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539780 tn?1213947576 I had acute bronchidis, for the next two weeks I had walking pnemonia, then I had strep throat. Now Im much better, but I woke up this morning and my eye is pink, and kind of sore. Can it be Pink Eye? And if so.. what are some home remedies I can take since I really have no more money for another Doctors visit because of this past month?
Avatar n tn If you do get it, I know that a Z-pack is perfectly safe in pregnancy. (I've had pink eye and bronchitis so far this pregnancy so I've had my fill of Z-packs!) Also, my baby cousin went to a sitter where all the kids got strep and they took her to the doctor just to make sure she was ok. That doctor told my Aunt that kids can't generally get strep under the age of 2. It comes out in the from of a cold. I know doctors have differing opinions, but that is what she was told!
Avatar f tn I PLEAD WITH ANY PARENTS TO KEEP THEIR SICK CHILDREN HOME! I have parents insist on sending their children to school with pink eye, strep throat, and even WHOPPING COUGH!! I know your child may get upset but please keep them home untill they are definitely absolutely not contagious!
Avatar n tn Hi! Sore throat, pink eyes and rash can be sue to allergic reactions or due to viral fevers like measles, chicken pox or due to hemorrhagic viral fevers such as dengue. All these cases need to be eliminated as soon as possible as these are contagious and can be dangerous if not managed. If it is an allergic reaction, then the cause has to be found. Take care!
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago, I started developing the traditional pink eye symptoms of redness, itchy, drainage, crusty, etc. I went to the doctor, and was told, yes, it was pink eye. He gave me some antibiotic drops, and sent me on my way. Two days later I was back in his office, with my eye swollen almost shut, my eyeball redder than I've ever seen, and what looked like a blister on the outer corner of my eyeball.
Avatar n tn It is now Saturday, my daughter was diagnosed with strep throat Wednesday night and started amoxicillin in the urgent care, Friday afternoon she broke out in a itchy rash...mostly on her torso but some on her legs, neck, and arms. She has been on amoxicillin several times before from ear infections when she was little. The only difference with that is it is no longer pink (the amoxicillin).
Avatar n tn There's a small chance of gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes, but you probably did not acquire an STD from your exposure. The sore throat you experienced was more likely from a garden variety virus and the pink eye could have been conjunctivitis. Pharyngeal gonorrhea is possible, but is usually asymptomatic when it occurs. Also, you need to have a specific test done for gonorrhea - a swab test in the throat for staph or strep will not tell you if you have gonorrhea.
Avatar f tn It started as a cold, I ended up with Pink eye. I thought I was getting better but the left side of my throat is very sore. I can get through the day as long as I am sipping something hot but by bed time it hurts to swollow and to talk. Tylenol will help so I can get to sleep but it is still uncomfortable. My question is how to know if I should go see the dr. I do not take antibiotics unless it is absolutely needed. I have to many allergies to antibiotics.
Avatar n tn This time it didn't go away and so I saw my ob/gyn. She took a culture and found strep B, which has nothing to do with Strep A that creates strep throat. She said she could give me antibiotics to make it go away but then I would get a yeast infeciton from the antibiotics and then we'd have to use another cream etc. She said just to let it ride it's course. Now it's been three and ahalf weeks and it's better but not all healed.
Avatar m tn The area of the throat directly behind the uvula and the right tonsillar pillar was red and sore. Slowly, over the past few days, the uvula has shortened, but still rests on my tongue. The lower third of it is now grayish-white. The area behind the uvula is looking better and so is the tonsillar pillar, but my posterior mouth is so sore! It seems to be sore above my soft palate, posterior tongue, uvula, and throat. In looking at my mouth, it looks mildly red, not too remarkable.
Avatar f tn The congestion continues to today. Now 7 days after the initial symptoms of my sore throat I have pink eye in one eye that has a thick discharge. With three ailments, would it be a good idea to ask for an antiviral from the doctor? Or should I just continue to ride it out?
Avatar f tn Hello, On Sept 27, I went to a walk-in clinic after 3 days of a horrible sore throat, no voice, and some congestion. A swab confirmed strep throat and I was put on 10 days of amoxicillin. I went back 2 days later, and was diagnosed with pink eye, possible ruptured ear drum, ear infection and sinus infection. Gave me drops for the pink eye, and kept me on the amoxicillin. They told me if my ear didn't clear up in a couple of days to see an ENT.
442340 tn?1326821017 If you lack this vitamin however you will be likely to get strep throat, pink eye and night blindness. Vit A and D both are protectants that keep many bacterium from overgrowth (like strep) or getting a foor hold, like pink eye. since you are exposed to children always, your attention to good throat health will save you from many infections. Its also important you keep your hands away from your mouth always, and wash them often.
Avatar f tn The same germ that causes strep causes pink eye. I have had strep throat develop into pink eye several times. Since you just saw your doctor, and he probably prescribed you antibiotics, you should call the office and explain that you have pink eye. The doctor will probably just call in another prescription for you for the antibiotic eye drops.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping this will go away soon I have to work as well and I'm losing my mind the eye and yeast infection esp have me concerned BC who knows how long may take to clear up.. I've had a seriously bad type of pink eye in past lasted nearly 2 months couldn't see and eye bled!!!
Avatar m tn My history has always been protected 100% up untill this scenario with a random man Begam with itchy pink eye, grity feeling on 1 eye only. 5 days with the pink eye and as of Yesterday swollen tonsils with white puss both sides painful to swallow. Temp goes from 100.6 to 101.5, 99 with tylenol. I had pink eye 1 week prior this tonsil situation. Is this symptomatic of strep tonsillitis?
Avatar m tn When my son was around 3, a lot of kids in his daycare had strep throat, ear infections, pink eye at one point. I believe all of this is caused by the same kind of streptococcal bacteria that can accompany a regular viral cold. My son shook it off within a week without further treatment but I had everything from sinusitis to bronchitis to pink eye for almost 4 months, without anitbiotics that was.
Avatar m tn I am a young male and recently had a bout of sore throat and pink eye. I didn't really feel any genital problems associated with this, but have had the sore throat and pink eye for a week now. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics for the strep throat and drops for the pink eye and now (a week later) both are starting to go away for the most part. However, I have been feeling a slight..hard to tell if it is my imagination...
147426 tn?1317269232 I can't say this for all situations, because some infections will cause hives - most commonly strep throat and deep abcesses. Still, my sense is that those of us with allergies are not at greater risk of relapses. Anyone with different experience? Mary - I use the same professional dipsticks that the labs use if they don't have a new-fangled machine which is more accurate. Those are the Siemens Multi-Stix 10 SG.
Avatar f tn At this point, my symptoms were a bit different. Extreme pain on the jaw, teeth, ear, throat, face and the back of my eye only on my right side. Headaches 3 to 4 times a week as well. He asked for a blood test (he was the only one that did it and it's almost three months since it all started) and the test showed infection, probably viral because the white part of my blood was just fine so it wasn't bacterial. I got more medicine and it's been 5 days and I see no results.
11509410 tn?1418864916 On December 12th, 2014 i developed a slight sore throat with a mucus like post nasal drip slime in the back of my throat and eye infection that when I bent over I had severe pressure behind that eye, emergency room doc thought automatically "pink eye" well after 2 days of the antibiotic ointment my eye got progressively worse so I sought out an ophthalmologist and he was unsure I guess but gave me an antibiotic drops instead and told me to return in 4 days.
Avatar n tn My white blood cell count was high, so they ran some more tests and turns out I have strep. I don't have a sore throat or fever, but I've got strep and I have no idea how long I've had it. I started taking an antibiotic Friday and it is now Monday and I haven't had burning red hands or feet or ears!! I am still a little reactive to temperature change, but not like I was. I really hope that I have found relief for good!
404541 tn?1201726441 I still have my tonsils and they were both swollen with a lot of white spots. I went to the ER and they did a strep culture which came back negative for strep. I thought I would just need to rest and see if it would clear up on its own. When it didn't clear up I went to my regular doctor. She prescribed Augmentin, which I wound up with the generic for that. I also had gotten pink eye. My stuffy nose had subsided.
325477 tn?1250554909 I am so happy things are turning back normal, not being worried anymore is a blessing. She says I am stillnot out of the loop and she will keep an eye on things but is looking up already.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
Avatar m tn it went away in about 3 days,but have had a sore throat for 3 months and swollen tonsils and glands and SOB or at least pressure in chest area that comes and goes. also I get these red blood spots on the inside of my cheeks. they will be there for a few days then there gone and come back. seem to always be gone when I go to docs. tests are as follows: 8wks negitive HIV rapid neg chalymdia,Gon, trich 9weeks neg HIV 10 wks neg HIV,HEPB,shyphilis,normal CBC 11 wks undetec.
Avatar n tn I am married and I (stupidly) had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a different partner. Two days after, I went to the dr and found out I had strep throat. (The day before our sex, I had a sore throat and the all around tired, run down feeling) I'm assuming that I already had the strep prior to the unprotected sex because of the timeframe. As a result of the strep, I was put on the Z-pack. 2 weeks after, I had pick eye and was treated with a saline antiobiotic.
Avatar f tn The most common symptoms of either form of meningitis include fever, severe and persistent headache. stiff and painful neck, vomiting, eye sensitivity and eye pain from bright lights and muscle aches and weakness, and strange feelings (such as tingling) or weakness throughout the body. Diagnosis is by spinal or CSF tap and examination of CSF. Lyme’s disease is an emerging infectious disease caused by Borrelia and is the most common tick-borne disease.
Avatar f tn Behcet's is not contagious and it doesn't run in families. It is commonely triggered by strep throat, food poisoing or other infections or for unknown reasons that have permanitally damaged the immune system. Stress, injury, common illnesses, and genital to gential contact are some of the most common causes for repeated flares. People with illness need to rest more often and take better care of themselves. Even then, they will need medicine and a good doctor to stay well.