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Avatar m tn rash, acne, bumps, and itching) is from stress or related to stress. I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ibs, ic, and endo and I do know that many of these symptoms, including stress, goes with all of these conditions. I have a doctor appt. today at 5pm, so we'll see what he says.
Avatar m tn Hello, The symptoms are suggestive of hives and dermatographism. Dermatographism can be caused by stress, tight or abrasive clothing, watches, glasses, energetic kissing, heat, cold, or anything that causes stress to the skin. In many cases it is merely a minor annoyance, but in some rare cases symptoms are severe enough to impact a patient's life. It can be treated by antihistamines or cromoglicate and sometimes steroids, as they prevent the histamine from causing the reaction.
Avatar n tn Hello, Since the symptoms are mostly present at night it can be stress related causing itch- stress vicious cycle. If there is any associated rash or bite like lesions then scabies needs to be ruled out. It is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Take some oral antihistaminic like Benadryl and consult a dermatologist as diagnosis needs to be confirmed after clinical examination. Also wear cotton clothes and keep the area clean.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms, neurodermatitis should be ruled out. Neurodermatitis develops when nerve endings in the skin become irritated, triggering a severe itch-scratch-itch cycle. Common causes of nerve irritation include an insect bite and emotional stress. I suggest you to get an examination done from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I have a constant itching in a specific spot. There is no rash or redness. This is one spot on the bottom of one foot. It is one specific spot. I have had this problem in other areas. It will be a localized spot and then after time it will go away. It is very bothersome because it will sometimes wakes me up at night to have it scratched. This has been going on for several months.
Avatar n tn I am just scared that i might have liver or pancreatic disorder but i dont have any symptoms of that. Though sometimes, there is pain on the upper right quadrant of my stomach. I had it checked last year and the doctor didn't find anything.
Avatar n tn I get a lot of itching after swimming and after a brisk walk or running. no one seems to have any answers This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itching arms and legs</a>.
Avatar n tn I have recently started itching like crazy. No rash to speak of, but any stimulation to the skin just drives me crazy. Went to the Doc, and he said my histamines were definately going crazy. He said I have an allergy, but to what is unknown. Never had an allergy in my life, have not changed any soaps, even washed all my clothes in plain water because I thought it my be the detergent. He gave me a shot of prednisone and it help but made me feel horrible.
Avatar f tn I have been under a lot of stress. I started the metro gel he prescribed on 11-1 it helped the buring and itching in the vaginal area the itching there is not completely gone but I bought some aciddophius pills and they have helped. I took all of the metro gell. But the pubic area is still itching daily and my entire body is itching all over and has been for about a month. My question is why is the pubic area itching could this be the bacteria...
Avatar n tn From the description it seems that the cause for itch is a rash which can be eczematous, dermatitis (atopic, contact, and allergic), heat rash, excessive sweating, folliculitis, or psoriasis, infection (tinea) or some medical condition like SLE. Urticaria, also commonly called hives may be related to allergy, stress (emotional/physical), heat, cold or exercise. You should try moisturizing lotions and some over-the-counter antihistaminics like cetirizine or loratidine.
Avatar m tn For the last 30+ years I have had to take some sort of AntiHestamine tablet to stop itching. The intching is sometimes so unbearable! I have become imune to several over the counter tablets & the only ones that seem to work now are Zirtek, I've been on these for about 15 years. I saw a Dermatologist at the Bristol Royal Infirmary many years ago & without giving me any tests he said "you obviously have sensitive skin, live with it"!
Avatar f tn The Vet gave her a treatment of steriods, she stopped itching but had diareah so had to modify from every night to every other night, then every 3rd night. Someone told me it might be the food, Eukanuba for small breed, weight control, because it contains chicken. They say no meat, no fish of any kind in the dog food. Right now I mix Eukanuba with Wellness, so guess I'll try Nature's brand.
1636858 tn?1307461994 I have a feeling this will go down in a couple of days. But do watch out for any worsening of symptoms. If, in the next day it is no better, or if it's worse, take her to see the vet. My dog got a touch of razor burn when I took her for her senior blood panel. The vet apologized but said she had struggled so hard, even three of them found it hard to hold her down. (I was actually so upset at that trauma for her, that I can hardly bring myself to take her for another blood panel!
Avatar m tn I had a oral sex (Both Ways) Exposure about 7-8 months ago, I had some body itching last month that went away after a day and a half and a few months later I had a body itch that lasted a few hours and went away, Do you think this is from stress or Hep B possibly ? Do Hep B symptoms come and go like that ? When do they normaly come on and how long do they last? If they did come and then go away is that because your body has cleared the virus?
5190090 tn?1364915251 1) Dizzieness and imbalance (started this way and progressed fast) Now 24/7 365 never goes away 2) Neck Pain and stiffness ( came right after the Balance issue ) almost always present ( helps to use neck brace or lean head against Wall or recliner) 3) Vertigo ( had a couple of Sever boughts with this ) Found out it happens More often with stress and Anxiaty 4) Numbness, Burnning, Tingling, Itching, Cold wet feeling (started in right thiegh, now in my lef
Avatar n tn i am having itching all over body.It starts bleeding after itching.From last 13 years the problem is.
Avatar f tn Are there other symptoms present like changes in the vaginal discharge or odor? This could be due to infection, irritation, hormonal changes, allergic reaction and even stress. Vaginal yeast infection may present with a discharge that is white and curd-like. This condition can be brought on by antibiotics, birth control pills, pregnancy, menstruation, condom use, sexual intercourse, diabetes, and a weakened immune system.
Avatar m tn I have had extreme itching on my legs below the knees and on the feet. An item on the web suggested it might be stress. I had been under pressure for months with two unruly tenants causing trouble for the whole building. At 3 am when I was scratching my legs to stop the itching, I got out of bed and wrote them both a letter telling them to leave at the end of the month. From the moment I slipped them under their doors my itching stopped and has not returned.
Avatar n tn Menopause -- the drop in estrogen causes thinning of the vaginal wall and less lubrication. -Stress -- may increase vaginal itching and make you more susceptible to infections. Keep your genital area clean and dry.Wear cottonunder-garments. Avoid those made from synthetic materials. Antifungal drugs may be prescribed for yeast infections.
Avatar m tn i have really itching legs. its worse late night/early morning. i have been working out pretty hard consistently for about 4 months and it just started 3 weeks ago. I live in Los Angeles, a very dry climate, however i have been drinking water non-stop and going through bottles of lotion. I am been almost completely organic in my eating for about a year, (no pills, not even over-the-counter drugs) and would rather not take an anti-histamine.....
Avatar n tn )I am perimenopausal but I have no active symptoms of menopause right now. The itching started in the winter when it is drier but it was nearing the end of winter. I wear cotton underwear and cotton clothing. I don't have any vaginal itching or anal itching, and there appears to be no sign of any type of yeast infection. I have had also in the past year had three bladder infections after not having one for over 20 years with no change in sexual practices.
Avatar n tn I have had intense itching palms for the last two months,my hands are red raw...any cream the doc gives me doesnt do any good...also i have some blood spots come up on my hands and arms...
Avatar n tn This could be an allergic reaction to some unknown substance or dermatitis or eczema or some bacterial skin infection. Since when have you noticed these symptoms? Have you noticed any yellowish discoloration o your eyes or urine, fever or any other symptoms? You need to wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions and see if it helps.
Avatar m tn Hi, I hope I get some answers to this question. I get severe itching which last for a short time before it subsides(I either give in and scratch or let it go) when I go out in the sun and its hot...or when I workout..basically I think when I am sweating. It itches in my scalp, and parts of my my chest..arms..shoulders etc..the itch is someetimes not bearable..and I have to scratch. What could be the problem? This problem has been there for years and doesnt seem to go away...
Avatar f tn Off and on for the past 6 months ive had anal itching, and sometimes slight itching in my vaginal area, but its mostly just right around the anus. Ive also experinced some sharp pains in my tailbone area, but not to servere. I dont know if there related. i did alot of exercising this summmer so i thought it might have been from that. I dont have insurence so I havent gone to the doctor. I do consume alcohol on a regular basis, and been under alot of stress and anxiety lately.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing itching on the skin on beside my prepuce and labia for a couple years now. It is a chronic condition that has never really gone away. I've never had to scratch it with my fingernails; I only have rub it to get it to go away temporarily. It's very annoying and like I said, it only goes away temporarily. Sometimes a white film will come off as well. The only notable cause that I have considered is that I have had chronic atopic dermatitis since I was born.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, My skin seems very sensitive , it starts itching almost all day with routine activities. A few activities i am listing which makes it very much sensitive towards itching . its like burning of my skin.My skin is very dry and color is almost red .I have a lot of hairs on my hands and legs .
624829 tn?1240759271 Since you are having intense itching, your doctor may prescribe some sedative-antihistaminics to reduce itching. You may discuss about these treatment options with your doctor. Besides you should take certain measures like avoiding irritants like perfumes and detergents, keep the skin hydrated by regularly using moisturizer. Urticaria, also commonly called hives may be related to allergy, stress (emotional/physical), heat , cold or exercise.