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Avatar m tn ur stomach pain cn b due to acidity... c our stomach has mucous wall... wen v eat food gastric juice along wd HCl is secreted .. nd helps in digestion.. since food moves to intestine aftr 2-3 hrs... bt acid..stays dere... nd strt destroyng mucous wall... so u feel pain.. treatment for dis is use mild antacid.. like rantidine u cn purchase tab. pantaprazole ...
Avatar f tn Here lately my stomach has been getting really tight and hard, but I haven't been having any pain . I am 27 weeks fixing to be 28. This is my second pregnancy I didn't do this at all with my first. It is kinda weird are any other mommies experiencing this?
Avatar f tn How do I aboid skeeping on my stomach?
Avatar f tn Hey ladies was wondering if this has happened to you I'm currently #31 weeks and all day todaymy stomach keeps growling like if iI'm hungry or something but I have already eaten... What can be? I don't feel gasy. Or need to use #2.. Its just annoying because I can hear my stomach making those noises..
Avatar n tn They did a CTscan and it showed a thickening in the wall of his stomach and lesions on his adrenal glands as well as a bulging hernia. He is now schedule for a endscope/ultrasound with fina needle biopsy. They are also going to biopsy the lesions on his adrenal glands. My question is, is cancer the only thing that could cause this are could there be something else. He has a history of hundreds of polyps in the colon also and no mater how many times he has a colonoscopy they find polyps.
Avatar f tn Sounds like it to me. As caryopteris said "ulcers can be very dangerous" let unchecked it can continue to damage the wall of your stomach and even cause bleeding. Be sure that you are eating more than once a day. Several small meals a day would be good.
Avatar m tn I have had problems with nausea and stomach pains for a long while. I have recently undergone two separate endoscopies and an endoscopic ultrasound. Several CT scans and blood tests to go along with a Gastrin level test. I have a kidney disease known as Membraneous Glomerunephritis (MGN) and underwent chemotherapy about 9 years ago and still have to see the doctor for this about every 6 months. At last visit, MGN was still in remission.
Avatar f tn Not the regular little hole in the tummy wall, but a general weakness in the stomach muscles. It creates the look of a pot belly.
Avatar n tn Hi I have pain behind my breastbone and slightly to the left side under my ribs, with excess gas and bloating to my stomach. I have also have heartburn occasionally. This has got progressively worse in the past year since having an endoscopy which found nothing untoward other than inflammation due to excess stomach acid.
Avatar f tn This is gastro-intestinal imaging finding has to do with the evaluation of the stomach. A normal thickness is typically 0.50cm-0.70cm and any result much higher than this, warrants further investigation. BTW it is called stomach wall thickness.
Avatar f tn I am a light drinker- glass of wine with dinner - But I am not having caffeine, alcohol, sugar and cows milk now to help heal hopefully (and maybe diagnose what is causing this stomach wall thickening)c Please see below to see the tests already done - A CT scan of abdomen and pelvis (in march 2013) showed thickening of stomach wall and sigmoid colon wall. Followed up with upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Esophagus looked normal.
Avatar n tn I'm 38weeks, lately my stomach been hard as a rock and hurts sometimes. What does that mean?
Avatar m tn been having stomach bloating and distention foe several weeks or more ,i eat my stomach bloats,i work out stomach bloats ,hot shower stomach bloats ,drink a beer my stomach bloats .its not bad when i sit or lay down,stand up bothers me ,some days worst then doc did blood and urine test every thing ok.hade a open m.r.i everything ok. but found 1.0 cm lesion on lateral wall of spline with a tiny 4.
Avatar f tn a little bit of intestinal wall thickening. Also checked for female problems. All they told me was my problem is probably due to endo & ibs. Finally went to a holistic dr. Nothing really seems to help. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I had a upper G.I done last thursday and got the results back stating I have thickening of my stomach lining. I started with mild gastritis symptoms a couple years ago that two weeks ago became full blown which is why the doctor ordered the barium. I have been taking losec with some moderate improvement of symptoms and do not feel near deaths door like last week. I just am very worried about this thickening and worry it could be stomach cancer. Anyone else experience this with GERD or gastritis?
1033165 tn?1309435416 Now, since the surgery I am left with severe chest wall neuropathy from my whole left side down to my waist and half way around. My stomach muscles hurt severely as well. I have lost weight due to pain. I have tried P.T., meds, inner costal injections, tens unit. nothing seems to help. I am on restricted work hrs because of the pain. What can be done. I can't walk very far without breaks anymore, I'm only 45. Getting a little fed up!
Avatar n tn I had a C - Section 2 years ago and an operation to repair an umbilical hernia a year ago. The wall of my stomach has a four finger gap and the hernia is back. I've been told their is little point in having surgery again yet - as Im still carrying my child a lot. What exercises can I do to help maybe close the gap? I am fairly active and have recently started a bit of yoga again, but Im conscious of maybe doing more harm than good.
1603923 tn?1297767967 Ultrasound showd the hematoma, and conclusion is that there is ectopic endometerium in the anterior abdominal wall, also there is Bilateral renal concenetration and small calculi.Gynecologist advised Cap Danocrine 200 mg(Danazol) 1+1+1 for three months , i did get approval from my rheumotologist also , but i am reluctant to start as its type of hormonl therapy /Intake, and her disease of Sle got worsened also due to a contraceptive medicine also in May 2010.
634567 tn?1222655959 Ok, here is whats going on, I look nine mths pregnant( my stomach swells, but usually goes down) for the past 9 days it has stayed swollen. Well I thought it would go down but it didnt the pressure was killing me I started to throw up and couldnt keep anything down, couldnt go to the bathroom(it felt like gas and bowel was trapped).
Avatar f tn I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and she was pressing so hard on my stomach that I was in pretty rough pain all night and today my stomach is still sore. It hurts to touch it, hurts when my clothes touch it, and makes me feel very crampy. :( is this normal or has anybody else had this happen? I'm a larger lady and that is probably why she had to press so hard but it still worries me :( Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I have felt a ball or bubble in my stomach can that be pregnancy? I feel bloated ,my breats hurt, and I've missed my period by a week. My back is hurting and my emotions have been off the wall.
Avatar f tn As of today, I’ve been experiencing an upset stomach, sore throat, nasal congestion, and you can say diarrhea. Is it possible I have an std and which one exactly? Note: This was the only time I performed such a sexual act.
Avatar n tn ve had this for a long period of time you may be very likely dealing with gastritis (inflammation of the stomach wall). This would cause a burning stomach. This may be caused by hyperacidity, dyspepsia, or h. pylori, and can cause ulcers, atrophying for the stomach wall, or worse. among other issues. You need to get to a doctor quickly, and ask about an EGD (upper endoscopy).
Avatar n tn Kevin MD and Vortex failed to discuss the possibility of gallbladder/liver cancer or several other serious diseases. When there are no stones, but a single polyp accompanied with wall thickening some real red flags go up. Although Voirtx's gallbladder wall thickening is elevated but within normal range there is still real concern because of a single polyp and no stones. ali This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.