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Avatar n tn Z-pack for Strep Throat? Hmmmm. I think he/she should have probably went in the direction of a broad-spectrum antibiotic, i.e. Amoxicillin vs. Zithromax. I have seen Zithromax ordered for Strep Throat, but not that often.
Avatar m tn I waited about one week until I saw a doctor. He did a throat culture, and it was positive for strep. I started antibiotics that day (zithromax z pak). During that one week time of untreated strep, is it possible it could have caused rheumatic fever?
Avatar m tn Hi I would like to understand from other users, what is a normal response time for a strep sore throat to heal. Had a progressively worsening sore throat for 3 days, rapid test positive for strep. Started Zithromax 500mg per day for 5 days due to penicillin allergy. Now starting my 3rd day of treatment with no change in pain status. Have gargled every few hours with salt or apple cider vinegar; no relief. Should I become worried?
Avatar n tn I had strep and took a zpac during my first. Sounds like you caught it early...
Avatar m tn Burning chest and at times burning throat or dry throat. Feels like I been screaming. I feel pressure around my jaws. I went back to my original doctor and he gave me Augmentin (antibiotics). He said one of my tonsils are a little swollen. And that the lymph nodes under my jaw are slightly enlarged, but not much. I told the doctor its been 2 months but he does not seem worried. Week 8: I became obsessed with my lymph nodes and started pressing them under my chin. Now one feels inflamed.
Avatar n tn I got sent home by the nurse because I had a fever, and my throat was hurting. Later my mom and I went to the doctor, I took a strep test, but it turned up negative. What bothers me is it was only the right side of my throat, my right ear, and then my swollen glands on the right side of my neck. Today, both my ears, both my tonsils(which are covered in those white patches of whatever) are hurting, and the pills the doctor prescribed(Zithromax) don't seem to help at all.
Avatar n tn Okay had a URI diagnosed and strep throat , also had wheezing and they did an xray told me that the wheezing sounded a lot worse then the x-ray revealed? Placed on 3 days zithromax and munimex DM, in 4 days my throat and URIi was greatrly improved since then been having a freg "salty taste" small amt of sputm from both nasal as well as coughing. I work in an area that exposes me to TB, but also read about Avelora cell cancer.
Avatar n tn She did a strep test just to be sure. A few days later the office called and said that I have strep (even though the doctor saw nothing in my throat upon exam and I only had a fever for one day). The doctor even seemed a bit surprised, but said I should start antibiotics. Because of med allergies she gave me Cipro. When I got it home the pharmacy pamphlet said that it can cause irregular heart rhythms and should be used very carefully in people with certain heart conditions.
Avatar m tn I presented symptoms of urethritis 2-3 days after sexual encounters, and went to the doctor and got treated with a shot (dont know what) and 2 pills of generic zithromax for chlamydia/gonorrhea. I also got a test which takes 1-2weeks to complete. My partner went to the doctor and got a gram stain. He tested negative for any std's, but he did test positive for strep throat.
Avatar f tn It almost wasnt there.The doctor said that my son MIGHT have strep throat but that it was questionable and that he probably didnt have it. She DID decide to go ahead and give my son Zithromax just to make sure. My question is this--Doesnt a Rapid Strep test give you either a Positive or Negative result? How can it be "a little bit positive"? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I've had strep before... believe me, if you had it, you wouldn't question if it were strep =) Strep usually gives you the white spots, so while it MAY be that, it's probably not. I suspect a lingering illness based on you being a smoker and recently having a sinus infection. Mucus can drip from your sinuses to your throat and cause all sorts of fun inflammation, and smoking would just irritate your throat further.
Avatar n tn I am a 69-year-old woman who has been sick since March of last year with a sore throat, stiff neck, arthritic symptoms, muscle twitching, and fatigue. In April I found three ticks embedded in the back of my legs. I live in Suffolk County on Long Island, the area where Lyme Disease is most prevalent. I have all the symptoms of Lyme, though I've tested negative for the disease.
Avatar f tn I have been on antibiotics twice since then for unrelated infections. Both times, I took Zithromax for Strep throat and for a respiratory infection. The antibiotics did not change the size of the lump in any way. This all started when I started a new job. I am always fatigued at least somewhat, as I work nights, 12 hour shifts. I have lost about 20 pounds as well, but attribute it to the stress of the new job, and the physical demands as well. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I saw a RN who only looked at my throat and took a rapid strep test. She gave me a prescription for pennicillan. Well, I took them all and thought I was better only to have it all back again! So, I am suffering with the same problem. I know that doesn't help but hey at least you know someone else out there is having the same problems.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm really worried about an STD like herpies. Though I do have some very small unnoticeable bumps on my upper and lower lips and a bit on the upper part of my chin. I noticed them because they itched a little. I asked my boyfriend if there was something he wasn't telling me, and he answered that he doesn't have anything. Also My throat hurts a little bit, and my lower back occasionally.
Avatar m tn I had a bad sore throat about 9 days ago and the doctor prescribed zithromax to treat it (not strep-throat). So I began taking the antibiotics. On day 3 I saw my doctor about the urethra discomfort. I tested negative for chlamydia and he diagnosed me with NGU. So on day four, I took 2 doses of 500mg of Zithromax within ~8 hours apart. However, he prescribed taking 1g in 1 dose. It is about 30 hours after taking the first 500mg and I still have slight discomfort.
Avatar f tn My eight year old is allergic to amoxicillin, zithromax, clindamycin, and cefzil. We have seen an allergist, and he said there are no tests for antibiotics and that "we have a problem." Can someone please guide me in what to do next? My doctor was hoping the allergist would help guide us for future treatments. I am fearful for any infection like strep throat, ear or skin infections, we have run out of options.
Avatar n tn The last two times that I gave him oral sex I broke out in the most painful blisters on my tonsils. I went to the Dr. because I thought that I had strep throat and the test came back as just a virus, however, I don't know what virus.
Avatar f tn He doesnt get Strep or Tonsilitis. Because he is allergic to Penicillan and Zithromax isnt very effective for any infection he gets (including ear or respiratory which he very rarely gets) the doc usually gives him Omnicef which works but wreaks havoc on his tummy. (unfortunately he cant tolerate Ceftbutin or Cefzil at all, which causes him to vomit) I dont understand why he keeps getting these infections.
Avatar n tn My last period was on Nov 29, 98. I had a throat sore and my PC prescribed me Zithromax 250 mg Z PAK TAB PFI (in my third week). I took it for five days. I just have found out that I am pregnant. Could this medication be a potential threaten for my baby? Thank you Dear Angela: Medications taken in the third week of the menstrual cycle are very unlikely to have any impact on a continuing pregnancy.
Avatar f tn The only way to confirm that you have strep throat is by a throat culture (or rapid strep test) in your doctor's office. Even if you do, it's probably a good idea to continue using your CPAP, since having inflammation in your throat will worsen your sleep apnea. In most cases, what feels just like strep (pain, difficulty swallowing) is usually not due to the specific strain of strep that we test for (Group A beta-hemolytic). Many other conditions can give you the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn ve treated for strep and a virus just has to run its course. It is cold and flu season and more antibiotics will be useless against both.
Avatar m tn So in the past week and a half I began to get what looked like strep in the back of my throat. Swollen tonsils and little white dots accompanied by of course a sore throat. Usually when this occurs it comes with a fever this time it didn't. I then started to notice bumps on the back of my tongue followed by about 2 days of my tongue slightly swelling. I found that abnormal for having strep throat but figured it might be just a different strain.
Avatar f tn I went to a doctor and she prescribed me three cycles of antibiotics through November and December to help clear it up (Zithromax, Ceftin, and Levaquin). It was a pretty tough infection. Strep test and X rays tested negative. White blood cell count was normal. They ran various comprehensive tests and I tested negative on them. I was then diagnosed with Otitis Media with Effusion after the infections cleared up. I had to constantly pop my ears.
533880 tn?1237612452 Since Thanksgiving I have had the flu three times and I have had step throat 2 times. I have never had the flu or strep before, in the last month and a half I have had strep twice. At first I thought I had the flu, constant high fevers, my body was swore, could not eat, no vomiting, but after one week with that I would get a sore throat and that is when I would notice the white patches in the back of my throat. Is this the usually pattern of strep throat.
Avatar f tn My eight year old is allergic to amoxicillin, zithromax, clindamycin, and cefzil. We have seen an allergist, and he said there are no tests for antibiotics and that "we have a problem." Can someone please guide me in what to do next? My doctor was hoping the allergist would help guide us for future treatments. I am fearful for any infection like strep throat, ear or skin infections, we have run out of options.