespread pain and fatigue. You would have multiple tender areas (muscle and joint pain) perhaps on the back of the neck, shoulders, lower back, forearms and legs. Sleep issues or insomnia are also common. Some people also have overlapping conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or IBS.
Avatar n tn Past 5 weeks sore throat transitioning to swollen glands in the neck. Gingivitus and white tongue on going. I have tried to control the gingivitus which came in at week 3 and is still with me. Does anyone know of a good way of controlling this kind of symptom, pill lotion, mouthwash. I am using a product called Corsodyl. Is there anything else to use? There are more symptoms, but these are the ones that bother me the most. I am still counting down the days for the 3 month test.
Avatar f tn riding in a car on a bumpy road.....stress...having the flu..... Chiari symptoms cycle and sometimes once we get into a flare it does not feel like it will end..... Make sure a CINE MRI is done to look for a CSF obstruction and MRI's of your complete spine to rule out related conditions like Syringomyelia,disk issues, tethered cord, and other testing for ICP,POTS and Ehlers-Danlos....sleep apnea....
503418 tn?1231102336 Hello, These are all symptoms of panic attack. Causes may be stress,anxiety,hyperthyroidism,hypoglycemia, Wilson's disease, mitral valve prolapse, pheochromocytoma and inner ear disturbances (labyrinthitis). Vitamin B deficiency can also cause panic attack. Sometimes panic attacks may be a side effect of medications such as Ritalin (methylphenidate). During a panic attack, Breathe slowly through the nose using the diaphragm and abdomen. Do not breathe through the mouth.
4818131 tn?1373734022 I've been getting so many symptoms!
Avatar f tn I have noticed some other mild redness on the front of my neck, about at the bottom of the shave line. The bulk of the irritation is in the area on the side of my neck where I usually don't shave very much. I also use Atralin for acne. Which I have been careful not to have it touch this area of irritation the past few days. Only thing I can think of is that I changed moisturizer about 5 days before this rash popped up.