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Avatar n tn I have the contraction like pains and have had them since I had my tubes tied 12 yrs ago after my 3rd child I also get the sensation like a baby moving in my stomach I know for fact that I am not pregnant but what I have found that helps is bearing down like you’re trying to push out a baby and sometimes that relieves the pressure
Avatar m tn I am feeling nausea while eating every time i feel nausea when i started eating and during eating i feel nausea, some time when i smell of food then i feel nausea also.
Avatar f tn You may just be having an upset stomach, it could be stress, a stomach bug or an ulcer. If it keeps up see your Dr to find out what's going on for sure.
Avatar n tn Usually I recover rather quickly, but I had a bout of it last week-ish, and now it feels as though my stomach is gnawing on my lower ribs, and my backbone. I also feel like I am hungry, like a gnawing hunger pain. If I eat, it goes away for a while, but not completely. I can still feel it in the back of my mind. The burning pain is now creeping up into my esophagus, since last night. I also feel quite fatigued, and I actually thought I was pregnant, but thought better of that.
Avatar n tn Took Ramididine. - After two weeks chest pain subsided. - Then my stomache got so bad I couldn't eat for a few days - spasms just above my navel and below my ribs and a general pain just above belly button. - My stomach felt better on Previcid for a few days but now my chest pain is back for the last two days. - Taking Previcid and being treated symptomatically because pregnancy. No antibiotics until after baby - allergies.
Avatar n tn Stomach pain - Severe stomach pain around belly button. Stomach gurgles and nausea occurs. Feeling that throwing up will help. Have taken laxitives and antacids. Helps but not that much. Seems to occur after eating. What can I do? Please help.
Avatar f tn i have acid reflux daily, have for over three years (since i was pregnant). sometimes just bending over will make painful acid come into my throat. my doctor saw an ulcer wen looking in my mouth. i have had sever pain daily in my upper left protion of my abdomen, getting worse over the past six months or so. im going to assume thats an ulcer too (though not sure). i also have blood in my stools (have for a while), occasionally blood and mucus mixed.
369941 tn?1218660374 Last night I had sudden sharp pain in my lower stomach during intercourse. My husband and I stopped but it just got worst and I couldn't move at all for an hour. The pain seemed to jump all over my stomach but most of it was in my very low abdomen. Very slowly the pain went away. I thought it might have been something with my bladder but today I could feel that my cervix and what feels to be my uterus was really swollen and still tender.
Avatar f tn Make sure you keep trying to find out what is going on and don't give up. Could it be stomach ulcers? I know when I had one it hurt while I was eating or after and at night and then it could go away from some time and out of no where come back. Certain things would make it worse and some would make it better. And where the ulcer was it was always sore to touch. What kind of doctor are you going to? A family Dr? Hang in there and I hope you find some answers.
Avatar f tn No hpylori, deodunal ulcer. When I almost finish the nexium. I am still complaining about my stomach so dr gave me domperidone 10 mg twice daily. I finish the nexium and still acid didn't go away. September and October didn't have a chance to see my doctor. But I am still taking domperidone. End of october, I went to a party and ate spaghetti and drink some orange juice. My stomach start burning up to 2 to 3 weeks while waiting my appointment on November 15.
154765 tn?1237251544 I have a bloated stomach 24 hours a day when I eat it gets worst........Can someone please tell me what this can cause from?
Avatar f tn Anyone here experience to have ulcer while pregnant?... Im not sure if I have ulcer my stomach really hurts like cramps and I always vomit I know its part of pregnancy but the pain I'm not sure its usually on my upper stomach.
Avatar f tn And with that sensitivity you should be very careful as you don't want to end up permanently damaging the lining of your stomach, esophagus and/or duodenum (which is where I have my small ulcer). But again I will mention, here in Canada we have some medications that do assist with prevention of irritation if one must take a drug that might irritate the stomach. I am not sure if you have those kinds of drugs there, but it's worth it to ask. Hopefully that helps?
Avatar f tn Hello. I'm a 36 year old, and it seems to all goes down hill from here. Every 2-3 months on the day I start my cycle I get what I can only decribe to be labor pains! (only one of my problems). But it starts like I'm going to be sick and throw-up. From there its all labor pain syptoms (feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, terrible back pain, and contractions so bad, my legs wont let me walk).
358971 tn?1330892575 Hey all, i havent' been on here in a while, but I have 2 quick questions. I"m on CD 13, and am not ttc. Question 1). Is the "metallic" tast women talk about similar to what it would taste like if you put a penny in your mouth? I just had that taste..almost like a combination of blood, and iron tasting. Weird Question 2) If women are in early pregnancy, can they get an "ulcer" type pain in their upper stomach that causes nausea? Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn She had peridontitis from a ruptered ulcer in the part of her stomach that was bypassed. If you have this type of acute pain it is very, very important that you get to your surgeon immediately. The er doctors do not know what to look for. In all of her scans the ulcer did not show up. It only showed up in the autopsy. Go to your original surgeon.
Avatar m tn Sugar intake seems to correlate to stomach pain in my particular case. I cut out most refined sugars during college while I was running cross-country and it seemed to help immensely.
728965 tn?1266377245 I'd go to an GI specialist but this sounds like it could be a ulcer. Usually an ulcer brings on gastric distress you know? Diareeeah and all that. A simple blood test would test for h. ployri. Uuuuusually you feel better after eating a meal but then afterwards the pain and nausea comes on pretty strong but it can be without pain. If you haven't been tested for an ulcer i'd do it..
Avatar n tn it usually ends with vomiting, diareah, and bubbly and churning of my stomach. the pains are usually in my upper stomach right under my ribs. the very first time this ever hit me i was 18 yrs old and went to the ER. they told me i had an ulcer but they weren't sure and i've had lactaid problems before but, i found out my ulcer was my son and my mom and doctor avised against taking my lactaid. now years later the problems arise and i'm not pregnant now and kind of scared.
1703346 tn?1307475134 That will result in erosion of your esophagus...and you think your stomach feels bad now...erosion is MUCH more serious. Stomach acids are extremely potent and meant to assist in DISSOLVING your food. Imagine that acid in your throat...ouch. Perhaps you should see your doctor and try another prescription. Most RX's are meant to be taken regularly and will help in healing your stomach lining, but you have to maintain a healthy diet, as well. I wish you the best in feeling better.
Avatar f tn pylori, which is the most common cause of gastritis/ulcer. Proteins (dairy, meat, eggs...) stay in the stomach for several hours and trigger acid secretion. You should also avoid acidic foods, including fruits, vit C, aspirins and such.
Avatar n tn The diareah stopped, but the nausea ia aweful - epecailly in the morning. I am not pregnant. The antibiotic wrecked my stomach and gave me aweful side effect. I have been off the antibiotic for 4 days now and my stomach acid/gas is bad. what should I do next? is it possible that I am still having side effects from the flagyl. I was put on phenergan for nausea- not working. Any thoughts? Late afternoon and evening I feel fine. I have lost 26 pounds...
Avatar n tn I guess it was too far into the attack by then, because it had worked once before at the onset of an attack, but that night, my stomach ballooned to the size of a pregnant woman and I now have stretchmarks on my belly for the first time in my life!!! There I was, bent over the keyboard, holding my gut, bloated and burping up the vile, offensive taste of sulfur, and surfing the net for some relief.
542733 tn?1217719151 and i do suffer with anxiety... About 4 weeks ago now I have started getting stomach bloating (upper mostly) with a lot of burping to relive the pressure. This was making me feel really anxious, and I became scared of the episodes coz the pressure of my bloated stomach made my heart feel fluttery...
Avatar n tn 3 days ago, I started having dull burning in stomach. I can live with the pain but it is there. In the am, for 1st few hrs, I have bad indigestion ( like when I was pregnant BUT no way I am now) The burning comes and goes. I have no fever but feel clammy and sweaty at times. My mom had H Pylori few yrs ago--she said if it was that, the burning would stay and get worse. I am 35 Side note-- I ate spare ribs the day before-- every time I think about ribs I want to puke.
Avatar n tn Based on what I've studied and have been told, the most likely culprits are gastroparesis (very slow emptying of the stomach) OR gall bladder disease. It is true that when your stomach retains its food load an excessively long time, the contents can somewhat "ferment." I also have been told that bile typically tastes sulfuric. So, I am no closer to reaching a conclusion.
Avatar m tn i would also say that the stomach issues you're having is the new food and the stress. you may have given yourself an ulcer with all this anxiety. if your tummy still hurts try having smaller meals, even if there are so many options. you have all year to try them all. : ) and try eating bland foods. like noodles with nothing on them. or toast. you could try the BRAT diet too. banana's, rice, apple sauce and toast.
586375 tn?1224901137 Every now and then I get a few cramps, bad headaches, achy nipples and back pain but thats about it then it all disappears. Can I be pregnant or is my period coming. Really need serious answer any comments appreciated!
Avatar f tn My father-in-law was having all of these same issues for 8 months while doctor after doctor called it everything it wasn't - gastroparesis, GERD, acid reflux, stomach ulcer, etc. We did the Reglan dance and every other gastro and diabetic med you can try. It was liver cancer and non-alcohol-related cirrhosis. We found out he was terminal (stage 4 already) and that he had cancer when he had to be rushed to the hospital.