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Avatar m tn m hungry. stomach is relatively flat in the morning and gradually bloats. Could this be an ulcer, gallstones etc?
919961 tn?1243510813 pylori is a bacterium that commonly causes inflammation of the stomach. In most cases it does not cause any symptoms, but sometimes may cause burping (because bacteria degrade some niutrients and yield gas), acid reflux with heartburn, nausea, and it may cause stomach or duodenal ulcer. Several tests exist, usually the blood test is done first, and then breath test in doubtful cases.
Avatar m tn I used to have the same hunger pains and the only way I could get rid of them was eating small amounts, which you probably know lead to an upset stomach. I also have the burping problem as well. I actually talked to my doctor a few weeks ago about controlling the systems of H-pylori and he prescribed Nexeum 20Mg one pill a day. It seems to have helped with the hunger pains but not with burping. I also asked about the treatment that you went through.
Avatar f tn I have heartburn I am constantly burping and I feel like my stomach is burning and it makes really strange sounds. Has this ever happened to anyone??? I'm just woried it might be stomach cancer or something!!! Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn t recall it causing burping. However burping can be a sign of an ulcer, and difeofenac is hard on the stomach. Did you stop the omeprazole? Did you get an upper GI scope to look for signs of acid reflux or a large hiatal hernia (the latter can cause burping, the former, acid reflux, can tend to be worse at night if you are lying pretty flat)? And a problem with the gallbladder can cause burping too. Have you had an ultrasound or HIDA scan looking at it lately? See PM for more info.
Avatar m tn It may be gastritis or ulcer, these are actually two stages of the same process. They both usually start wit H. pylori infection, what causes increased acid secretion and leads toward gastritis or ulcer. It can't be said from the outside, if it is ulcer or not - only upper endoscopy would show that. But before this, just go and have breath test for H. pylori. If positive, it is treated with 2 weeks antibiotics. You can continue with omeprazole, but speak with the doctor about it.
Avatar m tn Over the past 10 years or so I have had very infrequent burping bouts, usually associated with my stomach being empty, but nothing like this. A medical diagnosis and blood labs ruled out bacteria, and I was prescribed Nexium and placed on diet restrictions. None of it is working after a week of meds (taken exactly as prescribed) and the blandest foods (soda crackers, rice, cream of wheat, low fat cottage cheese, bread, watered down juice).
Avatar m tn hi, the first thing you should do is go for a helico-bacter-pylori test to determine if your infected with this ulcer causing stomach inhabitant, burping for more than a couple of weeks is usually a first sign of this infection, its a simple breathe test, non-intrusive. good luck.
Avatar m tn But this burping is out of control I have no heartburn but sometimes feel like something is caught in my throat, I thought it was my gallbladder because of the burping and stomach pain but my doctor said no I had an ulcer. But my symptoms don't say ulcer, he prescribed nexium and I took it for 1 month with no relief.also metacloramine before eating. anyone else had this problem I would appreciate any feedback thank you.
Avatar m tn It gets worse after food or any drink that isnt water sometimes I burp and it hurts in my chest and I burp up stomach acid.. My stomach is bloated most of the time.. wearing a girdle seems to ease my symptoms also.. My grandmother has a peptic ulcer, I dont know if thats hereditary, I have a couple sousins who take medicine for IBS also.. Im just wondering if anyone knows what these symptoms are and if they are related to the medicine or the diet or if it might be a medical condition..
Avatar n tn Gastric pain is more in the middle, if it was gastric ulcus, it would be worse with acidic food, aspirins. If it was duodenal ulcer, it would be more on the right, and worse on empty stomach and at night. Ulcers often go with heartburn and burping. Antacids would help at least a little in ulcer. Can you list some additinal symptoms, when they started, any nausea, chenge in bowel habit or stool color...?
492921 tn?1321289896 I took my vitamins and ate a banana about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. About 15 minutes later my stomach started to get upset and a very sharp pain started. It's now been over 12 hours. The pain keeps coming and going. I thought it was just indigestion. I keep burping little burps and relieves the pain for a few seconds. I have taken a few rolaids then I tried Mylanta and nothing is working. If I eat it makes the pain 10 times worse.
Avatar m tn Recently my dad has been burping more than normal. He has always burped a lot, but I don't understand how he just burps randomly without having just eaten or drank anything. It worries me immensely because I was looking online and found that people with cancer burp a lot. I found that one person said that her dad had been burping more than normal before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My dad doesn't complain about the burping, it's just something that I have noticed.
Avatar n tn It reminds me of when I had a stomach ulcer, I was so very hungry all the time, or at least I thought it was hunger, eating took away the pain, and soon after, I felt 'the pain' again. I put on so much weight after, it wasn't even funny. Much later, I went to the Doctor, had an endoscopy, and they found that I had a stomach ulcer, it was treated very, very easily with some antibiotics and some other pill, which I can't remember, but loosing the weight was the really hard part.
2057209 tn?1330581257 my question for u is doctor that other than hernia , ulcer , tumor etc what is causing huge acid formation in my stomach after a small meal ??? why do i keep burping and bloating after every meal when everything in my stomach is absolutely fine ??? is there any other test i must go through other than the above mentioned to be 100 % sure ....... imp thing to mention is that my eating habits are quite good and healthy . i usally eat home made food ....
Avatar m tn ve been burping a lot lately. I feel like my stomach is always bloated. Going to the bathroom and burping make me feel a little better usually. 2 summers ago I saw a cardiologist after I experienced some pretty intense chest pain, I thought i was having a heart attack. They did tests, ekg, holter monitor, stress test, found nothing. I really have no idea what it could be but i think it may be gas related or some type of acid reflux? I have no idea.
Avatar m tn Had another apointment a week or two later, when pressure was put on my stomach, there was pain, had been burping non stop since ER visit too. It was decided that I probably had an inflamed stomach lining or an ulcer. While there they took blood to test for electrolytes, lyme disease, and thyroid function, I haven't heard the lab results from that so I assume normal. Was put on a prescription prilosec, and to give it 3 weeks.
439522 tn?1214951189 I have been taking them for about 10 weeks Recently diagnosed barratts oesophagus gastritis hiatus hernia oesophageal ulcer.
Avatar m tn This is not water retention, pregnancy, or PMS. However, I recently discovered through WebMD what a stomach ulcer is. I have been taking an excessive amount of Ibuprofen, as in like 7-8 popping them everyday/everyother day earlier this month when I would be sore. This is super bad, but is this the source of my discomfort? And if it is, what steps should I take. This is causing me sooooo much stress, please any responses would be highly appreciated!
396332 tn?1320003615 I started getting bad anxiety about a couple of weeks ago and have had a nervous stomach along with it. (knots in stomach/bad butterflies) These knots have been constant in my stomach... b/c I kept worrying about my change in stools... (which i know is caused by my nervous stomach).... i also lost my appetite, and for that reason equaled an even more worryful stomach... then i started getting these sharp pains all over my intestinal areas... not my stomach actually...
Avatar f tn Endoscopy showed large pyloric ulcer at intersection of small intestine and stomach. Bloating burping hurting now for over a month. Esophagus eroding. Biopsy showed no cancer. Acid reducers aren’t working. Really fatigued.
Avatar m tn whenever i take food or water in...i keep burping and the stomach doestn feel right.....i know all these symptoms originated from the it serious? what could it be? im really very very afraid....
560753 tn?1216052052 I'd being having foul burping for the last 8 month already. It started with a huge stomach pain on my right side. After that I started to feel bloated and to have constant diarrea. My doctor recomended a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. The findings where negative. After that he prescribed me with Nexium, Prilosec and that was it. I was ok for a month or so and then I developed constipation. So I was switching from diarrea to constipation on and off.
Avatar n tn What do you mean by gas (rumbling in your stomach, burping, or passing gas/farting)? This is often due to diet but it can also be due to swallowing air which can be done unconsciously if you are anxious.
Avatar n tn I had an ulcer about 2 years ago and was treated for it.. I took 2 types of antibiotics along with Prilosec. After this the gnawing pain that i felt below my ribcage was gone but i was left with constipation, bloating, gas, and just total stomach chaos. I have been trying to relieve these symptoms by using every single thing almost that is over the counter.Nothing seems to work.. I went to the doctor and discussed my symptoms and she simply advised me to change my diet..