Stomach pains that get better with eating

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847195 tn?1296171647 feel really sick today after everything i eat, maybe my IBS im not sure, but dont feel to good the last few days... pains in my tummy, very dizzy, Hope i get better soon.
1889553 tn?1329694178 I do have an appetite, it is just with the nausia and morning sickness, I am having a hard time eating....
Avatar n tn Get exercising and eating better to find balance with sugars and stomach problems.
2015757 tn?1409172476 lately ive been having really bad stomach pains. they arent constant they come and go. it hurts when i stand up, walk, take really deep breaths or when i tighten my stomach muscles. my baby still has been active, i feel him all the time. my question is do you think this is something normal or should i go to l&d and have it checked out? i know its silly but i really hate going for no reason.
1222076 tn?1423027749 I went to my new doctor today. Over my stomach symptoms and heart murmur and palpations. My doctor is nice but yet again like the rest she tells me the most they can do is give me acid reducers which don't really help me much. They tell me I produce to much acid but my question is whats causing it? Maybe if they spent some time trying to figure out what causes it then I could feel better. Most people don't have that problem so my symptoms are deffinatly not normal.
1160520 tn?1402981076 ... have just eaten some solid soft food that's causing Abdominal/Stomach Bloating, plus Stomach is Gurgling/Gnawing now with pains, feel Nauseous; refer FD Tracker. Felt better earlier staying on Herbs and water liquid/jus type soups with no fat, nor solid content. Body is dehydrated as Hands: front and back plus fingers are all wrinkled.
Avatar f tn He has also put me on a constipation liquid that I have 15mg of once a day. I am eating normally now but my lower stomach occasionally gurgles and I still have a burning feeling in my upper stomach that goes after I eat but comes back an hour after. I also belch a lot still after I eat. I went to a gastrourologist earlier this week and he said that my upper stomach issues could be caused from stress.
1297261 tn?1272575873 Horrible stomach pains before, during, and after eating.
Avatar f tn who recommended I have a gastroscopy where a scope is put down to stomach and found 2 polyps in my stomach. Now that they are removed Im much better....Dr. has me staying off anti-inflammatory alcohol...and I take omeprazole every morning. I think omeprazole is generic for prilosec (better price) I stay away all spicy foods and am feeling much better now. Just wanted to share my story.
695346 tn?1270214332 all day. bad runs last night, very painful, nearly fainted. asleep most of the day, cant get rid of the pain.
Avatar f tn There were times I would get back pains, neck pains, stomach pains.
Avatar f tn For example if you have gastritis, an inflammation of your stomach lining, that can hurt worse after eating. And an example with your gallbladder- pain can worsen after eating certain foods- fatty foods for instance. Another thing that can really hurt near the breastbone, but likely not it because of the pain worsening with eating, is costochondritis. The doctor can usually pinpoint on examination this very painful musculoskeletal condition involving inflammation.
Avatar f tn bad gas last two days feeling lil better today watch what your eating
1846849 tn?1322781773 hungry but have stomach pains
Avatar f tn So I am 37w and 4 days. And for the past couple of days every time I eat something I immediately start getting sharp sharp stomach pains that make me wanna scream and I don't have to go to the bathroom nor does my stomach get hard. So I know it's not contractions or a stomach ach. And they don't last long at all. Within 10 minutes of finishing my food they go away.. What is wrong with me ??! Anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn i have been getting stomach pains i dont know how to explain its like iam giving birth but iam not pregs can u help me
Avatar m tn However whenever I eat something healthy or good, I later get these crazy stomach pains which I have found to be caused because I am not eating meat. Once I eat something that is meat it instantly goes away. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn hi I'm 21 years old and i haven't not been feeling too well for approximately 8 months.. It seems to be every time i wake up I'm sick to my stomach and i have a sore stomach. Also I have been feeling a lot weaker and by that i mean not able to do things i use to be able to do like skate for along period off time now i get tired and very sore. And most of the time my joints and muscles ache.
Avatar f tn woke up with moderate - severe stomach pains this night. Also, have been having moderate - severe night sweats.
Avatar f tn ve been eating a little bit and slowly starting to eat normal amounts again, and my stomach is feeling much better, despite some very minor stomach pains, but that should pass over. By monday I should be feeling brand new, if not, I'll be sure to let you guys know.
1434731 tn?1382722384 30 and could barely get out of bed because my tummy hurt so bad with gas. I got up and did my thing and I went back to bed. When I woke at 3:30 to tinkle I was fine. What can I do about this bloat and gas? Two nights in a row only this one was horrible!
Avatar f tn When I was younger, I would get frequent sever stomach aches. The would happen at random at any given time. I would keep track of what I ate before the stomach pain started thinking maybe it had something to do with the type of food I was eating, but it was different foods each time. Every doctor I went to said it was nothing. I did end up having bowel movements during these episodes, but that never helped with the pain or the duration of the pain.
1194973 tn?1385503904 Basically my problems are severe (like curled over in agony pain) upper abdominal pain right under where my ribs meet, nausea--especially after I eat that gets 1000x worse at night, hiccups, fullness when I just nibble on food and weight loss. They for now increased my amount of Omeprazole and gave me another script for Phenergan if I need it. I've also got some Zofran ODT if I have trouble keeping things down. I know it sounds weird, but I hope and pray that it IS my Gallbladder.
Avatar n tn Lately from some months i am suffering from what i call a stomach pain. It is constant and everyday. Most of the times it get worse after eating or after a bowel movement. The pain is over navel and all the stomach region. I have nausea, vertigo ( im not pregnant), burping somtimes after eating. I dont have hurtburn. The pain is strong and it is 24/7. It is worst in the region over navel.
1160520 tn?1402981076 ...
Avatar n tn Hunger pains usually signify stomach ulcers. It could mean you have ecxessive stomach acid and it causes irritation. In that case you need to see your doctotor as soon as possible. Drinking fresh milk can do much to relieve the pain but you still need to visit your doctor to get checked and get proper medication to reduce the acid in your stomach.
Avatar f tn after eating i feel sick and the need to go to the toilet, get very dizzy and get very pain stomach pains, i also feel full up really quickly. after around 20 mins after eating i get very bloated and still feel sick. on evening the stomach pains worsen and always feel really tired. what can this be?
Avatar n tn also what best way to get rid of belly fat when i have poor muscle in my stomach and constant pains(doctor still unsure why i get them) i also get joint pain mainly in lower back and shoulders(as with my seizures i have dislocated them often)
Avatar f tn So, I have been having issues with hunger pains that stay around even after eating food. Right now I have them and they are so intense I could not concentrate at work. They have been going on and off for about two years. Unsure of what they could possibly be and was wondering if anyone maybe has experienced the same thing.