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Avatar f tn He said she had what is called gutate psoriasis, related to a form of arthritis. the rash can come on with just a sore throat of a fever that is related to strep. Her rash lasted about 1 yr and comes back in a lesser form every time she grts a fever.
Avatar n tn I know strep and allergies are definitely two different things, but it could be that if he has an allergy issue, his nasal passages and throat get irritated from that and then an infection occurs - the strep throat. This past winter I, myself, got strep throat twice and pneumonia once - the first bout of strep actually landed me in the hospital for 4 days.
3865605 tn?1348397056 Friday morning I went to the doctors and she said I have strep throat and strep rash. She gave me antibiotics (penicillin vk) for 7 days which she said would clear up both. I've been taking them for 48 hours so far and noticed my neck glands are slightly less swollen. However, my rash is now spreading all over my body. I'm not allergic to anything and haven't had rashes before. Is it normal for it to get worse before it gets better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn When using antibiotics, you can get fungal problems in the mouth and throat and in the genitals, and again this would be confirmed by a swab. Sometimes the doctor can identify a fungal problem in the mouth by looking at your tongue and throat. Fungal problems in the mouth are treated with antifungal gels for oral use like Dartarin. Eating natural yogurt will also help. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and warm drinks, use pain relief medication as prescribed to relieve any pain.
Avatar f tn Tuesday sore throat was worse I could barely swallow. Went to MD and had a strep throat test- negative. Also swollen lymph nodes in neck and slight fever 101. No other cold or flu symptoms. I can only swallow ice water or ice chips. After 3 days I now have a blistery rash on my hands also. Could this be mono or something else- should I see Dr again?
Avatar n tn Is It possible to have a few symptoms of strep throat and still mean that you have full-blown strep throat? From my personal diagnosis, I believe that I have a mild case of strep throat. I had a sore throat for a few days but it seems to have died down now. Throat is still red at the moment. There's phlegm and I have difficulty swallowing (feels as though there's a lump at the back of the throat) Lymph nodes seem to be a little sore but not swollen.
Avatar f tn and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono, oropharyngeal cancer by HPV? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1. 2.
335728 tn?1331418012 I say this because it is the body's immune system that keeps a strep throat localozed to the throat and doesn't let it seed through the body. Also, steroids can suppress pain and also suppress fever, so you can't use that to determine how sick you are. Many docs use a temp of 99.0F to determine whether to treat with antibiotics when someone is immune-suppressed. If you decide to hold out until am, THEN BE SEEN EARLY IN AM TOMORROW! 'Kay?
Avatar n tn I took her to urgent care where it was determined that it was a strep rash. They also swabbed for strep and the test came out positive. Now my son has had the same thing happen: ear infection and then rash. Does this truly sound like a strep rash, or could this be a reaction to the Amoxicilin?
Avatar n tn I also had pain in my abdomen. I went to the er three days later and got a rapid test done and it was positive for strep throat. I was put on z pack for 6 days. The initial symptoms of chills and mild fever and green stool went away within two days. But I still continued to feel ill like fatigued. And my swollen node was still swollen. I went back to the er after finishing the zpack and they put me on 600 mg a day of clyndamycin. I felt really good the first day on it like i was better.
Avatar n tn I developed a cough later, and have recently had an itchy throat with sinus drainage. This morning I woke up and the rash had spread to my palms, the tops of my hands and my arms. The skin is smooth to the touch and isn't raised any higher no sores... just itchy red spots on my thighs, hands and lower arms. I went to the health center today and my doctor said the rash may be caused by strep throat, but I am concerned that this is not the case. What could be the problem?
Avatar f tn she has a very, very bad sore throat, extreme headache and neck ache, dizziness, nausea, a rash covers almost her whole body. The worst symptom is 2 golf ball sized lumps at the point where her neck and spine meet. She had one of these lumps about a month ago on the front right side of her neck. She said it just went away.When they took the throat culture, it came back the next day. Now, she has this.
Avatar n tn It is now Saturday, my daughter was diagnosed with strep throat Wednesday night and started amoxicillin in the urgent care, Friday afternoon she broke out in a itchy rash...mostly on her torso but some on her legs, neck, and arms. She has been on amoxicillin several times before from ear infections when she was little. The only difference with that is it is no longer pink (the amoxicillin).
Avatar n tn I woke the morning after that to find myself with swollen and sore throat, headache, joint paint, mild fever, and dizzyness upon standing. Plus, when I went to the bathroom I noticed an unusually strong odor. What was really odd was that I wiped three times, the first time I got clear discharge, the second I got a bit of clumpy snotty discharge, and third it was clear again.
Avatar f tn We got medicine for his strep and then just gave him oatmeal baths and used non scented lotion. It got really bad and the entire top layer of his skin ended up peeling off. It was not fun. Just a suggestion, hope I could help.
Avatar f tn My question... could I have given myself strep throat (or another kind of throat infection) by giving oral sex after vaginial intercourse. This in something I have hardly ever done (ie oral sex after intercourse) but now I have strep throat. I haven't gone to the doctor, just started amoxicillian I have here (four kids) and it has cleared up (also a rash on my face) in a few days. Is it a coincidence or do I need to avoid this act in the future.
Avatar n tn Today these spots became larger but it is not covering his body. He has no fever and does not seem uncomfortable or itchy. He had strep throat about a month ago. What are thoughts as to what this might be?
Avatar n tn I went to the ER, where they gave me epinephrin and a breathing treatment (was wheezing), and tested me for mono, and strep throat. I also began taking the antibiotic keflex in advance of the strep reading, because my hives were so severe. Doctors also wondered if there was something else going on besides hives; I began to consider I was dying.
Avatar n tn About one week after having unprtoected oral sex with no ejaculation and protected (I hope) anal sex with no ejaculation I developed a bad sore throat. My skin also became very flush for about a day (not sure if it was a rash or just anxiety) I went to the doctor and had a "slight positive" strep test and a 99.2 fever, my question is is this indicitive about ARS? I didn't ask my doc as I was very nervous and scared, any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn i had gone to the doctor and was treated for strep throat on 4/12/2006......they gave me a shot of anti-infamitory and prescribed me far back as i can remember i have never had any allergies to ANY medications what-so-ever....the next day i went to the dentist because of horrible pains.....they couldnt do anything because of infections so she prescribed me penicillin and 800 mg of ibuprofen.....
Avatar n tn Did the doctor culture for strep? My nephew had strep throat that turned into a rash as you describe.
Avatar f tn This in something I have hardly ever done (ie oral sex after intercourse) but now I have strep throat. I haven't gone to the doctor, just started amoxicillian I have here (four kids) and it has cleared up (also a rash on my face) in a few days. Is it a coincidence or do I need to avoid this act in the future.
1808606 tn?1316364268 I've googled around and some hits suggest that this is a byproduct and/or toxin from the strep bacteria but I can't find any articles directly addressing these tingly bumps of clear fluid. Why would strep bacterium waste products manifest only in my hands and feet? I also seem to have some Impetigo starting around my mouth, nose and ears. Any suggestions would be appreciated. How exactly is this all related?
Avatar n tn I couldn't swallow, eat, was running a 103* fever at its worst, was weak to my knees, and had white spots in the back of my throat. This was confirmed to be strep by a rapid test which was + for strep bacteria. I was given a Z pak, but when I was feeling worse a day after starting the regimen, I returned to the Dr. and was given an antibiotic injection and put on a steroid pack. 6 days after exposure to strep bacteria, and 3 days after becoming sick, I was fine again.
Avatar f tn I read that amoxicillin can cause rash in people who have mono, and was concerned that I didn't really have strep (or that I had both strep and mono). I went again to the second doctor, who was a bit perplexed, but said that I couldn't have mono, and that if I was reacting to the amoxicillin I would have a swollen mouth as well. He told me it was probably still scarlet fever and that I should continue with the antibiotics and let him know if it worsens by tomorrow.
Avatar f tn It can produce a rash on your chest If you have one you could have scarlet fever. Mono doesn't cause the rash when you get strep. Strep causes its own rash due to toxins. If you have a rash I would definitely try to get in touch with him/her right away. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn He has a throat culture done for that diagnosis, and he also had a fever and body rash on his chest, stomach and pelvic area on the front of his body only. He now has peeling hands - the skin started peeling at one nail bed and has spread to both hands. It seems to start as air-filled areas under the skin that are thick dead skin that break open on their own and peel. There is no itching but does have an uncomfortable sensation for the child.
Avatar m tn After 13 days of ongoing pain that wouldn't go away (I noticed because the pain was still there after I stopped taking anti-inflammatories), I got a rapid swab test and got diagnosed with Strep throat. I got 10 days of penicillin and the pain went away after 5 days. However, on the fourth day of penicillin I started to notice that my ring fingers and middle fingers were starting to feel dry and scaly.