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Avatar f tn That surgeon did all the usual tests and concluded that the wrap was far too tight as I had an added problem of poor motility (ie food would stay in my gullet until it was ready to enter the stomach). As the wrap was so tight it pooled in the gullet hence the regurgitation and inability to swallow. I had the undo operation in 2008 and much to my dismay but anticipated, I got the acid back with vengence and now have grade 4 erosion in the gullet and stomach.
8112046 tn?1396624003 I'm so excited to get a Moby wrap for this baby! I carried my first around and held her ALL the time. I'm looking forward to the ease and convenience of doing the same with this baby but still having use of my hands, especially with a toddler to parent as well.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used a wrap for the belly after baby was born? I hear mixed reviews about it. Does it help? Any good products out there? What's your experience.
Avatar n tn what does it mean when a CT scan report shows that the nissen wrap has herniated into my chest?
809047 tn?1238378719 I had a nissan wrap 3 hour laporscopic surgry in Oct. andI had a left ovary cyst size of a grapefriut removed in Dec by 4 hour laporscopic I now 4 to 6 mths later am having severe pain were my inscision are. It wakes me up from a deep sleep it hurts to lay on right side can't lay on my back or stomach so this leaves me to sleep only on left side. The pain intensefies if I lift anything over 10 pds. We found another cyst on right ovary but it is small 2x1.
Avatar n tn Its been 5months that i had a c-section, and my belly still looks like its about the size of 6month pregnant. Does using a belly wrap at this time around really work to flatten the stomach? I havent used it anytime after my delivery and its my first really worried if my tummy is gonna stay like this forever...
1495634 tn?1291395179 I get muscle tightness in my abdomen and lower stomach. When I'm tired, my stomach muscles will contract rhymically - very weird! I also get bands and pain at the sternum level.
Avatar f tn I cringe every 5-10 minutes from the acid even the next morning when there's nothing in my stomach. I can't keep anything down. HELP!!!! I don't know what to do.
1222635 tn?1366399886 im planning on purchasing a belly wrap for after i have ariana. has anyone ever used one of these and had results? what brand/type do you recommend?
Avatar f tn We have talked before. Think I only needed hernia fixed and not wrap. Need this wrap out. Yes. Am trying to get appt with Cleveland oh hospital that is 2 in country for gi disease. And will need other opinions and looking for some specialist to undo wrap but it might not work. Do u know anything about Cleveland? If u know any specialists let me know. Thx.
Avatar f tn honestly, your QUICKEST bet is HONESTLY, breastfeeding...or pumping. it tightens all your stomach muscles and helps you look the way you did before pregnancy. remember to just work out and work on your sister wore a wrap when ever she exercised.
Avatar m tn I did not think about it until too late that maybe the acid was there because my stomach moved and if it was put back into place maybe I would not need the wrap. Well, I have had problems ever since the surgery. My stomach is huge and tight, I choke on food and drink (no alcohol) and now have shortness of breath to the point of choking. I have some secretions that keep rising up in my chest and throat and more.
Avatar m tn I want to know what it can't see as pertaining to the nissen wrap. Can they the UpperGI/Barium swallow tell if the wrap is too tight? Can it absolutely tell if the stomach is touching the diaphram?
Avatar n tn one of my stiches was broken in a car accident . i have 2 stitches holding my wrap. if i bend down i have a dual pain and have to lean back to get my wrap straight. what is going on.
Avatar f tn They have what's called prenatal cap. Its a wrap that helps lift the baby for you while your pregnant. Honey its heaven sent.
Avatar n tn I had a Nissen Fundoplication Wrap October, 2005. I have a paralyzed left hemi diaphragm & my stomach had floated into my chest above my left breast pushing my heart over to the middle & twisting the esophagus & other organs. Oct. 2004 I had my stomach stitched in place hopeing this would work & it only lasted 3 months or less so the NFW was the only alternative at this point because I was in a dangerous situation.
Avatar f tn Some people say it is counterproductive because it takes the work away from your stomach muscles, and other swear by using such garments. Anyone have opinions either way?
561650 tn?1316816668 Hello, I had the Lap Nissen Fundoplication to correct an esophageal hernia 2.5 years ago. Since then, I have been unable to vomit or burp. I had a endoscopy done and a dilation of the wrap but it did nothing to help. I now have "gas bloat syndrome" and have been miserable anytime I get sick and need to expel food, because all I do is dry heave and hurt my stomach muscles. I want to have this thing undone. Is this even possible? I live in Dallas, TX.
Avatar f tn Then the worlds worst nausea and intense stomach pains where wrap is started. Can't eat or drink and surgeon won't reverse but someone needs to. No life and no more am I a single mom as I'm too sick to function. Losing car and house but too sick to live at shelter.
Avatar f tn Did anyone use a body shaper to get their stomach back into shape after having a c section? An how soon did u start to use it??
Avatar n tn Also, do you know of anyone who lost their spleen or had their stomach rupture. My stomach looks like a road map--not a pretty site for a 52 year old. I am so depressed and disgusted with my health, but I just keep praying that tomorrow will be better. I don't want to sleep sitting up again.
Avatar f tn hi my name is wanda, and on december first of last year i had a stomach wrap for gerd. ever since the surgery my stomach has been hurting so bad. i have had gas really bad seems like all the time after i eat its really bad! i dont know if its from the surgery or what? i wasnt having this kind of pain before the surgery, not sure what to think! i go back to the doctor today maybe he will have some answers i cant live like this to painful.
Avatar f tn But then about a week or so ago, I started to get chest pains and stomach pains. It feels like heartburn, sortof. When I brought it up to my surgeon, he thinks the wrap is too tight and it is pains from food getting stuck???? I am not really having to much trouble eating. But he wants me to undergo a dialation, to have the opening stretch, but I think it has come unwrapped already? Can anyone advise if I should undergo the dialation? Or is it a waste of time and money?
Avatar f tn Having unbearable daily nausea and stomach pains and trouble swallowing. Food getting stuck. Starting having trouble 3 months after. Current endo showed another hernia but surgeon not buying it. He believes current ct and barium that showed no hernia r correct. Can't eat/drink just as bad as a year ago before surgery. Surgeon wants me to do Manometry and bravo capsule. Tried and paid and failed Manometry last yr as I couldnt tolerate and heard bravo horror stories.
Avatar f tn On 4-14-07 while on vacation in Orlando, had emergency exploratory abdomen surgery. almost died. Surgeon found abscess in wrap around esophagus with a perforation. Top half of abodmen cavity filled with yeast and lower half with pus. Temp 99.1 Physician told me he had to undo wrap and I no longer had nissan fundoplication wrap. I burped and thru up which I could not do with nissan fundoplication.
Avatar f tn I'm having a planned c-section. I'm looking for a stomach wrap to wear when I have my baby. Where is the best place to get one or is there a proper name for it? Maybe I can't find one because I'm searching the wrong item.
Avatar m tn Sometimes the nerves that are in your chest area radiate pain outward and even wrap around to your back, causing the sensation of pain in remote areas of the body. This is according to my husband's chiropractor. Your other symptoms are associated with poor digestion.