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1770029 tn?1325802355 Hi and sorry you are ill. There is no such thing as "stomach flu" meaning the influenza virus does not cause flu in the stomach. It is considered gastroenteritis. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever up to 100 degrees and possible cramps are caused by many things, virus or bacterial. However, the most common cause is a virus called Norovirus. It is spead from person to person by fecal oral contamination.
Avatar n tn Sounds like stomach flu/virus , it has been going around this year,in the US dont know what country you are living but we have had here , it also seems to recur It may be a good idea to have her checked by your Doctor .
Avatar n tn Yes, these are all symptoms of type I diabetes in children. My child was wetting the bed, extremely thirsty all the time and was vomiting; his vomiting, we think, was contributed to a stomach virus he had at the time. We took him to the ER due to dehydration -they did a blood chemistry and his blood sugar was 399-they immediately admitted him to ICU and he was put on IV insulin. He's been a diabetic now for 3 years-he's now 9. He's has handled it amazingly well!
Avatar n tn There have been many stomach virus this winter in fact through last year we have had many posts like yours,children according to experts are 20% sicker than they were a few years ago ,my guess is the anti biotics are not working well .
Avatar f tn You are correct, Genotype "A" is a genotype for HBV. Because of this and the phrase "no virus found" in the context of a genotype (and stated HCV) it's difficult to draw any conclusions one way or the other as to the little boy's viral status. We can therefore only guess what "A" really stands for, but best that the poster, "aamirpasha" clarifies the situation. And based on wording alone, we may even be dealing with HCV/HBV coinfection, i.e.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks and I've been the same since last week. Ugh the diarrhea is constant. It went away for a day and came back today. How far along are you? But anyways, it won't hurt your baby. As long as you keep drinking water to stay hydrated you're fine! Go get checked out at the doctor just in case if you feel really nervous.
Avatar f tn Another thing is, you can drink grape juice (no sugar added), daily also, cuz the acid in the juice will prevent any virus from settling in your intestines. All I do is, every evening, I pour my Kids (ages 7&3) a 1/4 cup grape juice, with 1 tsp of sphere cider vinegar, n they drink it, without even knowing.. Its the best way to prevent that crap. And a very healthy/cheap way.. Feel free ti drink it with water after u get the virus, as it kills on contact.
Avatar f tn It could still be a stomach virus, however, it could be a bacteria or even parasite. I recenlty had a stomach virus that lasted about 7-8 days. Have you ever been tested for or diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? Your headaches could very well be a sign of dehydration - with all the diarrhea, you can get dehydrated pretty quickly. Be sure and stay well hydrated - water, ginger ale, sports type drinks are all good.
Avatar f tn t pregnancy related but if you ladies could please pray for me to get over this stomach virus as quick as possible. Went to the ER tonight and had to have an IV put in to get my fluids back up. Im 31 weeks and not being able to keep foods down is horrible.
Avatar f tn I think I have a really bad case of the stomach virus... I've drank green ginger tea but it didnt helped...
589779 tn?1235125028 i have just had the worst stomach virus i have ever experienced. for 16 hours i was constantly being sick every thirty minutes. dr's were about to admit me to hospital when i stopped being sick. i;m 9 weeks pregnant, does anyone know if this will affect my baby.
Avatar n tn Ooo gosh everyone in my house has a stomach virus, really worried about my 1yr old, she's not eating anything only sips on water, also worry I might caych it. .that would be no good. I'm 38wks today! !!
Avatar f tn I am 20 wks n 2 days and I have a stomach virus. I can't keep anything down. I am constantly vomiting. Will this affect the baby?
Avatar f tn Everytime i eat i get the feeling as if i would jave a stomach virus not nausea like in the first trimester its not horribke but makes me not want to eat could it be something else im 30 weeks
203342 tn?1328737207 Anybody else experiencing this? My daycare baby had a stomach virus last Thursday.His mom kept him home that day and brought him on Friday because he had stopped throwing up so she felt he was fine then, that it was just a 24 bug. Well, he's been fine but my 4 year old started throwing up yesterday. He couldn't keep anything down until last night he had a little soup. This morning he acted fine and was hungry and wanted pancakes so I gave him some.
Avatar f tn Im 14 wks and 3 days. Just caught the stomach virus from my job and worried about my little one. Did any of you ladies go through this and were your little ones ok?
Avatar n tn I am writing this to find some help for my partner. We visited the ER of a hospital we happened to be near (not our "normal" ER/hospital) last Sunday. She was having pain in her stomach in intense episodes to the point of tears and inability to walk. The pain is in her lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. The pain also radiates to her back, upper groin, and down her legs.
Avatar f tn not likely at all. in theory the virus could survive but there are no documented cases of it occurring. the washcloth would have to have active virus on it plus still be warm for it to even begin to be a risk to someone. conditions hard to have in the first place. everyone in a household should have their own towel, washcloth, toothbrush, razor and body buff because very common germs are easily transmitted through sharing them.
Avatar n tn my daughter is 10 and this has been going on for 6 mos or so and no one else in the family ever gets sick!!!
Avatar f tn ve cleaned everything in the house so I was wondering if it was a stomach virus should I be safe from catching it again by now?