Stomach pains under left breast

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Avatar f tn i have been having a sharp pain under my left breast for some time now and i really don't know what it could be do you have any information on that or should i just go and see the doctor.
Avatar f tn I have been having pains under my left breast. Feels swollen at times and unable to lay on side at times or on stomach. The pains are more after eating and sometimes go to the right side. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1174741'>Side and back pain</a>.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get horrible pains on the upper left side of your torso like under your left breast, I have trouble sleeping because of it and wondering if I'm the only one, I'd comes thought the day, I think it maybe where my stomach is now but it is so uncomfortable. I'm 28 weeks.
Avatar f tn okay soo ive been having alot of pain on the left side of my stomach right under the breast.. it sometime comes right in the middle of my stomach under the breasts.. it hurts alot and comes and goes.. it hurts to suck in my stomach, does this have to do with gass??
Avatar m tn For the last week or so I've been having an occasional stabbing pain near the bottom of my left rib and other times right under my left breast. It was stabbing pain randomly, but now it's just a dull pain whenever I bend over or lean over. It's gotten so bad that I practically have to be laying down to keep it from hurting. It almost feels like there's a bubble underneath my ribs.
Avatar f tn it's under the left breast, ribcage area, to the side and around the back, up the back into the neck. Was given Maalox, some esophagal numbing med and Gas meds.. Was sent home - went on a cruise this past week, believe me, WE ATE!!! Yesterday, Pain hit FULL FORCE and ended me back in my cabin, having a full fledged panic attack, took some xanax..
Avatar f tn it's under the left breast, ribcage area, to the side and around the back, up the back into the neck. Was given Maalox, some esophagal numbing med and Gas meds.. Was sent home - went on a cruise this past week, believe me, WE ATE!!! Yesterday, Pain hit FULL FORCE and ended me back in my cabin, having a full fledged panic attack, took some xanax..
Avatar n tn I got swine flu and coughed a lot and then it started to feel like charlie horses in my left ribs under my breast. It went away and now it is back for no reason. I had chest xrays done and they could not find anything wrong with me. I also had a neurologist look at my xrays and no one knows what is wrong. When I cough or sneeze I can feel my ribs move and almost rub together or something. Terrible charlie horse sensations when I try to lay down.
Avatar n tn Have any of you had sharp pains under the breast, coming and going about every 15 - 30 minutes. Very sharp, takes my breath and will not allow me to sleep. I have to stop whatever I am doing. Had ekg, chest x-ray and blood work showed nothing wrong with heart. Had open heart surgery in 1988 to close a whole in my heart. I am now 61 and this pain is not made up, it is bad. Have to have a referral to see a cardiologist. Help with any info.
Avatar n tn One hour after I eat, I get sharp stabbing upper left stomach pains starting just under my xiphoid and to the left rib cage. It burns and throbs and then progresses along my left rib, and drops down about one inch. The severe pain lasts for about 5 hours, never less than 4.5 hours. Somedays when this happens, I can not get out of bed, I can not move, and I have had to go to the emergency room twice.
1661778 tn?1307053502 I have discomfort under the left rib. Occasional discomfort in middle back. And some nausea/ tummy pains. No heart hurn etc. They say they think it's GERD or gastritis and put me on omneprozol. I did a lot of tests. So far nothing. Endo in a few weeks. I'm not over weight. I Don't eat perfectly but better than most. Don't smoke. Don't drink. Etc. Just kind of looking for answers.
1549941 tn?1297855345 my doctor says that left under rib pain that i am experiencing "sounds skeletal ".
Avatar n tn From that day on, I've had strange stomach aches/pains. Not to a point where it's so painful that I don't want to move or do anything, just strange pains right around the naval, spreading short to the the left or right (more so left) and below; tonight it feels as if someone is poking me really hard right where the breast bone splits (about 4" above naval). During the first week and a half I sometimes felt bloated, my stool stayed loose (fiberous) and a pail-yellowish color.
Avatar f tn hi i am 6 months out of gastric ypass surgery i actually see my dr the end of aug for the past 8 day i have had really bad stomach pains on the upper left side of the stomach under the breast .. not in the lowerpart my daughter had the same surgery 1 yr ago and says it is just gas... to date i have lost 60 pounds she lost 130.. feeling great except for this pain someoe tell me its just GAS...i will certainly tell my dr when i visit or i will prob just call to comfirm it.. thanks for listening..
5735172 tn?1373313725 Irritation of the left diaphragm due to acidity causing stomach distension can also cause pain under left rib cage. If you feel pain on pressing the breast then it can also be fibroadenosis or breast abscess (less likely). Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP for primary examination. Take care!
Avatar f tn 5 weeks pregnant and now for the past 3 weeks I seem to get this sharp stabbing pain on my top left stomach just under my left breast, it's where my ribs start to make it more understandable lol... also it only happens towards the end of the day.
Avatar n tn i had an episode for about 4 hours i was in agony all over my stomache and really low down too,i just couldnt move it was so saw and tender,its eased up but my stomache is very swollen,am constipated,my stomach feels full and even though the pain is on the left,my right side under ribcage and middle/under breast bone is agony if i press lightly legs hurt and are shaky. i am getting heartburn which ive never had only when pregnant 7 years ago. i feel generally unwell,tired and no energy.
Avatar f tn So for the past month I have had pain in my left breast ( just under my armpit) that continues into my back. I have seen a doctor and he said that I had a pinched nerve. I have been taking t-3's for the pain and some advil extra for the inflamation. I was told to go to massage therapy and have attented many sessions with little results. I am 33 years old and have never experienced this type of pain before.
Avatar n tn i have back pain wear my bra strap goes on the left and goes to the left under my left rib cage i was diagnosed with gerd and take acid reflex medicine but i still have the pain it is very annoying pain it comes and goes but more when i working standing all day what could it be desperate for some suggestions
Avatar f tn Pain in left breast and left shoulder blade. Feels like gas pains Could this be GERD. I have had Reflux before, but I don't feel the burning in my throat.
Avatar m tn Inam a 26 year old female. I too smoke. I have pains on the left side of my chest just wonder the breast. It at times feels like the start of a Charlie horse that goes straight through to my back by my shoulder blade. I get sharp pains in the middle of my chest that feela as if its closer to the surface like my breast bone. I get these strange feelings on the left side that radiate to my left arm all the way down. I get weird pains in my shoulder and in my elbow. It doesn't radiate anywhere.
Avatar n tn i feel much better reading all your entries ! i have all the same symptoms, and "leg cramp" type pains under my left breast all the time. wakes me up in the middle of the night also. and, the next day, if feels achy. i TOO am on high blood pressure medicine. had all the tests done, nothing shows up, dr thinks i have head issues.
Avatar n tn I know the gall bladder is on your right side, but it can cause allot of pain on the left side. My doc said they play off of each other. I am having sharp pains under my left breast which would be my upper abdomen, under my armpit, down my left arm, around my chest area, trouble breathing, in between my shoulder blades, and my lower back. Also getting the dizziness. Just had a hide a scan done and they tell me my gall bladder is not functioning properly. Need to have it removed.
Avatar n tn I am 51, non smoker and been in fairly good health but been overweight by about 60 lbs. I have had a pain on the left side under rib cage for 3 years on and off. This past summer I changed my diet and lost 40 lbs and been doing fairly well. Pain went away until yesterday after a big and fatty Thanksgiving meal. I am returning to my diet! I have doing over 200 crunches for the past 3 months, some cardio exercises and stretches to keep a back pains away and strengthen my core.
Avatar n tn I'm having the same pain in my left side under my breast. I will get the pain out of nowhere. Sometimes when I'm laying down or sleeping, others when I"m walking. I have never before had a serious health problem and It scares me that something might be wrong. By any chance would anyone know whats wrong and if it is serious?
Avatar n tn I have a sharp cramping pain under the bottom of my left rib when I turn certain ways--when I bend over to tie shoe laces, or bend over in bath tub to wash feet, etc. It is when I bend over to the left. I have to sit up very straight quickly and it will go away. This is a hard pain. I had a colonoscopy last January for a check-up but it was not bothering me then. Could this be a twisted bowel, or a growth in there that is crowding the intestines?
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing pains under my left breast, where the rib cage ends for a few days and it's starting to worry me. It's like a crampy sort of pain that occurs usually after eating, and it goes slightly to the side. It's nowhere near my heart so I'm sure it's not that. I've also been eating less. I feel full quickly, even after a small meal, I burp a lot after eating, sometimes I feel sick after meals as well but don't vomit and I don't feel hungry for longer than I should after meals.
Avatar n tn I had a burning sensation that ran from my left underarm to my left nipple. It felt like the area just under my skin was in flames. My nipple showed no sign of discharge or dimpling or discoloration or inversion, it was sensitive to the touch though. I felt and still feel what seems to be a slight thickening of the muscle surrounding the nipple, but no lumps or anything out of the ordinary. At times the pain or an indescribable feeling would run down my left arm, at times to my hand or fingers.