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Avatar f tn Typically the pain from a kidney stone is when the stone is higher up in ur ureter before it enters ur bladder. It blocks the flow of urine and this is very painful. Actually peeing out the stone can be relatively pain free.
168348 tn?1379357075 So now the gameplan is to only take the Vit D once a week vs. 2X week (so 50,000 iu's vs. 100,000 iu's) and recheck it again in 10 weeks. I await the unrelated kidney stone analysis and 24hr urine study, but all the other thyroid test (blood) were okay and my TSH is up to 2.4 from 1.3 but since my micros were so small and incdiental, both my Primary Doc and my Endo agree to keep my Synthroid dosing where it is at 62.5mcgs vs. 75 .... I was a bit concerned with it over 2.
7808984 tn?1406680965 m female but, those stents HURT no matter if your male of female. Praying that stone comes out on its own. I had to have stone surgery on both kidneys the same day and had stents in each side. If you have any trouble peeing or severe stomach pain go to the er. I hadn't gone in almost 24 hrs. come to find out my bladder was blocked with a ton of blood clots from the surgery. I cringe anytime someone has to go through that surgery. Good luck I'm thinking of you.
Avatar f tn Aparently the stones I have do not x ray so they can not track the stone. It has been a week and a half and no stone. I simply can not keep missing work. They say perhaps surgery next week. Hopefully it will pass. Thank you for your time!
Avatar m tn Chances of them missing a stone with those two tests is unlikely unless the stone was really really tiny. Doesn't mean something else isn't wrong but that a kidney stone isn't the issue.
Avatar m tn So this morning i vomited like i have been and out of my mouth comes a black rock.. I do have to say i am no longer nautious or vomiting. But dont know what it was.
Avatar f tn I am a 60 yr old female. Several yrs ago I was dx'd with 2 renal simple cysts (1 ea kidney) about 9mm each. I went to a well known medical campus close to my home town because the drs in my small town couldn't agree about the cysts being simple or complex. An Assoc Prof of Urology was the one who dx'd them as simple after a couple of CT scans at that facility. There was also found a small non-obstructing stone in my left kidney.
Avatar f tn Walk your yard or her run carefully a couple of times a day to make sure that there are no rocks or stones where she can get to them, and watch her like a hawk when you have her out walking as she can grab one up before you ever see her do it. Rock eating and rock carrying also play havoc with the teeth, so it's definitely something you want to nip in the bud and avoid a repeat of.
168348 tn?1379357075 Did I say I hate the 24hr urine studies? I think I did .. so again .. ugh ugh ugh They won't just send out the stone -- I have to repeat the study. I guess this is a good thing given the Vit D was so low and now on meds to be sure the calcium levels haven't risen. They took all sorts of thyroid tests this morning, along with a Metabollic Panel to look @ the Calcium as well as a repeat Vit D via serum now that I'm on the prescription pills and feeling fine on double dose.
Avatar m tn Im down to 15 to 30 mg of roxi a day and dont know if cold turkey or keep tapering is the answer please help please I cant do this alone.
Avatar f tn Just to make sure when I do eat try and make sure to eat healthy vs eating junk with no nutritional value. Had very bad nausea and vomiting. Lost 7 lbs and I will be 13 wks tomorrow. Good luck to you and just experiment with small portions and cold things.
565479 tn?1216460776 By the time I got home from the hospital my breast were as hard as rocks and then there is a big lump under my arm. Please tell me what can I do to get rid of the rock hard breasts and the lump under my arm?
Avatar f tn Before we really got to discuss it my insurance company said I had to switch from nucynta 50mg to opana er 15mg. I was just wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone. Should I be able to reduce fentanyl dose from 25 mcg to 12 mcg since Opana Er 15 mg has entered the mix?
Avatar m tn Hard to answer on the data stated. This could be biliary in origin but esophageal spasm could also produce pain where you are stating. This could be aggravated by the NSAID's. You did not state why your gallbladder was removed - stone disease vs. dyskinesia. A retained or new stone in the common bile duct or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction could potentially explain your symptoms. It sounds like a good GI evaluation is in order.
Avatar n tn ve been doing so i have been picked on and shunned by what i do but i found people on here that are so kind an excepting someone told me a Worry Stone is a good way to keep your mind off it its a flat stone round and very soft, i found one my mom had and i have stopped picking for exactly 18 hours now, it is hard to go threw i was shaking and i coudl barley notice myself trying to pick but when i did i stopped and anytime my hand twitched to pick something i rubbed my rock this is so much easie
Avatar f tn The PA for the ENT said maybe a tonsil stone, maybe tonsil cancer. She said she saw no signs of infection. When biopsied, we could see a large white spot. My mom said a few tiny white pieces came out later. The tissue is still red and swollen and very painful. Lots of pressure in the ear and pain with swallowing. Magic mouthwash provides relief. Does anyone know what this could be? If it is a large stone, what is the treatment? Symptoms of stones vs cancer are so similar.
Avatar f tn I had a huge rock in mine. It was taken out last year just before i found out i was pregnant i dont know how you are coping with the pain as well as being in n.z if you go to emergency dep with gaul stone pain attack they have to keep you in and remove it within 72 hours of admittance to hospital. Good luck.
Avatar n tn my 10yr old daughter had ureteroscopy proecedure in Oct08 for stone removal on her right kidney then had the stent removed 6 wks later. Then our troubles started because retrograde pyelogram showed distal ureteral dilatation. This means that the flow of urine to the bladder is not normal and there is narrow passage close to the bladder. In Dec, ultrasound showed hydronephrosis and hydroureter with stones again in the lower pole of the kidney. Nothing was done other than observation.