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Avatar m tn i hv been taking that medicine for 7 days now and my stomach feels fine but i started having this weird pumping and needle pain in diff parts of my body...its mostly in the back side of my left palm or the right one and my lower left hip....otherwise its just happens and vanishes again and again.....i havent got endoscopy done coz i read the symptoms of ulcer and i didnt have is the medicine affecting me? like is this the side effects of omeprazole?
Avatar m tn Hello, over last 3 months i have had an awkward pain in my upper left side of stomach, sometimes back area. It doesn't hurt but is more uncomfortable, sometimes burns, more so when i am sitting, comes and goes. The area is not tender or swollen, and does not hurt to touch or put pressure on. My bowel movements are normal (well not so much, i have always dealt with alternating symptoms of IBS), that said not constipated.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer following an endoscopy in hospital last Friday. I'm still in a lot of pain and have not received the results of the biopsy yet, to see whether it was caused by H. pylori. However I have a couple of questions regarding it! (I'm 19, and male and until all this appeared over the last ten weeks I was healthy.
Avatar m tn There is a history of stomach problems on both my father and mothers side, my grandfather claims that it is just an ulcer too, and that he gets the same symptoms.
Avatar n tn The GERD is still present and so I have been taking Pepcid on and off, but now I have a dull ache right under my left breast in the area of what is possibly my stomach. I would like any info anyone can provide about symptoms of ulcers.
Avatar m tn Hi, I went to a few doctors, and they haven't noticed anything unusual, but when I am standing my upper right stomach sticks out a bit further than the left side. When I push on it it is kind of hard. All three doctors didn't notice any inflammation of my liver... Any ideas of what it could be? P.S. I have had this OCD thing for the past 2 and a half months where I continuously poke that area :S. Maybe I tightened or strengthened the muscles? LOL.
Avatar f tn my symptoms are a dull left stomach pain when i eat then burning in my stomach after eating.. it also hurts when i lay on my left side.. and a burning hunger pain with burping every mornings i have seen 2 doctors for this problem both did blood work checked Liver and Pancreas and also for a Ulcer..every thing was fine..Gallbladder was removed yrs ago.. has anybody every had this problem? Thanks for any the way I'm taking 150 mg of Ranitidine twice a day..
Avatar n tn Is there an alternative treatment to omeprazole for gastric ulcer? I have adverse reaction to PPI's but need to heal my ulcer. My biopsy was Hpylori negative but have been on aspirin therapy for several years.
Avatar n tn Since then I have had an ulcer appear on the right side of my vaginal opening every month, the week before my period. The GUM clinic said that they were certain it was Herpes - which is the tests proved it wasn't. I explained to them that there is a problem where the gland gets blocked and causes an ulcer and that I think mine is triggered by a hormone change - but they seemed set on the fact it was herpes and didn't venture to test for anything else.
Avatar n tn My wife has pain in her left side, stomach area, broke into cold sweat, and then threw up several times. Is she passing a gallstone?
Avatar m tn So, is this the enlarged spleen I should be expecting for accompanied by hangovers due to alcohol, a stomach ulcer that should be checked so that it won't progress to perforation, or something else? Thank you.
Avatar f tn The past 5 weeks it's been on my left and right side but mainly my left. It's a bad pulsating throbbing pain. When I stretch, turn to the side, or work out it hurts more. Also, when I eat the pain gets greater. When I lay in bed at night I feel it throbbing and pulsating and when I wake up it's still throbbing and pulsating. And sometimes my face feels hot like I have a fever and I checked my temperature and it's 99.7 and it's always around 98.6.
Avatar n tn I've had similar symptoms for about 2 weeks now. I have a small quarter sized lump on the left side of my stomach. It is uncomfortable especially when I lay down to go to sleep. Last night I experienced a quick, shot of pain in the same area before I fell asleep. What is it?
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of gall bladder disease that has caused discomfort radiating to the left side? I would say it feels like a stomach ulcer burning but no ulcers could be scene on the upper endoscope. Or could this burning be coming from my pancreas?
Avatar f tn I have recently stopped taking all pain medication and I feel everything. The lower left quadrant pain, upped left quadrant pain, and the upper right quadrant pain from the removal of my gallbladder. I experienced hot flashes and cold chills last night. This morning I had cold chills so bad that I had three blankets on, a hat, hoodie, and winter jacket on inside my house with the thermostat at 73 degrees. It took me over 4 hours to warm up.
Avatar m tn 7 years ago I had an upper and lower GI do to stomach pain and was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and a duodenal ulcer. Treatment consisted of Nexium daily for several months and all symptoms disapeared. About three weeks ago I began to feel bloated/gassy. Wishing 6 hours I developed diarrhea and a sharp pain in my lower stomach area. I was unable to eat and the diarrhea became worse. S was on a Friday evening. He symptoms persisted until late Sunday and they started to wane.
Avatar n tn I have pain on left side of stomach. If i starve I will decrease the pain and if I eat will increase the pain. The pain will only be activated when I am supposed to go to sleep and decreases when I am supposed to wake up. When the pain is activated, I urinate a lot but in only just a few drops. Can you explain what is going on with this pain. Thank You!
Avatar f tn Is your pain in your upper abdomen to the left of your sternum by your ribs? Mine is. Mine sometimes radiates to the left side in the exact same spot. I also get a pressure/fullness feeling directly under my sternum. My doctor said all could be related to GERD. The doctor also said the symptoms can be caused by Gastritis or a peptic ulcer. When I asked if they would check to see which one it was, they said the treatment for both gastritis and peptic ulcer is basically the same.
Avatar m tn I have Mild burning sensation or pain in the left side of stomach, just few inches below the end of rib-cage. It started around 18 months back with being very light sensation but it is now more emphasized. The sensation keeps changing the exact positions in small area. It is not continuous but on someday it is for 3-4 hours. I feel better when I have a better bowel movement. Sometime better in empty stomach but othertimes emptiness aggravagtes the problem as well.
Avatar f tn I barely get it to stop. However tonight, it is more on the left side. I don't wanna tell my mom and go to the doctors for the to tell me its nothing. It really hurts me though, it gets me into tears at some points during the day. But if its an ulcer wouldn't the pain not have moved a little to the left. Please help.
Avatar f tn greetings to all, new development in pain range. pain is in my upper left side almost directly under my ribcage. occasionaly reaching a leve7-8 , i.e. pretty intense. comes mostly after ieat, but sometimes for no paticular reason. my primary care dr is now sending me to a hemotologists. with all the blood that's been drawn (i'm a hard stick) what could they possibly not know yet? we know i have gall stones & that my platlets are low. and let's not forget the 30 yrs of hep c.
Avatar f tn in the first place is still there and i have also wore the heart monitor all went well but the flurtting and the feeling that there is a babies foot in the left side of mu stomach that i have to rub back down is still there but this web site is wonderful i thought i was having mental problems cause no dr. seems to know anything that is wrong with me it even hurts in my back at the left.
Avatar f tn in the first place is still there and i have also wore the heart monitor all went well but the flurtting and the feeling that there is a babies foot in the left side of mu stomach that i have to rub back down is still there but this web site is wonderful i thought i was having mental problems cause no dr. seems to know anything that is wrong with me it even hurts in my back at the left.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks of being on Percocet for the pain with little relief. It hurts only on the left side of my chest along the line where the underwire of my bra is. Could this be another ulcer or still pleurisy? It feels very similar to the ulcer pain that I had.