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Avatar f tn I just found out a friend of mine has Strep in her blood. She doesnt know much about it she says, or she just doesnt want to talk of it. I searched the web for info, but im a little confused with the results im getting. For anyone who knows about Strep, Is there any info you can pass to me about it? Is Strep in the blood a class A, B or C? Is it contagious? Is it life threatening? How does someone get it? Is there a cure? Thanks to anyone whos able to help me with this.
Avatar f tn My oldest son had blood in his urine and it was a kidney infection and i had to be taking him every 6 months to children's hospital to get checked
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the immune system of humans tends to get confused in fighting off this germ, and forms antibodies that can cross react with the blood vessels in various organs of the body. This is called a vasculitis. The characteristic vasculitis of Strep infection is scarlet fever or scarletina. A somewhat unusual or unexpected strep infection is perianal disease. This presents as an intensely red rash around the anus, which is usually mistaken for a yeast infection (Candida).
Avatar f tn My vet spayed my 6month old puppy in December and she ended up with a strep infection in her bladder. It is four months later, she still has trouble urinating, has crystals in the urine. I have been told that the strep infection is gone but she still had the crystals. what could be causing the crystals, there are no stones in the bladder.
Avatar f tn the ASO titer will tell your physician whether or not you have a strep infection. It is not the quick strep test. You could have had strep and the antibiotics could have failed at treating it.
Avatar f tn I just was diagnosed with Herpes II in my throat. I was married for 24 yrs, been separated for 1 yr, and other than my ex, only have given oral sex to one other person one time, a few wks ago. With in a few days I began to have severe sore throat and high fevers. This gentleman had a herpes infection in his eye many many yrs ago. I don't know about any genital herpes, but will be talking to him today about that.
Avatar n tn sounds like an infection of some nature,,,could be something like lymes disease,or more serious like hiv,,, i cannot see you getting rash from sore throat,,UNLESS you got medicine for sore throat/toncelitis and you are having a reaction to it.
Avatar m tn In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles/betadine mouthwash will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If the patches increase in size or become painful then consult your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn My daughter (17) was given a strep test on Mon which was negative (rapid). I took her in because she had a sore throat-slight fever-tummy ache. Today (thu) the Target clinic called and told me that it was positive for Strep B and she would NOT need antibiotics. Has anyone here had to deal with a strep b infection and get better without antibiotics. She still has a tummy ache- poor appetite-loose stools and slight headache .
Avatar n tn s good that your Dr is retesting you in a week. Your WBC being low means an infection is going on. It could be an ear or sinus infection. Are you taking antibiotics right now?
Avatar f tn I had a strep infection without a sore throat, but with scarlet fever, and every joint in my body was involved. I could barely walk. I had no idea strep could cause these symptoms. You can also have a negative rapid strep test. What you really need is a culture and a blood draw to make sure. I got the run around for quite a while. I went to the doctor and said "my fingers are swollen" and he said "they don't look swollen to me.
Avatar m tn Hi Nick I was reading through your experience of strep infection in your prostate. My urologyst just told me that I have a strep group b infection on my prostate. I am having the same symptoms you had. I was wondering how you came out of it. Are you better?
Avatar n tn if you really need the peace of mind you can get a hsv1 igg blood test in 3 months to see what your status is. you also can ask your bf to get the igg test now for hsv1 ( no need to test for hsv2 since he's never had sex before ) to see what his status is if he can't recall ever having had a cold sore before.
564491 tn?1320360393 I have been dealing with a strep infection in my navel. I just completed a two week regimen of Amoxicillin. The infection had spread from the navel all over my abdomen, up my chest, and around my hips/back. My asked my internist if I still have an infection, could that cause my BP to rise? It's also been VERY hot and humid lately. I asked if that could cause a rise in my BP. Lastly, I asked him if Buspar could cause a BP rise, since this is the only new medicine I have been taking.
Avatar m tn Im honestly not sure what this is and I'm having a hard time getting answers from anyone includin my doctor. I pray you could offer me some direction on questions I could ask. Im 32 years old and Ive never really had any health issues up until now. About 2 months ago, I just got over a nasty case of strep throat. A few weaks after beating that, I began feeling a burning sensation in my front right abdomen, I made no assumption the two were related.
Avatar n tn He went to a free clinic and the doctor told him that it does not look like strep throat and that it looked more like herpes or a viral infection. He got blood work for herpes and is still waiting for the results. They prescribed him amoxicillin and its been his second day taking it and there is no sign of improvement. He feels worse and has developed a fever. Overall he's felt lousy all week and has stayed home.
Avatar f tn Could the urinary infection or penicillin affect the test and is ten weeks long enough to test accuratly?I know 12 weeks is the usual time but do you think 10 weeks was good enough.
506259 tn?1228788619 He broke a vertabrae in May, had a lung infection in July, and the emotional state is usually the same. He becomes super sensitive, distant, sometimes wont even communicate on what is going on, cries more over things that he never would have in the past 7 years, is unbelievably irrational at times, the stories are really mind blowing. I also notice that he becomes more anxious after the physical sickness has left.
Avatar f tn Hi, the symptoms described could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar f tn I have had strep twice, bronchitis, and ear infections since the beginning of December and just last week found out I had bronchopneumonia. When I had my strep infection my white blood cell count was 6000 and that was in the beginning of January and last week found out it was 12000. The normal count is 4000-11000. My Seg Neut Absolute was 9.2 and the normal is 1.8-8.0, and in January it was 3.8 also my neutrophils were at 76.9%.
Avatar n tn Consider your drinking water a source. We were on well water and were informed that the constant strep throat infection my kids had could be coming from the water they were drinking. Strep can be passed through water. Ever since we have been on bottled water we have been in the clear. This discussion is related to <a href=''>recurring strep throat in our family</a>.
Avatar f tn They tested her and found out that she has strep throat. They also found blood in her urine sample and want her to get it tested again later for a cause. My mom has just beaten breast cancer and she, understandably, gets a bit worried when tests have any kind of unusual results. I realize it may not be anything really bad but after everything she has been through I also worry a bit about this. Can anyone tell me if perhaps these two are linked or if it may be something else entirely.