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Avatar m tn I used to have the same hunger pains and the only way I could get rid of them was eating small amounts, which you probably know lead to an upset stomach. I also have the burping problem as well. I actually talked to my doctor a few weeks ago about controlling the systems of H-pylori and he prescribed Nexeum 20Mg one pill a day. It seems to have helped with the hunger pains but not with burping. I also asked about the treatment that you went through.
Avatar m tn I have never heard of an inflamed appendix being cured through drugs, appendectomy is the usual treatment. If your ulcer is "gastric" this may be causing your problems, but I would think after this long on medication, it would be much better. Your symptoms are also representative of GERD (acid reflux). I would go back to the doctor for this. If it is GERD the stomach acid will erode your esophagus, causing more problems. Take care.....
Avatar n tn There are many of causes other than heartburn or H Pylori gastritis. This can include functional dyspepsia (non-ulcer dyspepsia), peptic ulcer disease, GERD, gastric or esophageal ulcer, biliary tract disease, gastroparesis, pancreatitis, malabsorption, medications (i.e. NSAIDs, potassium supplements, digitalis, oral antibiotics), or metabolic disturbances to name a few. It seems you have undergone empiric antisecretory therapy (protonix) and H Pylori testing.
Avatar m tn It gets worse after food or any drink that isnt water sometimes I burp and it hurts in my chest and I burp up stomach acid.. My stomach is bloated most of the time.. wearing a girdle seems to ease my symptoms also.. My grandmother has a peptic ulcer, I dont know if thats hereditary, I have a couple sousins who take medicine for IBS also.. Im just wondering if anyone knows what these symptoms are and if they are related to the medicine or the diet or if it might be a medical condition..
6730215 tn?1384207477 I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. Smoking, alcohol use, gastritis, acidity, tumors of stomach and food pipe, bleeding gastric ulcer, cancer of stomach, erosion of lining of food pipe, bleeding veins at esophageal (food pipe) sphincters etc all cause vomiting of blood. This can be fresh red if coming from a place above the stomach. It can be brown or coffee colored if coming from the stomach.
3581773 tn?1349125510 Also, when I have a pressure in my chest, if I burp it helps. Sometimes after lots of burping, I get heartburn. This is a constant thing, day to day. Burping! I also burp more when I am nervous as well. What is causing it? What can help? Is this a digestive problem? I also have other unknown stomach problems as well. Any ideas? Would love some input.
Avatar m tn hi, the first thing you should do is go for a helico-bacter-pylori test to determine if your infected with this ulcer causing stomach inhabitant, burping for more than a couple of weeks is usually a first sign of this infection, its a simple breathe test, non-intrusive. good luck.
Avatar n tn I took diclofenac and don't recall it causing burping. However burping can be a sign of an ulcer, and difeofenac is hard on the stomach. Did you stop the omeprazole? Did you get an upper GI scope to look for signs of acid reflux or a large hiatal hernia (the latter can cause burping, the former, acid reflux, can tend to be worse at night if you are lying pretty flat)? And a problem with the gallbladder can cause burping too. Have you had an ultrasound or HIDA scan looking at it lately?
Avatar m tn Had another apointment a week or two later, when pressure was put on my stomach, there was pain, had been burping non stop since ER visit too. It was decided that I probably had an inflamed stomach lining or an ulcer. While there they took blood to test for electrolytes, lyme disease, and thyroid function, I haven't heard the lab results from that so I assume normal. Was put on a prescription prilosec, and to give it 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn It is possible to have GERD (gastroesophogeal reflux disease) without having heart burn. Another possibility is a stomach ulcer. There are also intestinal issues that are possible including diverticulitis. Seeing a gastroenterologist can help you weed through these possibilites (and others) so that you can pinpoint the cause. There are medications and dietary changes that can be utilized that can help you once a diagnosis is made. See your doctor as soon as you can and good luck.
Avatar f tn I've been having gastro problems on and off for about 3 years. The symptoms were coming and going every 4-6 weeks usually lasting 2-3 days. In the last few months, they've been far more common and consistent. I have the symptoms now and have had them for about 5 days. I've seen my GP/Doctor and will be seeing him again in 10 days but I want to try and understand what's going on. Symptoms - bloating of abdomen - belching/gas - at times constant burping every 5 seconds for 10-20 minutes.
Avatar f tn It has been about three hours since breakfast and I am experiencing some burping and some burning in my stomach. Are those any signs of an ulcer? I have had some anxiety going on over the past several months.
Avatar m tn But this burping is out of control I have no heartburn but sometimes feel like something is caught in my throat, I thought it was my gallbladder because of the burping and stomach pain but my doctor said no I had an ulcer. But my symptoms don't say ulcer, he prescribed nexium and I took it for 1 month with no relief.also metacloramine before eating. anyone else had this problem I would appreciate any feedback thank you.
Avatar m tn Recently my dad has been burping more than normal. He has always burped a lot, but I don't understand how he just burps randomly without having just eaten or drank anything. It worries me immensely because I was looking online and found that people with cancer burp a lot. I found that one person said that her dad had been burping more than normal before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My dad doesn't complain about the burping, it's just something that I have noticed.
Avatar m tn Today is Saturday, November 29th. Going back to Friday the 21st I have been burping constantly. I had a double cheeseburger from Steak N' Shake for lunch that day, so I really didn't think much of the ailment at the time, just figured it would go away after that meal cleared my system. The constant burping continued for several days and I began to worry about it when I started to feel nauseas for prolonged periods of time, accompanied by a headache and a sort of brain fog.
Avatar n tn How do I know if this is an Ulcer or some kind of stomach condition or if it is caused by bacteria like Helicobacter? Also I have heard that drinking lots of water will cure Helicobacter. Is this true? Thanks in advance for your response.
Avatar m tn Stress can cause alot of stomach acid and that can cause an ulcer. Did your Dr prescribe a poton pump inhibitor? A medication like Prilosec, Zantac or anything like that? These will help your stomach make less acid so the ulcer can heal. In the mean time you need to get your B and D levels up. This can be done with diet and vitamins. You've had the tests for HIV and you are clear, nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn im 17 i have a burping problem i make myself burp all the time to relieve stomach gas i believe. i get random times wen my heart hurts. and sometimes ill get a random sharp pain in my head then it quickly goes away. a couple times i wake up very early in the morning with very bad hunger pains. i give in to go eat instead of sleeping because they are so bad. and then as soon as i get to the kitchen i go to the bathroom to puke up bile. then i eat and feel better..
Avatar n tn It doesn't seem to have gotten any worse so should I be concerned??? I thought it might be a stomach ulcer? Not sure! HELP!!
Avatar n tn For the past 2 weeks I have had an extreme amount of gas (external and internal) I am burping quite frequently. Everytime I take a sip of something I belch at least 3 times. I have felt like I wanted to throw up but have not and I have discomfort feeling (pain/burning) in my upper left abdomen. About four weeks ago I had 2 bowel movements which were all black but I thought that was due to the 64 ounces of grape juice I drank in two days because my bowel movements have been normal ever since.
Avatar n tn But that is not it, the bad part is I get thristy all the time, my lips are RED and every time when i'm not drinking any water when i'm thirsty, my stomach starts to hurt and after i took some water, my stomach seems full and i feel like burping but for some reason i cant burp easily...
Avatar n tn It sounds like there's nothing I can really do about my diet or even how to treat it without feeling bulemic by going to the bathroom afterwards. I'm sure, since it's really all about burping, medication that could solve excessive burping could also treat this condition? Anyone have ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi my sister is 15 years old and for a while now she has been having severe pains in her stomach we dont no what it is we have had to her docter they gave her prilosec oct it seem to work at first but the pain came back worse....she has a appointment to see a stomach speacialest at hershey medical center but its not intill june..the pain wakes her up at night..and it seems that certain foods flare it up also...i dont no if maybe its a ulser or a galbladder problem..
Avatar f tn I have had 2 attacks in last 2 months. I have severe stomach pain that includes severe pain under my shoulder blades (still in the center of my back). I feel like I'm going to pass out, I can hardly speak. I lay down on my left side for some relief. I take a lot of Mylanta which relieves the pressure (lots of burping!!). Eventually, I take extra strength Tylenol for the pain. I break out in a complete sweat and it takes me a full day to recover.
Avatar f tn I believe the burnt food and the peaches could have been too much for my stomach, and I got an ulcer. My doc says I am fine - did an ultrasound which showed no problems. It got better a bit, stomach aches are rare now, but I am still having hard times digesting my meal. I get bloated and burping a lot. And also at night I feel the acidic stomach. If it is really an ulcer, I am looking for natural ways to cure it.
Avatar n tn you probably have gastritis with a hiatus hernia your diet can lead to GERD so they have to see if you have h pyloric bacteria in your stomach i'm going thru this now was dx with anaplastic polyps in my stomach with hiatus hernia and ulcer not sure if it was duodenal or peptic?
Avatar f tn For almost 2 months now I have had chronic daily nausea (all day on and off, in bouts of an hour or so), more than usual burping and some upper right stomach discomfort - nhot exactly pain, but a spasm-ing, turning sort of feeling. Sometimes i have upper stomach pain but not always. My BMs are normal, if a bit looser, my urine sometimes smells strong (but mostly not) and my appetite is ok, in fact I feel empty and hungry a lot. (I have done a pregnancy test and its negative!