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Avatar f tn Since October I have been having abdominal cramps, bloating (full feeling) pulsing behind my belly button and sharp pains in my colon at times right after I go. I had a CAT Scan and everything looked ok, I was just compacted. I went to the Dr. today and she said it could be IBS if not I would have to have a colonoscopy. Any suggestions as to what could be going on> I really don't want a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn Recently they have been recurring more often with more nausea and instead of going away immediately after having a bowel movement the cramps and nausea linger for awhile. Help! I am now 14.
Avatar n tn My bowel habits have changed lately, I wake at 5am and need to desperately have a bowel movement which is quite loose. The rest of the day I feel bloated and uncomfortable and struggle to have a bowel movement (Only a few hard drops in the evening). I have been taking antacids and they seem to have little or no effect on the gnawing stomach pains. My GP says that I should just leave it and it will return to normal, but I feel that it is further debilitating me and it is not getting any better.
2116391 tn?1334598691 I have had this condition for years now and don't know what it is. I will get sever lower abdomen pains and the urge to have a bowl movement. When I go to the bathroom to do so it will not come out. Then I will break out in a sweet and then since nothing is coming out i will get up and that is when I faint. After i faint I will go back to the bathroom and it will finally come out.
Avatar f tn After my c section they gave me stool softeners everyday I was in the hospital. I went like 6 days after without a bowel movement. And when I did, it hurt!
Avatar m tn my 5 year old son has had a few episodes of bowel movement with the orange oily substance. I notice that he always complains of stomach pains. I took him to the doctors he said it might be because he eats oily foods. But he doesnt eat oily foods. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to give me any E-mails. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/231508'>orange oily stool</a>.
Avatar f tn Many times when I have a bowel movement, I feel the urge to vomit. Sometimes I can stave it, by deep breathing and continuous swallowing, but sometimes it can't be thwarted, and the vomiting occurs. It is usually in the morning, when all I've taken in is coffee. What is the correlation, and should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I get migraine headaches (relieved with sumatriptin). The headaches improve after a bowel movement. The way you describe it is exactly how I experience it. Last year I did some thorough googling on it and ran across an article or post that talked about serotonin reuptake inhibitors being stimulated/released during bowel movements. If this is true, this may be an explanation for any migraine headache relief you may feel after a bowel movement.
Avatar m tn Lately, he has been telling me that he can not gain any of the weight he lost back, and he has minor stomach pains along with a nauseating feeling. He says that everytime he eats something, he has the immediate urge to go stool, and most of his stools are very loose. He can't fit much in his stomach either. Some days it feels better, while others don't. Please help me. Thank You!
Avatar n tn I am a 19 year old female and have been having stomach problems for the last 2 to 3 years. I get waves of nausea or just my stomach hurting/pains and sometimes it will get to the point where I am feeling like I am going to for sure throw up and sometimes I do but other times I don't, and these episodes will last about 2 days than go away and it has gotten to the point before where I can't even get out of bed. But other days, nausea/stomach pain will just show up randomly and/or after I eat.
537974 tn?1213748515 So I just had surgery on Thursday. My first bowel movement after the surgery was on Wednesday. I got such an intense headache after I thought I was gonna have a stroke or a blood vessal was gonna burst. Thought it was maybe just a coinscidence, but today I had another bowel movement (no straining for either movement) and the same exact thing happended. The pain started on the left side of my neck and exploded up through me head. Since then, I have been terrified to have another BM.
Avatar n tn Still having cramps but started being able to eat a little bit (with cramping after eating). I then had another normal bowel movement. Tuesday morning I had a tan colored stool that was formed. Also continued having gas and lots of belching. Cramps also continued. I also breastfeed a 3 month old. I know I need to eat because my milk production has decreased; but every time I eat, it's followed by foul-gas, belching, and cramps.
Avatar n tn Lately from some months i am suffering from what i call a stomach pain. It is constant and everyday. Most of the times it get worse after eating or after a bowel movement. The pain is over navel and all the stomach region. I have nausea, vertigo ( im not pregnant), burping somtimes after eating. I dont have hurtburn. The pain is strong and it is 24/7. It is worst in the region over navel.
Avatar m tn My son has associated head ache only in one region above the eye lid in the forehead which comes when ever he has gastric stomach disorder and strong belching and also one nose gets blocked. It takes 30 minutes for the headache to go after bowel movement. Endoscopy was done and has shown no bad results only mild bacteria and medicine penta acid was suggested. The problem still remains. Advise remedy.
Avatar f tn I have diarrhea 4-5 times a week and the other times I'm constipated. I don't feel any pains of constipation, I jut have a bowel movement every 3 days or so. I have also noticed pretty severe fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain. I have been taking Imodium for the diarrhea, and Emetrol and nauzene tablets for the nausea. Last week I woke up in so much abdominal pain that I couldn't move. We called my doctor and they said it was intestinal spasms.
Avatar m tn Sometimes firm, sometimes liquid and sometimes a bit of both. This seems to vary from bowel movement to bowel movement and sometimes when i eat a meal it seems to make my body need the toilet like a reflex or something. If anyone has any ideas on this i would love to hear them.
170935 tn?1225374676 but with me, it's a LOWER GI thing. A full bowel - and the soon-to-be-required-bowel movement is the scenario that triggers my PVCs. I offer you all REASSURANCE. We are connected by a REAL set of circumstances that is yet to be thoroughly "connected" by physician community. That's OK. And so are you. And so am I. We must mainatin vigilence...we must be certain that our issues are not from a more severe cause. With each physical & check-up...
Avatar m tn I had diarrhoea on one day but my bowel movements seem to be back to normal now, although it does feel hard to pass gas and I do need to strain to pass a bowel movement. The abdominal pains peaked about 3 days ago - the pain woke me in the night. Since then (i.e. in the last 2 days) I have cheered up as the pains have got much less worse. My fever has gone and I felt much better.
Avatar m tn Comes and goes Is reduced or goes away after a bowel movement Occurs after meals Chronic and frequent constipation, usually accompanied by pain Chronic and frequent diarrhea, usually accompanied by pain Emotional distress Depression Loss of appetite Treatment The goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms. Lifestyle changes can be helpful in some cases of IBS. For example, regular exercise and improved sleep habits may reduce anxiety and help relieve bowel symptoms.
Avatar n tn It's never pieces of stool that I need to wipe, just a liquid that usually looks just like the prior bowel movement I had. This continues for hours after the bm but is almost always eliminated with taking a shower and running warm water over the anal area. I am 30 years old and there is no fmaily history of colon cancer or other problems that I am aware of. I was taking an antibiotic at the time this began but I was only on it for 9 days and this problem has continued for well over two months.
Avatar n tn i have been getting this sharp pain right below my ribcage...where my upper stomach would be...and i get this pain before gas and a bowel movement...i do not know if it is an ulcer...
Avatar f tn This discussion is related to Problems after bowel resection. In February 2006 I had an emergency bowel resection. For no apparent reason, a large portion of my small intestine had twisted and the blood supply to my intestine had been cut off and died. About 40% of my small intestine (ileum and ileocecal valve) had to be removed. For the next 2-3 months I had horrible diarrhea after everything I ate. Within one week I went from 135 lbs. to 115 lbs.
Avatar n tn no lower back pian, no heavy feeling, no pain. but i do have the vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. i go to another doctor tomorrow. ill let you guys know the outcome.
Avatar m tn I am truly worried that I will have a stroke or brain aneurysm during a bowel movement to the extent that I call my wife on the phone. Can someone help? No doctors around here are able to.
Avatar n tn especially if you are having a bowel movement after getting up and aafter eating as well.. go to a GI specialist.. dont think its a major issue since you started to have these problems after taking antibiotics..
Avatar n tn The pain comes like contractions and only stops once I am able to have a bowel movement. My bowel movement can not be forced so I have to put up with the crippling pain. The bowel movement is often very loose but not always. I have also noticed a change in my bowel movements, they are hard and sometimes hard to pass.
Avatar f tn After the op I had a fever and vomiting and they did a CT scan 2 days after surgery. It showed signs of small bowel obstruction, dilated bowel loops with others compressed. No-one mentioned this to me and after being on liquids for a day or so and having IV antibiotics I starting having hospital foof and was then allowed home. I was told I could eat normally.