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Avatar f tn The antibiotics you have been prescribed for you Strep throat will usually quickly and effectively treat the problem. There should be no likelihood that you would pass this on to the newborn baby through a throat infection, however take the necessary precautions of hand washing, etc.
Avatar n tn I know strep and allergies are definitely two different things, but it could be that if he has an allergy issue, his nasal passages and throat get irritated from that and then an infection occurs - the strep throat. This past winter I, myself, got strep throat twice and pneumonia once - the first bout of strep actually landed me in the hospital for 4 days.
Avatar n tn He's been on an antibiotic for a week, and woke up with a low fever and sore throat during the night. Can you get strep while on an antibiotic? Does treatment change? Anything I should be overlyconcerned about?
1995033 tn?1334166703 So I tested positive for strep throat n my boyfriend has strep throat n pneumonia... And im getting induced wednesday!!! Ugh this week can't get any worse!!
Avatar n tn Untreated strep can lead to pneumonia and rheumatic fever. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that will NOT go away on its own. Only antibiotics get rid of it.
Avatar f tn I never know I can get STD thru oral,wasn't educated as much, after tat happened to him around the same time I started to get sick again and found out I had acute pharyngitis and while I was the I had std test and request a throat swab ,still waiting to hear back, they gave me 4tablets of azithromycin 250mg for being exposed and amoxicillin for my pharyngitis. Since the std is all new to me I've been w one person for the past 7years he's cheated.
611067 tn?1458595083 The sore throat and enlarged nodes may or may not be related to your pneumonia, but if the cause of the pneumonia were to be determined, that information might provide clues to the cause of your throat soreness and node enlargement. Whether your sore throat and enlarged nodes are related to the pneumonia or not, these signs and symptoms suggest a throat infection, with secondary enlargement of the nodes. You should have a completed blood count (CBC) and throat culture.
Avatar n tn The next day he was called and told to go to the hospital since he had pneumonia and severe anemia. Put him on IV antibiotics and steroids and inhaler for 6 days and sent him home. He was sent home on amoxicillan for 10 days and 9 days of steroids. He has not gotten any better. Went back to dr. and got another chest x-ray and blood work. Told pneumonia is better but there is a shadow in his lung and white blood count shows infection. Put on another 7 day of amoxicilan. Now what?
518117 tn?1429279873 But, I am though afraid of taking shots, that are only going to make me sick. When I am trying to prevent things like flu and pneumonia. To prevent becoming ill to begin with. Then, there is this swine flu that is all in the news, etc. I am not liking what I am hearing about the vaccine for the swine flu. With COPD getting ill has increased somewhat in the past few years or so. Have had bronchitis and pleurisy several or more times.
Avatar f tn This in something I have hardly ever done (ie oral sex after intercourse) but now I have strep throat. I haven't gone to the doctor, just started amoxicillian I have here (four kids) and it has cleared up (also a rash on my face) in a few days. Is it a coincidence or do I need to avoid this act in the future.
Avatar f tn My lymph nodes in my neck were moderately swollen and painful. I thought it might be strep and thought about a trip to the doc but decided to wait and see if it would get better. I gargled with warm salt water, ate soft stuff, and soothed my throat with warm tea, and took some naproxen for the pain. Day two: upon waking found the burning was less, but the soreness to swallow was worse. Lymph glands swollen even more, and it appeared/felt like my tonsils were enlarged.
Avatar f tn I have had strep throat x2 and pneumonia x1 in the last 5 months, I believe my great grandchild could be a carrier because I got the strep throat after having him over for a few days and noted when it happened the first time i had him over for a few days and the second time the same thing. However, the pneumonia I have had x4, plus I am a diabetic, which does not help. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283451'>Chronic Sore Throat</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have had a flu for six months now. Finally my doctor diagnosed pneumonia and put me on antibiotics, Avamys and Symbicort. Unfortunately, either the Symbicort or the Avamyst has given me a fungal infection in the throat (and beyond ... it seems to go down quite far). This was not too unexpected as Advair gives me horrible thrush that lasts for months.
Avatar n tn Signs and Symptoms The classic textbook symptoms of Strep Throat are sore throat, a white film covering the tonsils, tender and enlarged neck lymph nodes, and fever of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These classic symptoms, however, are seen in only 10% of the cases. A Strep infection could present with any combinations of the above symptoms. The symptoms start about three to four days after exposure to the bacteria.
Avatar m tn I never had regular strep throat (caused by Strep. pyogenes) I had one caused by another strep and it knocked me on my butt. I had a 103 fever and I could barely drive to get to the doctor. For you they should have seen the white patches on your throat or done an ASO test. I don't understand the doctors these days. What are they teaching them? It is more infectious than contagious. Sort of like mono is transmitted. Wow, so your sons kidneys were damaged by strep? Is it permanent or temporary?
Avatar n tn I have been feeling really sick, its been 3 day since the incident, my thorat is killing me, i have some white stuff on my tonsils, my body is achy, and i have had cold sweats all night long last night. Are these symptoms of HIV or just strep throat?
Avatar f tn It starts with a runny/stuffy nose, progresses to a sore throat, she starts to have a cough, and then she runs a fever 103+ for up to a week or more. She has been diagnosed at different times with sinus infections, strep, and pneumonia... twice now with pneumonia since January. They have taken blood and said her immune system is working as it should. They have set her up with a pediatric pulmonologist but the appointment isn't until November. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I first went to my campus's medical clinic originally thinking I had strep throat. Based on the doctor's conclusion, I had a viral throat infection. Three days went by and it turned into a whooping cough. I went back to the clinic today and the doctor gave me antibiotics after I told him I coughed up some green gunk. The doctor said my lungs sounded clear. However the amount of pieces of lime green sticky mucus I have been coughing up has increased. My main concern is that I have pneumonia.
Avatar f tn The night before last I cleaned out the litter and for the next few hours I was having some chest pain and tightness, and my throat was getting sore. I felt better by the time I went to bed and woke up without any chest pain or issues. Then I went to class and after walking around a bit I developed the issues again, which sort of came and went throughout the evening and were much better when I went to bed.
Avatar n tn Went to ENT month after taking Avelox for another mouth swab, no Staph, no E.Coli, but this time he found Strep Pyogenes 3rd level growth and said it was nothing and not to worry about it. Anyway, the nagging pain and neck glands were still swollen and still tender, I was not really happy, but was patiently waiting for it to resolve on its own. End of April, ear dullness adds to the nice array of feelings I have been experiencing.
Avatar m tn White patches are common in many throat infections. The sore throat and tonsillitis which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles/betadine mouthwash will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If the patches increase in size or become painful then consult your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn A sore throat, persistent for two months is rather unusual and definitely atypical for Strep throat, especially after two courses of antibiotics, assuming that one or both of the antibiotics given were capable of eradicating a conventional strep infection. Your doctors were right to check for Gonorrhea as that definitely cause a refractory sore throat. Another organism that can cause, not uncommonly cause acute and/or chronic sore throat is Mycoplasma Pneumonia.
Avatar n tn One of the most common symptoms is the need to keep clearing your throat. If it is more severe reflux, you can have hoarseness and chronic severe sore throat as well. Coughing, especially at night, is another very common symptom. You could try some OTC Prilosec while you wait to see your doctor again.
681588 tn?1275086789 Oh! And one morning I woke up and checked out my throat with a flashlight (as I usually do) and there was this thin string of yellow mucus right down the middle of my pharynx. I've only noticed it once, though. And not with a cold.
Avatar f tn Do you think 8-10 days of Azithromycin is adequate if it actually is only his throat, and not pneumonia? (Or even if it is pneumonia and the doctors just won't give him anything else).
Avatar n tn IF YOU GET PREGNANT -- it is VERY important for you to let your OB/Gyn know that you are Strep B positive. Most hospitals and private OB's have Strep B screening as standard of care, but I'm sure there are some that still do not routinely screen. Your OB/Gyn will tell you what to expect and how to prepare for delivery.
Avatar n tn This time it didn't go away and so I saw my ob/gyn. She took a culture and found strep B, which has nothing to do with Strep A that creates strep throat. She said she could give me antibiotics to make it go away but then I would get a yeast infeciton from the antibiotics and then we'd have to use another cream etc. She said just to let it ride it's course. Now it's been three and ahalf weeks and it's better but not all healed.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old daughter has a reoccuring throat infection that requires antibiotics. She took 7 or 8 rounds of it last year and again this year seems to be getting it again. I do not want her to build up antibodies or become allergic to it. I know antibiotics are good here and there, but too much isn't good for you and if I can find a way to help her avoid her throat infections, I'd like to eliminate the need for antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Usually you would have a high fever, pus in the throat etc. if it was a strep throat. Bacterim has limited activity and works on lower respiratory tract (pneumonia) organisms and not generally streptococci. It is more effective towards other bacteria. So, i don't think you have a strep throat.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that my nasal polyps have grown into my throat, or that I also have polyps on my vocal cords? I know that for a strep throat antibiotics is indicated and I've made an appointment at my doctor, but due to inconvenience the appointment couldn't been made before Monday. I'm keeping myself relative stable with 500 mg paracetamol (NSAID), but perhaps you know of other stuff I could use to keep myself stable until Monday?