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Avatar f tn There is this book called "easy way to stop smoking" By Allen Carr's Very small and easy to read. I know numerous people who have read it and found it very easy to quit by time they were finished the book . Try looking into this. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn However, one thing has skipped to the forefront of my thoughts; quitting smoking. You see, I quit smoking in mid-September and by October, I began having daily anxiety attacks. Given some Xanax by my PCP a couple weeks in to calm my nerves, I woke up the first night taking the Xanax in sheer panic and it was all down hill from there, eventually leading to a partial hospitalization program and a resumption in my smoking habit.
311051 tn?1193419806 I suffer from anxiety/ panic attacks, and my doctor said that smoking and caffiene can cause anxiety to come on. she told me to stop both, i cut out the caffiene but can't seem to stop smoking, I can't smoke during an attack but after it passes it seems to calm, though it does speed up ur heart rate. Its just one of those things that doesn't seem to make sence. I always tell my self that i'm gonig to stop smoking during an attack but always seem to light up after to calm my nerves.
Avatar f tn No one in the world love smoking more than I do but because of E-cigarettes It was so much easier to stop. I am sorry u r having health issues but u have to stop smoking as soon as visible. U don't want to ruin ur own child's life by giving a birth to a child with serious health problems. I hope this will help u to be on the right path.maybe u can start yoga or some other excersise that will help u with stress as well.
Avatar dr m tn They've associated the good feeling that they get with the physical act of smoking, which also happens to make you take in some slow deep breaths. This is the concept that George Wissing describes in his fascinating new book, Stop Smoking For The Last Time. It's interesting to note that the act of inhalation is controlled by your sympathetic nervous system, which is the stress half of your involuntary nervous system.
Avatar n tn Once after I thought I had injured my penis and was waiting to go to the urologist I did stop masturbating for a few days, and after about two days I woke up in the morning so horny, my penis was so sensitive, that I simply had to masturbate (session didn't last very long), otherwise I never would have gotten back to sleep. I think it's just virtually impossible, or very difficult, to completely stop.
Avatar f tn I expected then the treatment might be able to stop. However I was advised to continue to taking the medicine being afraid that the resistance to the medicine might develop if I stop using. I have since continued the treatment and all follow-up check-up shows very good result. Most recently, test in Dec 2009 shows AST 16.2, AKT 11.2. HbeAg Neg. Non-detectable virus count (<500copies/ml).
Avatar f tn Like it or not, I do think these laws are working to help stop people from smoking. How would they enforce it ? It gives the landlord a reason to evict the tenant. Someone would have to complain. Also I'd think they'd loose their deposit.
Avatar f tn He'll just see that he did something, got caught, so he needs to change the way he goes about it. It won't stop him doing it again. You are beautiful and you are special and if he can't see that and appreciate you without needed something from someone else, then there is something wrong with him, and he's not the man for you. Maybe he once was, but something has obviously changed and I just don't think (personally) that there is any going back from there.
Avatar f tn The member clearly realizes that she should stop smoking and we all know no health care professional recommends smoking, pregnant or not. You are free to offer helpful advice on smoking cessation, but it's not a place for judgment or debate. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Yes I admit it I'm lazy. I know it's past time to get in shape stop smoking exercise and lose weight. I just don't do it. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn **UPDATE** My friend hasn't talked to me for weeks. There are a lot of videos o him smoking on snapchat. I'm very worried because I heard from another friend that he won't be able to graduate high school because of his grades. I'm worried that he could be slipping or have already fallen off the wagon. I'll update again when I have more information on him.
Avatar f tn And, I've gotta add - knock off the smoking. Good chance that you started it due to the pressures of being an undiagnosed ADD person. That causes tremendous anxiety. You don't need that smoking crutch anymore. By the way, two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD.
198154 tn?1337790865 The majority of people stop using drugs without any help. Addiction to smoking is just as difficult to give up as addiction to heroin, but the majority of people stop smoking with out any outside help. Drugs agencies are thought to be in contact with between 10% and 25% of all heroin users. The rest stop using drugs without any help whatsoever. When the U.S. army was fighting in Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of soldiers became addicted to heroin. When they returned to the U.S.A.
Avatar m tn most of it is mental, but there are physical side effects too. i too am trying HARD to stop smoking and i don't care about physical withdrawals at all. i have had withdrawal from many substances in my life and this by far is the hardest. i have been taking wellbutrin (zyban) for a week. smoking is starting to make me nauseous and give me a headache. which is making me slow down A LOT. I will give it a few more days and then put a patch on for awhile.
10426972 tn?1419336364 so I'm 25 wks and can't seem to stop smoking i try everyday but I seem to keep wanting to smoke cigarettes now it wasn't hard to stop smoking marijuana but can't seem to stop them im going crazii just need some advice on how to stop
3588173 tn?1357320784 I can only hope my story is motivating to moms or moms to be, or anyone to stop smoking! No matter how hard the outcome is soooo worth it. I still think about smoking and crave all the time, its only been almost 8 months but so great.
374839 tn?1199148206 some of the sites accompanied with stars or notes next to them, pictures on his cellphone, his porn stash in our bedroom(and let me tell you i couldn’t handle it, it grossed me out), internet history daily and its all porn sites, he has downloaded videos and pictures on our computer while im sitting right here in the same room(he hasnt done that in a while since i flipped **** last time), he looks @ porn @ his work and he is the manager(im worried he could lose his job), he has gone to strip cl
Avatar f tn You are making the right choice by quitting! Look up pictures, and videos about what smoking does to the body, and to your little baby. Maybe that can scare you straight! Good luck, your doing the right thing.
Avatar n tn This disease is not reversible, but in most cases it is completely preventable. If you stop smoking, you may prevent the disease, if you haven't already got it, or stop its progression. If you have emphysema, you can take a number of steps to halt its progression." I believe taking excellent care of yourself, as your husband is doing, eating right, taking vitamins, etc., can do wonders. Please let us know how his breathing test turns out. You both take care.........
Avatar f tn Stop smoking pot you are only 14. Do it if you want to live healthy and normal life. I used to drink when I was 14 and I think that had influence on my anxiety!!!!!! I suffer 10 years already and believe me you don't want to be in my shoes. go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Hey Jimmy - Your situation is very similar to mine - although I'm a bit older than you... not sure if you'll ever actually SEE this but I figured I'd chime in anyway... Let me say that I too was a closeted smoker for many years - so I can forgoe the detail we all find in common - the alcove, the rituals, washings, gum, lying, etc... all the multitudes of things we have to go thru in order to continue smoking. I know them well...
Avatar m tn then my erection became very poor .
Avatar f tn Welcome to the large club, and it's growing fast as marijuana has gotten so much stronger than the natural plant. So it's time to stop smoking -- well, it was time a long time ago. But the anxiety the experience of being high brought out of you set off a conditioned response -- this is what you're felling when you watch a video or when you were around your friends and they started smoking -- your mind reverted to the bad experiences you had.
Avatar n tn Hello, I want know if my LVH is "atheletic" and not an indication of artery disease. Thank you ------------------------------------------------ Details/factors below: Stress test result -------------------------- Bruce protocol test showed 1.2 to 2.2 ST horizontal in III-AVF and V6. Test results: stage 4, ; 11 min,25 sec ; 12.9 METS , 100% target heart rate. No arrythmia, or high bp.
Avatar m tn hello Doctor , i wish you're fine , I have really big problem with my sex health , I am 26 years old now and I started masturbation when i was about 10 , i quit about one when i was 17 then started again , now my sex energy is almost empty , i will tell you my life style so that makes you more able to teahc me how to recover my sex energy my mental state is very very bad since i was kid , and my nutrition is very bad since about 8 years ago , i started watching porn videos(sorry for that) two
Avatar f tn But, I always afraid that my heart gonna stop. I dream about my heart sometimes. I also, cry, and I afraid to stay alone , to drive a car for traveling, to hang out with friends that smoking weed or cigarette or hookah, because, when I smell or inhale one of those, I think that I will have heart disease.
Avatar n tn I'm worried about taking any pills because I don't want to develop a dependence on them at such a young age but I've read that doing things such as quit smoking, masturbating less, working out, cut back on drinking, and eating healthier might help. I just want to know if anyone who has experienced these problems took those steps and if they worked. Any other suggestions would be much apprectiated.
Avatar n tn I hated the patch but you should leave it on for a few hours at least to stop you messing with your eye. 9) Some pretty intense discomfort will be felt for a few hours as the meds wear off. For me, it helped to lie down and not move my head for a couple of hours. I also ate a Quizno's which was the best tasting one I have ever had. Spoil yourself for the afternoon. I was told not to work out for two days, which is very hard for me but I will follow that advice.