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Avatar f tn Can Mucinex (Guaifenesin) cause gastritis or irritate existing gastritis/ulcer? I was taking Mucinex for 5 days, 400mg once a day, and now my stomach is bothering me (burning pain). I have suffered from gastritis and a gastric ulcer in the past. Could this medication cause or aggravate those problems? It was actually helping my sinuses to drain, but now I'm afraid to take it.
Avatar m tn Already i am having medicines for ulcer in my stomach and small intestine. I have not lost weight so fast. But reduced by 3 kgs from last month. Could anyone help with an inference what causes my diarrhea. Is it the bacilli alone or does it seem any other cause. Am feared of cancer. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn a couple months back, in the begining of October, i overdosed on midol and other anti-inflamatory meds, advil, alieve, fast forward to the week before last, i got extremely nauseas, was having diarrhea that had a blackish green color to it and extreme pain in the upper abdomen, it has resulted in weight and appetite loss, i feel full after eating a couple bites of food, and have been belching and have had acid reflux, i dont think any of the other causes other than NSAIDs could be the reason for
Avatar n tn Hello, Gastritis can cause pain in the upper abdomen after eating .Peptic ulcer disease causes upper left quadrant pain that usually begins 2 hours after a meal. It gets better with over the counter antacids. Stomach flu can cause indigestion and abdominal discomfort. Viral gastroenteritis can lead to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The exact location of pain and other details will help in determining the accurate cause .Take light meals. Avoid spicy fried foods.
Avatar f tn I have all the symptoms of an ulcer, but I was told by my Dr. that if it was a stomach ulcer, it would be higher up. She gave me something to take for ulcers and I'm going to try it. I don't know what else it could be! I do notice when I take TUMS or drink milk, it does help make the pain go away. I do have a dull ache on the left side in the ab area when my tummy isn't hurting anymore. Anyhow, Just thought I'd post this in case anyone has any idea.
1384961 tn?1279499408 If the blood is dark and you say you have stomach problems it may be inflammation, or a bleeding ulcer, which is not serious. If the blood is bright red, at your age I would say hemmorrhoids. At your young age it's rarely is anything serious, plus, all your tests were normal. The GI will be able to tell you for sure and it won't be anything that can be healed.
2045555 tn?1330079620 I have this problem in my stomach.My stomach burns and Pains very much but I don't diarrhea and sometimes I feel powerless , my muscles shaking and over sweating. I go through high temperature rate than my normal temperature. Please Help me could this be the signs of HIV/AIDS in my body ? or its just some kind of pain ?
Avatar m tn Hi, it could be Peptic ulcer pain, which is usually a burning pain. They commonly occur in the stomach and duodenum. Stomach ulcers cause pain on eating and duodenal ulcers cause pain on fasting (2-3 hrs after eating). Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum. The two common causes for this are: infection with helicobacter pylori and use of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAID).
325086 tn?1217971180 Thanks for taking the time to answer. The stool is slightly darker than clay color. The first movement when I first get up is normal. Then the breakfast triggers a diarrhea type movement, I do get a lot of fiber from diet., but that does not explain the stomach pain. I think I'm getting over a peptic ulcer, beccause my stomach always hurts when it's empty.
Avatar f tn I just recently started having these stomach spasms. It starts with mild pains and spasms in my middle abdomen and then becomes more and more severe as the evening progresses resulting in severe nausea and vomiting and spasms that feel like contractions every 5 or 10 minutes. When the spasms occur, I become extremely nauseated. They last about 30 seconds and then subside and then return. This usually lasts about 12 hours and I am extremely sick the entire time.
Avatar n tn I had a diarrhea for 2 weeks, gurgling stomach, gas, blood im my diarrhea twice over the 2 week period, and small black stools twice during the two weeks. The diarrhea went away but my stools are soft & my stomach still gurgles. Ive never had stomach issues up until today. Can drinking be a casue? Please help Im concerned... Thanks...
Avatar f tn Common viruses that cause cold flu or stomach flu can cause nausea and headache. There may be other associated signs like runny nose, diarrhea, fever, body aches which may be suggestive of a viral illness. Migraine can cause nausea, severe headache and there may be extreme sensitivity to light. Nausea, severe headache with neck stiffness can be suggestive of meningitis. Acid reflux disease can also cause headache, nausea and abdominal discomfort.
Avatar f tn hi im wonderin if u can help me ive been gettin symptoms like diarrhea headaches belly aches sickness and also a sulphur eggy taste in my mouth can u tell me what this could be..
Avatar n tn It is 3 weeks now that i have severe diarrhea and horrible stomach pains. Been to the doctor again she said it is normal because it is a strong antibiotic (as i can not use penecilline, allergic to it) and told i had to use probiotics. I am taking probiotics now. I am really worried in case the antibiotics have caused a stomach ulcer. Is it possible?
728965 tn?1266373645 I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas! I have been sick to my stomach for just about 6 days... I even felt sick enough to call in to work on Monday. I've tried everything. Pepto, water, trying to make myself hurl (thinking I'd feel better - made it worse). I had left over anti-nausea meds from some stomach issues last year i tried, and it just made me tired and caused even more of an upset stomach. In this time, I've had not fever, but have been constipated and had diarrhea.
Avatar f tn The stomach ulcers are certainly a common side effect to being on the prednisone! But I would think they would run some simple tests to rule out some other things as well. Such as an abdominal ultrasound to be sure it's not your gallbladder or pancreas. Meaning it could not have to do with your lupus as well.....I have heard of gastritis, ibs, or other problems effecting those with lupus. Did your doctor put you on Nexium or Prilosec? Those would help if it is related to a stomach ulcer.
Avatar m tn Well two weeks ago I had really bad acid reflux for a few days and felt nauseated and couldn't eat much. My relative, a doctor at Kaiser, told me to take a 150 Zantac tablet after breakfast and 1 after dinner for an entire week. Each 12 hours apart. Since it wasn't an official visit he wasn't able to give me an official diagnosis. Well it seems like my problems have changed.
Avatar f tn Few days ago, i had diarrhea. Seems like i always get stomach ache. After that, i feel pain at my right upper abdomen. it's somewhere below my ribcage. then it got worse and affect my back also. can anyone help me?
Avatar m tn Go back to your doctor; if you have an ulcer, alcohol could cause bleeding and pain. Any alcohol might be too much. You twice refer to the food and drink you had the night before; how's that working for you? Not so good, so I would question your "diet is OK"...If the pain is above your navel, that is where your stomach is, so check out the diet and possibility of ulcers...and no drinking alcohol until you find out....
Avatar m tn at first i had severe diarrhea on the 29th of December 2011.. actually i woke up with so much gas in my stomach and it was so painful that i crawled to the toilet to induce vomit so the gas would come out. I was going to the toilet for like 10-15 times a day at the start... Then on the 2nd of January 2012, i went to the GP, and the doc gave me ciprofloxacin, says it might be bacteria..
Avatar n tn ) with nausea and stomach problems it could be just a virus/bad food OOOOOrrrr it could be an ulcer. If it persists for more than a few days i'd get in to a doctor. He'll probably order a blood test for an ulcer. I'd take it easy on alchohol and spicy foods until it goes away.
Avatar f tn Part of me is glad to finally getting this done as I have had stomach problems ever since this anxiety stuff started and I already had an upper GI that came back normal. I don't want anything to eat, have an upset stomach and (not to be gross) my bowel movements are all over the place. I go from diarrhea ,to not being able to go at all, to going all day but no diarrhea, just constantly having to have a BM. Sorry for being right to the point.
Avatar m tn You could have a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, which causes a stomach ulcer and possible bleeding. Were your stools black? Have you been to a hospital or taken antibiotics before this happened? Do you have diarrhea? It sounds like an ulcer. If the test comes back positive they will treat you will several antibiotics and possibly bismuth sulfite. As for the flu symptoms, plus the stomach pain it is possible that you had a virus if you had diarrhea?
1662361 tn?1302762372 so for the past week i have been having bad stomach pain like right under my breast bone, nothing is helping it, i keep tasting blood and food isnt helping food makes it worse. so my doctor put me on some meds for gastritis, well those made the pain 20 times worse i was crying i couldn't breathe my stomach just hurt.
Avatar n tn My 33 year old African American girlfriend has a history of stomach ulcer, GERD, anemia, heavy menstruation and cramping, anxiety/depression and asthma. In 09/08, after returning from Mexico, she had severe lower left abdominal pain radiating to her back, and eventually high fever, dehydration, vomiting, and black diarrhea. She finally got some antibiotics and the most severe symptoms resolved.
Avatar m tn Taking over the counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers. So care must be taken when using these medications.