Stomach pains during the first trimester of pregnancy

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433412 tn?1232558056 i had my first one at 5w5d anyways i know from the start of the second trimester all the way to the end i was feeling aches and pains all over!
280369 tn?1316705641 As far as the stomach pains, does your tummy feel like its tightening and constricting, or just the sharp pains?
Avatar f tn It's uncomfortable but you get over it. As for the traces of red..were you eating a lot of fruit? Increased amounts of fruit can color your feces and also increase your gut motility. I wouldn't worry too much if your symptoms have gone away and your baby continues to be healthy. I also wouldn't worry too much about listeria unless maybe you were eating raw foods like sushi etc.
Avatar n tn If you're not bleeding and the pain is not real bad then it's probably just the early cramping pains during the first trimester. I was also having the same problem, but it turned out that it was an inflamed kidney that was irritating my uterus. Hopefully everything turnes out to be fine, but to be on the safe side, you should still get that checked out. CONGRATS by the way!!
480331 tn?1310407129 I'm not part of the forum but I saw your question and just wanted to tell you I have been going for adjustments since I was 14 wks pg. My low back pain has been so severe and my sciatica has been very very painful. I asked my dr and he gave me the okay. I feel for me personally it works. I'm also going to look into accupuncture to as well as a pg massage. I really stand by chiro care it has helped so much with my posture this is my only pg I have gotten chiro and I wish I had with my other 3.
1303813 tn?1303162962 well they gave me tylenol #3 (tylenol with codeine) for my migraines during the first trimester with this pregnancy, and it's what I took off and on during my whole pregnancy for headaches when I was pregnant with my daughter....but with this pregnancy I couldn't take them for long because the codeine started making me vomit like crazy because it's tough on your stomach so they switched me to a low dose of lortab. basically it's like Clysta said.
Avatar f tn I also have a heart murmur so I'm not sure if that could of affected the pregnancy at all. I had bad cramps for 2 days then later that day light bleeding and then started getting heavier like a period. Then middle of the night bad cramping and at 5am I felt liquid rushing out so I got up and ran to the toilet. There I was bleeding a lot felt like my water broke or something but was thin blood rushing out. Then I got clots and big clot then I noticed the sac placenta bag =/ so went to the er..
Avatar n tn I just found out there is something called Decidual Bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy you can read more about it at If your bleeding is exreamly heavy or has lasted for more than two days and you are pregnant you should go to the dr. and get checked out.
Avatar n tn I dont normally get back pain or regular stomach cramps and i dont get pain during bowel or urine movement. I do have heavy bleeding around the first 2 days of my period w/small clots. Could i have endometriosis? Also, if you have endo, could you get heavy implantation bleeding? Just 1 more question lol, could you get heavy bleeding withdrawal bleeding when coming off the bc pill if you have endo?
Avatar n tn Everyone feels better when they know the reason why. The sight of blood is very unnerving during a pregnancy, and I think they should be more accomadating in figuring out the reasons WHY it happened.
Avatar f tn The 2nd trimester thread for all of you in the 2nd trimester. 2nd trimester is from week 14-27. Please feel free discuss all things related to where you are at in the 2nd trimester, like finding out baby's gender, nursery decorating, nesting, etc.
Avatar n tn SUBMIT=Go Like I say, once you get to the site, scroll down to the bottom of the first page and find Spinal it and hit "go" and you will be on your way. You will have to register and that takes all of 5 minutes.
Avatar f tn A thread just for all of you in the first trimester. First trimester is up until week 14 of pregnancy. Feel free to discuss all of your 1st trimester questions and discussions here!
147932 tn?1226969710 this is enough to fill a panty liner. I also lost my pregnancy symptoms completely after the first day of heavy bleeding and I now have mild cramping. I'm going in for an ultrasound next Thursday so I will know more then. In the meantime, has anyone experienced THIS level of brown bleeding, loss of pregnancy symptoms, and had mild cramping --- and still had a healthy pregnancy and baby? THANKS. I know this is a very old string of comments...hoping someone is listening....
1430191 tn?1300805016 Is it semi-normal to have pains like that during pregnancy? I had that with my first but it came in 3rd trimester....
Avatar f tn Some abdominal cramping during pregnancy can be normal. In the first trimester its common to get round ligament pain. As your uterus grows, the stretching can cause twinges, cramps, pulling sensations, or sharp pains on one or both sides of your lower abdomen.
Avatar f tn I had thst during the night in my first trimester! It was like a sharp cramping unbearable pain!
521037 tn?1212279053 If you have taken what 3 tests and they were all neg? and also fyi taking bc during the first and even part of the second month of your pregnancy shouldnt harm the baby if you are pregnant. BC is just high doses of hormones to basically trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so it wont get pregnant.. If that makes any sense.. But yeah.. just go to the doctor.. blood tests are really accurate.
420566 tn?1321842156 I had a few AF type cramps when I was first preggers, and then a little further along until the end of the pregnancy, but honestly I had very few symptoms. This pregnancy seems to be QUITE different! I'm hoping that means it's a girl... and not... quads. HA!
Avatar f tn i know there was quite the thread of posts with babyeleven awhile back but she hasnt been on does anyone know how she is doing? i am concerned hopeing all is well maybe she just needed a bit away from us.
Avatar f tn Mine did the same with both of my boys. I puked the first 5 + months, had 2 good months, and was puking again the last few months. M/s can come back at the end, even if you are really well hydrated. Just happens. I craved ice water and drank water all day long, still got sick, in fact, water made me throw up too. Just be sure to mention it to your Dr. and keep the fluids coming.
Avatar f tn Labor during my first pregnancy wasn't difficult just long. I wanted to go natural but turns out the pain was too much for me. Good luck and don't worry because what ever pain you go through you'll forget all about it when its over and you're holding your new baby.
Avatar n tn During the beginning of my first pregnancy i was fine. Bout halfway in anytime i drank milk i would feel terrible, gassy in pain got the bubbles pretty much. After i had her i was fine :) then with this second baby(completly different dad and everything) im getting the same thing, early on though. I just a cup of milk nd boy oh boy do i regret it. Is this just something that develops with pregnancy? Cuz my daughters tummy cant handle regular formula.
325477 tn?1250554909 ( I still have weird pains here and there... OH question - anyone wll be using a lotion/cream for strech marks or to prevent them? My stomach started to itch - I thought it is a good idea to use a lotion..anyone can suggest anything?
1382355 tn?1372534275 Nausea was just as bad too, the usual nausea first thing in the morning, and then after vomiting cause am starving. Had a good sleep last night, but slept uncomfortably. Am wondering if am rolling over onto my belly during the night as am having pains in the morning which eventually ease off about half an hour later, so I've decided to invest in a pregnancy pillow to help me get more comfy and to stop me rolling over onto my belly.
325477 tn?1250554909 I read that overall in the pregnnacy is better to gain few pounds in the first trimester bc the last trimesters are killer and is when you really hate steppping on the scale. Anyways, I think we all girls are beautiful and our babies are doing great. I have a doc app. this afternoon so I will let you know what did it go later. Also I am going to get couple more belly pics as soon as I get my 20 weeks u/s. Love to all.
Avatar f tn I only threw up about 5 times during my first trimester but I'm constantly hungry and always tired, but that could be because of the lack of sleep since I can't get comfy anymore. I'll be moody here and there and have some back pains and still have to pee a lot. Nothin' I can't handle.
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy i had an ultrasound at 6weeks and 11weeks and both times they had to do it internally. Sleeping alot is normal. Fatigue is very big during the first trimester. It should get better during the second then pick back up during the third. Congrats!!
Avatar f tn ) Glad to hear there is someone else due the first week. Yes... I get these sharp muscular pains. I *think* those might be round ligament pains? I don't really know though :) I am only 5'0 and I have a relatively small pevic area, so my uterus is well above my pubic bone now :) My stomach is very hard, especially on the sides. I can't even pretend to fit into any of my pre-baby clothes anymore. I have been wearing maternity pants for about a week now.