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Avatar f tn What other symptoms are associated with the joint pain, sore throat and hives 5. Does the rash coincide with the joint pain. 6. Have you had the symptoms before? If so how many times and how long did they last If the symptoms have persisted for more than 5-7 days that I would consider going back to the health care provider and emphasize the points above.
Avatar m tn 19 Years old, and have random joint pain in wrist, shoulders, and knees. I can't sleep until I am absolutely exhausted, like an old man in church, whose head is starting to bob. I usually have to crawl out of bed to pee before I can sleep, and its a really small urination. What is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Help! I have been having traveling joint pain for about two months now. I think this all started when I got a really bad strep throat infection. About two weeks after the infection pasted I started getting bad burning pains in my wrists when I move them (especially flexing them up or down) It was so bad I couldn't get dressed by myself in the morning) I started wrapping my wrist and that seemed to help.
Avatar f tn I recently had strep throat but since my throat was not sore it was not treated and then went to strep reactive artritis. This all started with pain in my ankles and knees. Within a week I had pain in all joints. It was not always in one joint, moved around a bit. By Sat I was unable to hold a pop can without trouble and opening doors was very painful so I went to the ER and from the blood tests they did they found my strep level was at 200.
Avatar f tn Our pediatriacian thought maybe the joint pain may have been caused by strep throat. So we had a strep culture, and there were still antibodies in his throat (Assuming because he had strep throat weeks before that was undetected). The culture was positive, however our son had only had 1 day of sore throat with a short fever 4 weeks prior to this throat culture. The doctor then wanted our 3 yr old to give blood to look or Rheumatoid factor and Titre tests, so we did that today.
Avatar f tn Help! I have been having traveling joint pain for about two months now. I think this all started when I got a really bad strep throat infection. About two weeks after the infection pasted I started getting bad burning pains in my wrists when I move them (especially flexing them up or down) It was so bad I couldn't get dressed by myself in the morning) I started wrapping my wrist and that seemed to help.
Avatar n tn I have been having joint pain, severe in my leg side of body, arm and leg, and then both sides of my wrists, fingers, and ankles. It's now in my right knee as well. I have had just an overall ache in my legs and left arm. (I did have a total shoulder make over on my left side, Jan 2012 due to a trauma in 2008. I had a bicep tendonesis, SLAP, and a clavicular resection of half my acromium.
Avatar m tn If so then the virudans strep could also be the problem and viridans strep are more resistant to antibiotics. But I would check with your doctor on this and see if the Strep group B and Viridans strep were sensitive to Levoflaxacin. If they are it may be a suitable substitute. Why do you want to stop the Ciprofloxacin or switch? Do you have another problem you want to treat in addition to the urinary tract infection and prostate or is the cipro not working?
Avatar f tn So me and my mom went to the doctors, they said I had a strep throat and gave me penicillin for that, but after a day my right ear started to hurt so much I couldn't sleep. It felt like I could hear my own heartbeat through it, but was really loud. A sharp pain would also go through my jaw and it felt like someone was pinching the inside of my ear. The doctors told me to get Tylenol 1 for it but that didn't work either, I'm only 15 years old does anyone know how to help me?
Avatar m tn I had a wicked case of prostatitis and joint pain etc. for the 1st time in my life that started a little more than a month after a nasty strep throat that was cultured as S. Pyogenes. It took a few months to resolve. I think there is absolutely a connection after reading up and seeing how many people have asked this same question after it has happened to them. When you look at how the kidneys and heart have post strep complications why couldn't it happen elsewhere?
Avatar f tn Then most of the flu symtoms went away except sore throat and stuffy nose and the rash started spreadind around my stomach and i started to have minor pains in my abdomen and stomach.I went back to the doctor again and they did blood work to check for mono that came back negative and she said everything was perfect.Then some time later sore throat went away but came back oddly.
Avatar m tn So recently I have been having throat pain, and i took a look in the mirror with a flash light. I noticed I have yellow stuff in the back on my throat that wont move( tried with a q-tip). My tonsils are also swollen and inflamed, they also have the yellow stuff on it, that stuff wipes off though. The yellow stuff looks like mucous to me. I also have pain in my ears, head, and stomach. What could this be a sign of?
Avatar n tn I have recently changed pediatricians (ours wanted to place my son on a 24 month regimen of Penicillin – even though rapid and cultured throat strep tests are negative). Below is a rough time line of illnesses with laboratory results. I would appreciate any and all suggestions of possible avenues I may research! Respectfully!
Avatar f tn Within the week he was back on an antibiotic and this week he still has a fever, achy bones, lethargic, stomach pain, swollen glands, and white spots in his throat. The chest x-ray and mono came back negative. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why he keeps getting so sick. We get rid of his toothbrush and his hygiene is not an issue. As of today he will have been on 10 days antibiotic (with only 6 days off previously) and now has been prescribed for another 10 days.
Avatar n tn I have had it for 2 weeks now, I got strep throat but I had the rash before I got the sore throat. The doctor says its viral rash could last 4-6 weeks just curious if anyone has had this too??
Avatar f tn Following couple weeks had headaches,joint aches,neck pain, sore and strep throat. I threw up three times.had night sweats. Got antibody test after 3 and 11 days. Negative. Got rna test after 17 days.negative again. 3 weeks over now and I still have itchy and discomfort mouth. Sore throat as well. Is it any other std sympmms. What kind tests should I take.pleae help I am really worried.
Avatar m tn the pain would be there for a minute, and go away...and came back, then went away etc...the pain was not constant, but i feel it periodelically. Besides that finger, more fingers started to hurt, my wirsts were mildly hurting and had 1 or two episodes or elbow pain. And of course the musles in my forearm (under the elbow) started huring. To top it all of I felt abdominal pain in the bottow left and right quadrant.
Avatar m tn also no breathing difficulties
Avatar f tn I went to my doc but he didnt even look at my mouth :( he didn't take me seriously at all just spoke about the baby and that's it. I had strep once and it burned my throat so i kind of thought it was my tonsils but not i hear of advanced strep ugh I'm def going for a second opinion tm.... and can u still have advanced strep w out fever?
Avatar m tn 3 F, sore throat, joint pain and cough with phlegm. I went to the doctor and they tested for the Flu and strep. Both were negative. The cough with phlegm lasted for about three weeks. After this I got 5 more canker sores. Lately I have been feeling a burning sensation on the palate and pressure on the lower jaw where it meets the upper jaw. I have been anxious and nervous about the possibility of HIV infection. About three weeks ago the parotid gland saliva duct became swollen, no pain.
3123268 tn?1342176937 This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpation behind the ear. As you have had a recent throat infection, it could also be a lymph node enlargement. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.