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Avatar f tn Symtoms Fever over weekend with no other symtoms. This morning she woke up with red spots all over her back and stomach and chest. Not on legs or arms or face. What I am remembering is my other daughter had a virus, and the doc said that the virus causes these spots after the fever goes away. I know antibotics does nothing for this, so I don't feel there is any reason to take her in as her fever is gone, and she is eatting and drinking. These aren't chicken pox, I know that.
7052683 tn?1392942395 If you had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics you would have had a rash, hives, swelling of the throat or breathing problems, something other than the symptoms you describe. A virus can make your stomach feel like it has been torn up. Stay hydrated. Hope this helps. Check out the diet on it lowered my husbands and my cholesterol a lot and helped with weight loss. It is a big lifestyle change though.
Avatar m tn Two months ago, i got rash at my armpit, palm, arm, and between-chest-and-stomach-zone. During the rash period i treat it with powder but it seemed not helping at all. The rash is gone now (by itself) after 1 month. Do i have something to worried about STD and some HIV things? Please give an answer. Really depressed.
18954 tn?1314301717 my son has a rash on his stomach, neck, & back that occured two days ago and is real red. little bumps that are'nt raised hardley at all. he has also had a low grade fever, we have been giving him children tylanol for the fever & children benedryle for the itching. can you give me any info on this or should i be alarmed? thank you.
Avatar n tn I reaad this site and found that I am not the only one with this rash thing going around ,I know now that maybe it will go away and the body has a mind of its own.
Avatar n tn About a week later I broke out with the exact same type of rash, started out on my back, with a few bumps on my neck and legs. My back was by far the worst hit place with this horrible rash. The rash resembled pus filled pimples and on the second day some would have a raised head on them filled with fluid that itched like crazy until you eventually scratched it causing it to bust.
Avatar n tn I went down with some night fevers and had a widal test and was diagnosed with typhoid (not related to the *******, I guess) and I took Ciprofloxacin for 5 days, 2 tablets daily. This separate incidence which made me took this strong antibiotics pretty much ruled out any STD infection caused by bacteria, right? The typhoid fevers went away within the first couple of days of taking the antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Hello I had sexual relations protected with a massage girl in California. Shortly after 3 days I started experiencing symptoms, need to urinate and redness in meatus of penis along with redness and irritation in eyes. By the end of that week I had tingling all over boxer short area The following week I had trouble walking due to the pain and tingling, this eventually turned into burning in the urethra and scrotum lasting two to three additional weeks. No noticeable blisters ever formed.
Avatar n tn Is this related to the stomach virus? Were the hives that I had all over my body related to the virus? The corner of my eye is really small and is there something I can put on the affected's so close to the eye though.
1554910 tn?1297433511 Additionally, about 5 percent of all babies born to women who experience this rash also are born with the rash on their bodies. This rash usually appears in the final stages of pregnancy and has even been known to occur after delivery. 4. Prurigo Gestationis When this rash appears it is initially mistaken for bug bites. However, it soon becomes apparent that the many tiny red spots that spread to the hands, feet, arms and legs are indeed a rash. One out of every 300 pregnant women is affected.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash with small bruises in the area of the rash for almost two months. Most of it is confined to my legs, esp my inner thighs and behind my knees. The rash presents as horseshoe- shaped with a small bruise right near it.
Avatar n tn I am no doctor but I looked on the internet a bit and it seems that this would point to the body being infected with a virus. Several days later, once I was already feeling a bit better, I did more blood tests and the percentage was a little higher, meaning that I was fighting the 'virus' (as we have guessed and termed it!) and also the percentage was higher as I was feeling a little bit better by this point.
Avatar f tn I'm a 15 year old, 5'9 female, weighing 120 pounds. For months now I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, especially recently. It is super hard to stay awake during school and even harder to wake up on the morning- let alone actually get out of bed! Off and on I've been getting random "infections", or whatever they may be.
Avatar m tn Did you go to the doctor with the rash? The rash can be anything. It could be an allergic reaction to something, food, drink, tablets, detergents and so on. It could be measles, chicken pox - you do not describe the rash. Like you say, it could be bed bug bites and sometimes spider bites. A doctor would have been able to diagnose what the rash was (sometimes!). If the rash is very itchy and started more on your hands this could be scabies.
Avatar n tn I got a CT scan on Wednesday, and there isn't anything serious. They have no idea whats wrong with me, so he called it a virus. Is it possible for a virus, that seems to be getting worse, even with a MONTH of rest/ doing everything right, to persist this long? It now appears to be descending my throat, and I have develepod a slight cough. Or could it be something else. I tested negative for strep and mono. Any ideas?? Doc says he has never seen a case like this before. Help!!!
Avatar n tn My child (19 mo. girl) has gotten a rash ONLY on her stomach and back (NO WHERE ELSE) three times in the last two months. We have not traveled out of the US. The first outbreak was diagnosed as chicken pox, but after the last two rash outbreak, we and the doctors are wondering if she had the chicken pox at all (with it being just the first outbreak of the rash). We have seen our pediatrician, a dermatologist, etc. They both originally suspected some type of insect bite.
Avatar f tn Localized rash and/or a rash with limited distribution, with or without pruritus Moderate rash: Diffuse rash, with or without superficial skin peeling, or mucous membrane involvement, with no ulceration Severe rash: Generalized rash with or without pruritus OR rash with vesicles, bullae, or ulcerations Serious skin reactions: Stevens‑Johnson syndrome (SJS) OR drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) Rash Description & Management Mild to moderate rashes – Continue all d
Avatar f tn my mother has blistering rash on her stomach, chest , private area, butt. she has had it for a month now. the doctors said fungle. a woman i work with has the same thing. is there something out there that is going around.
176741 tn?1295237589 There are many scientific articles on the association of rash with hypothyroidism. Here is one of them. I suggest a Google search, even something simple like "rash and hypothyroidism". I've found pictures of 3 kinds of rash associated with hypothyroidism that I have myself. http://www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn Or was it just a nasty virus? And also, when you get a Petechial rash with a virus, is it also caused by bleeding under the skin? Thank you.
Avatar n tn What is this rash my daughter, age 7, has? on the chest and stomach, various red dots spread out that itch, kind of look like mosquito bites.
Avatar m tn Last week my GP confirmed that I had a cough and said that the throat rash was likely to be part of the virus and ill probably get a viral rash elsewhere on my body when the cough starts to clear up. Other than the cough, some sneezes and a stuffy nose on and off there are no other symptoms. No fever. Could this be a viral rash caused by a cough? If so are these common?
Avatar n tn still feels that the pimply rash on my stomach and sides was from the virus but the leg rash was from something else.
Avatar n tn Stomach pains with normal labs and ultrasound could be acid in the stomach or even an ulcer - if persists see a stomach specialist (gastro-enterologist) for evaluation.
Avatar n tn Im concern what could be causing this rash. The rash looks like irratation on the skin with little pin sized white pimples in a group and its scailly. I also had a small patch of skin on my groin area thats discolored its not raised kinda looks like the one on my chest. What could this be??? Please help. Im really worried.
Avatar f tn Some she has a dry scaley ones on her bottom and inter thighs. And on her stomach, chest and upper back feels like a red rash almost can't see it but you can feel it. Also theses bumps in her inner thighs itch like crazy. So I give her benadrly and aply cortizone cream all the time. I took her to a dermatology back in Nov. and he said it was kind of a fungus to mix desitin and lotrimin together and make a paste and put it on her.
1180329 tn?1265434588 The next day, same symptoms but also I developed one bump of that specific rash that you get when you get the virus during the ARS period. Next day I got diagnosed Typhoid Fever after a blood test and I started taking antibiotics again(last time I was taking the same antibiotic was during the Christmas holidays, ranging from the 22nd to the 28th or something) And my nausea seemed to decrease, but my lack of appetite was remaining still.